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Who are Dorcas Mills, Elisha Mills, Thomas Mills and Samuel Mills?

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Does anyone know who Dorcas MILLS (appears on the 1830 Federal Census in Pitt County) belongs to? I haven't been able to find if she was a MILLS by birth, or if she married a MILLS.

Also, is anyone familiar with the Revolutionary War items from NCGS cards that refer to Elisha MILLS (deceased) and his first cousins Nasby, Samuel, and Thomas MILLS?

I'm wondering if that Thomas MILLS may be the same one who was the son of William Wallace MILLS because of a deed in which he gives him land "for natural love and affection." Samuel MILLSΒ may be the one who married Jemima WILSON, daughter of Daniel WILSON and Elizabeth HOLLOWAY. That would lead me to suspect that the Nasby MILLS referenced in Elisha MILLS's records could be the one who married Jemima's sister, Sarah WILSON.

I've never seen anything about an Elisha MILLS and who his parents are, but I also don't know if the Nasby mentioned with the three in his Revolutionary War items is the same one who served in the Revolution. It may be a different one altogether.

I'm tagging @Andrew and @pfbennett in this post because I know they're active MILLS researchers. πŸ™‚

Images attached are fromΒ The Secretary of State Revolutionary Military Papers, 1767-1855 atΒ the State Archives of North Carolina.

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Thanks for posting these Sara! I have never seen these Revolutionary War records before. I do think you are correct about Thomas being the son of William Mills. In the deed from 1812 (Pitt AA 199) he calls him his son and gives him land that had previously belonged to Anthony Mills. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean there is a connection with Anthony as several other people had owned the land in the meantime, it is interesting though. I think you're right about them marrying in to the Wilson family as well as I believe I remember several land transactions with that family. With the large number of Nasbys, it is difficult to know if this is the same one who fought in the Revolutionary War or not. I think Thomas Mills married Zilpha Cannon, the daughter of David Cannon based on Pitt AA 322.

It seems some of this family may have moved to Crawford county, Illinois. Thomas sold a couple of tracts of land to Churchill Mills in 1831 and may have been his father, I know some of the Crawford county Mills believe that is the case. Churchill was in Crawford county by 1840 and prior to Churchill there were several other Mills in Crawford county in the early 1800s, including a Nasby Mills. I wish I knew more about how they fit into the Pitt county Mills but I think there are several other Mills lines besides just the Nasby and Keziah one that a lot of people focus on. As I mentioned in another post, there was an older Nasby Mills who is mentioned in several Beaufort county documents in the 1730s that most of the Nasbys probably trace back to, he may have had several sons and that would explain these different branches all with the Nasby name.