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Pitt County MILLS in 1775

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Oh, this just keeps getting more and more confusing!

In 1775 there were TWO Nasby (Nazeby) MILLS in Pitt County who were heads of household, which I think means they were at least 16 years old, possibly 21 years old. NEITHER OF THEM could be the 1772 or the 1763 Nasby MILLS. One must be the Nasby MILLS born around 1730? who married Keziah WALLACE, but who was the other one?

There were several other familiar MILLS names, as well: Isaac MILLS, David MILLS, Frederick MILLS, John MILLS, Jr., John MILLS, Sr.

Daniel WILSON is also living in this district. Daniel WILSON had children who married into the MILLS family:

  • Jemima WILSON m. Samuel MILLS
  • Sarah WILSON m. Nasby MILLS (I have no idea which one!)
  • Ferebee WILSON m. John MILLS

These are from the NCGS Journal 1981, Issue 4, pp193-194.