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Charles Exum Joyner

Exum Joyner (d. 1833), father of Amos (Joiner) Joyner b. 1812 d. 1883,  I need a link to his Exum's father?

Try and enter search names and locations, making sure to select "Text" for your sources. My family settled south of Jamestown, Virginia in 1623 and Exum and Joyner are surnames I recall near 200 acres acres acquired in 1665 eat of Dismal Swamp


Charles Exum Joyner was my 4th Great grandfather (12 DNA matches). Through that connection, there is an unproven ? link to William Joyner (b 1730 Virginia; d 1800 Isle of Wight Co. Va).

On a side note, I just happened to be perusing the Dobbs 1790 tax list and noticed many Dismal surnames. I grew up near the Great Dismal Swamp and I always thought it referred to a dismal, spooky place. Never thought it was a surname!