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Descendants of Abraham Warren and Mary Ann Horsington (at least two or three generations)

I don't descend from this family (at least not that I know of), but some Warren descendants do seem to cross paths with my own ancestors on occasion, so they're a family of interest to me.

I'm sure I have TONS of holes in my information about the descendants of Abraham WARREN and Mary Ann HORSINGTON, but I still think it's a good idea to put what I have here in case other Warren researchers would like to jump in and either correct me, or add to the available data.

Abraham WARREN was born about 1709. He married Mary Ann HORSINGTON, daughter of Benedictus HORSINGTON and Dinah CARRAWAY.

They had at least five children (I'm guessing at the birth years.):

  • Abraham Warren (1733–1806) m. Ann (LNU). They had at least one daughter:
    • Nancy WARREN (abt. 1780–abt 1846) m. John REEL. They had at least one daughter:
      • Sarah Ann "Sally Ann" REEL (abt. 1806–?) m. Calvin MORRIS
  • Henry WARREN (1735–?)
  • Horsington WARREN (1736–?)
  • Jacob Warren (1737–?) m. Mary Ann MITCHELL. They had at least one daughter:
    • Sarah WARREN (abt. 1775–?) m. Malachi OTTERSON. They had at least two children:
      • Lydia OTTERSON m. Arthur EDWARDS. They moved to Tennessee.
      • Caleb OTTERSON
  • Jeremiah WARREN (1750–?) m. (Wife is unknown). They had at least four children:
    • Lewis WARREN (abt. 1775–?); had illegitimate child with his niece, Martha "Patsy" MITCHELL, daughter of... (bastardy notice attached below)
    • Mary WARREN (abt. 1780–?) m. James MITCHELL (abt. 1775–1815; Laban MORRIS was a witness to his will). Their children were:
      • Martha "Patsey" MITCHELL (abt. 1796–?)
      • Sarah "Sally" MITCHELL
      • Nancy MITCHELL
      • Elizabeth MITCHELL (abt. 1800–1855) m. Jesse POLLARD, son of Frederick POLLARD and Rachel NELSON. Elizabeth and Jesse moved to Tennessee.
    • Elizabeth "Betsy" WARREN (abt. 1779–?) m. Thomas LAUGHINGHOUSE. They had at least one son:
      • Young LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1804–?) m. Polly HENDRICK. They had at least 9 children.
        • John LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1830–?)
        • James LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1832–?)
        • Mary LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1835–?)
        • Martha LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1837–?)
        • Thomas LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1838–?)
        • George LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1839–?)
        • Susan LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1841–?)
        • Emily LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1843–?)
        • Elizabeth LAUGHINGHOUSE (abt. 1845–?)
    • Louisa WARREN (abt. 1785–?) m1. Reuben BELL. m2. Benjamin MARRINER. They had at least one daughter:
      • Frusanna Martin MARINNER (Thanks for the tip, @bsumrell!)

Again, if you have any further information on this family, or if I've made any mistakes here, please comment below. 🙂

Just stumbled on this... a WARREN deed abstract witnessed by my elusive Laban MORRIS. [from Abstracts of Deeds, Craven Co, NC, Books 40, 41, & 42 (1817-1823) by Dr. A.B. Pruitt.]

January 8, 1816 - Jeremiah WARREN (Craven County) to my son Lewis WARREN (same); for natural love towards my son gave 50 acres; border: begins below plantation where I live at first branch where second line of John WILLIAMS' patent crosses said branch, joins a swamp, & mouth of first branch where it joins the swamp; part of grant Jul. 23, 1741 to John WILLIAMS (signed) Jeremiah WARREN; Witnesses: Laban MORRIS & Caleb OTSEN; wit. oath Jun 1820 by Caleb OTSEN; Craven County Deed Book 42, p. 67.

I can add to this, some.

Abraham Warren, Jr. and Ann had the following:

  • Sydney Warren married John Blakey 5 Jan 1792.  They had seven children by the time her mother died in 1810:  Jesse, Sarah, Levi, David, Susannah, John, Nancy.
  • Nancy Warren married John Reel 4 Aug 1803: John, Sarah "Sally" Ann, Alfred.
  • Mary Warren married Levi Gaskins 10 Apr 1806: Martha, Ann, Thomas.
  • Jeremiah Warren.  Don't know who he married, but he may have had a son named Abraham mentioned in his grandmother's will.
  • Susannah Warren married John Hall 14 Sep 1810.

There may have been other grandchildren, but these are all the ones mentioned in the estate papers of Ann Warren.

The long lived Valentine Warren was the son of Horsington Warren.

Malachi Otterson and Sarah Warren had another daughter, Charlotte, who was a little older than Lydia according to Sarah's estate papers.

Henry Warren had sons Henry and  Shadrack (Beaufort Deed Book 13, page 490, for Shadrack).

James Mitchell and Mary Warren had the following: Martha "Patsy", Elizabeth "Betsy", Nancy, Sarah "Sally" Ann.  Patsy married a William Tyre according to her father's estate papers.

Young Laughinghouse and Mary "Polly" Hendricks had one more daughter that I know of:  Sarah Ellen Laughinghouse.  My line comes through Emily Augusta Laughinghouse who married Alfred Gatlin.  Her brother, John, married Alfred's sister, Elizabeth.

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Genealogy Addict

Abraham Warren b. ca. 1706 Perquimans Co. NC d. abt. 1791 Craven Co. NC m. Mary Ann Horsington. Son of Henry Warren b. 1647 York, Va. - d. 1717 Bath, Hyde Precinct NC, (Cary Rebellion of 1711) and Elizabeth Norcom dau. of Thomas Norcom and Mary Leary. Henry Warren's brother also Abraham Warren b. 1645-1710 Perquimans Co. NC took as his 2nd wife Mary Norcom, Elizabeth's sister. 1st m. was to Rebecca Clapper who died soon after birth of son Abraham Warren ca. 1702. This Abraham Warren died ca. 1739/40 Perquimans Co. NC.

Note: Abraham Warren 1645-1710 actually left two wills. First ca. 1690 in Perquimans before he was married and "in health of body" and again in 1710 after his 2nd marriage to Mary Norcom.

Abraham Warren and Mary Horsington's son Abraham Warren Jr. m. Ann (unknown) but possibly Whitford. Abraham Jr. and Ann (unknown) did have son Jeremiah Warren mentioned above by Becky Sumrell. Jeremiah Warren m. Elizabeth Cadenhead and settled in Oglethorpe Co. Ga. by 1800. They did have a son Abraham Warren who migrated to Coffee/Dale Co. Al ca. 1830-1840, Capt. of militia during Creek Indian wars. His descendants migrated to Texas. 

Becky Sumrell also mentioned Henry Warren Sr. (1778-1865) and sons Henry and Shadrach. He also had son Everard Warren. Henry Warren Sr. was son of Horsington Warren. He and father Horsington were both called on to testify concerning the estate of Sarah Warren-Otterson managed by Horsington's brother Jeremiah Warren. Both Horsington and son Henry were living in Chocowinity, Beaufort Co. NC. A deposition from Horsington Warren in 1820 Craven Co. specifically states his age as 80 making birth 1740 and probably first son of Abraham Warren and Mary Ann Horsington.

I descend from Henry Warren, brother of Horsington, Jeremiah, Jacob and Abraham Warren Jr. Henry m. Unity Pearce Feb. 20, 1784 Craven Co. His marriage bond was also signed by David Pearce who I believe to be brother of Unity Pearce and both children of Edmund Pearce. Henry Warren was b. ca. 1754 and d. Dec. 1824 Morgan Co. Ga. His signature on both the marriage bond of 1784 and his will 1824 are an exact match. He wrote his name, not signing with an "X". Henry and Unity had a large family: Sons Edmund, Jesse, Slady, Stephen (who I descend from) and daughters Holland, Unity, Lavinia "Viney", Sena aka "Siney" and Rebecca.

Strong circumstantial evidence points to patriarch and father of brothers Abraham and Henry Warren (b. 1645 and 1647 respectively) as Henry Warren age 15 who arrived in York, Va. the summer of 1635 on ship "Thomas and John" via Gravesend, London. On board the same same ship were several surnames migrating to Perquimans Co. ca. 1690: Houghton, Newby, Sutton, Evans, Speight, Lacy, Wheatly, Clarke, Mann, Coles. 



How do we know that the wife of Abraham Warren was named Mary Ann Horsington? According to the 16 November 1729 will of Bendictus Horsington his children were Catherine, Elizabeth, Dinah, Mary and Sarah. No Mary Ann or even Ann is mentioned. What source names her as Mary Ann? Thanks and happy hunting for ancestors to all. 





I don't believe her name was Mary Ann, but just Mary.  I've never seen a contemporary document with her name given as Mary Ann.  It seems to me that some researcher in the past melded Mary, wife of Abraham Sr., and Ann, wife of Abraham Jr., into a single person.  

Oh, before I forget, I want to add Aseneth Warren to our list.  How she connects into the family, I don't know.  She witnessed a deed between Abraham Sr. and Abraham Jr. dated 13 Feb 1775.  The other witness was John Harris.  The deed can be found in Craven County Deed Book 22, p. 10.

Becky Sumrell or other posters:

Was the John Blakey who married Sidney Warren, the granddaughter of Abraham and Mary Horsington Warren, the son of Nicholas Lawrence Blakey of Craven county? John Blakey of Craven County deeds land to Jesse Roe of Beaufort County on 8 February 1799. The witnesses were Abraham and Jeremiah Warren. A Lawrence Blakey was the bondsman on the marriage license for Jesse Blakey and Elizabeth Dunn on 19 Februrary 1793. Jesse Blakey later shows up in either Greene or Hancock County, Georgia. Lawrence Blakey of Craven County gives Abraham Warren of Craven County a power of attorney in 1799 which he Warren uses on 7 June 1802 to sell a tract of land belonging to Lawrence Blakey "late of the county and state aforesaid (Craven) but now residing in the state of Georgia." The witnesses for this deed are William Hartly and Nancy Warren. When and where did Abraham Warren Senior and Junior die?


I don't know about whether John Blakey was the son of Nicholas L. Blakey.  Abraham Warren, Sr. died sometime after 19 Nov 1792.  That's what I have in my notes, though I, for some reason, I did not include the reason.  I know he was excused from labor obligations due to his infirmities during the March Session of the Craven County Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions.  Abraham Jr. died in 1805.  There is an extensive estate record for him in Craven County.  The Account of Sales is dated 27 Aug 1805.