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Sorting out the LEWIS lines in Beaufort, Pitt, and Craven Counties

I am not aware of having any LEWIS ancestors, but I think @bsumrell does... right? I'm seeing the same names over and over again with the LEWIS families in Beaufort, Craven, and Pitt Counties so I'm trying to figure out if they're all related, or if it's just a coincidence.

Last night I posted a transcription of a release in which the children of James LEWIS give up their rights to his land to his widow, Nancy, and there is a witness named David. The children named are Elisha, William, Nathan, Mary, and Sally. I'm guessing David must be another child, but perhaps with Nancy, whereas the others may have had a different mother.

Does anyone know anything about how these lines shake out?

Specifically, I noticed there's an Elisha LEWIS over in the Swift Creek area in the late 1780s/1790s, which means he was likely a contemporary of James rather than James's son, Elisha, right? I have seen that the old Pitt County Rootsweb tree (Lisa Scarola's - feonadorf site) has James LEWIS as being from County Clare in Ireland (like that Ancestry hint!), but Beaufort County deeds make it seem to me like James Lewis could've been a son of George LEWIS, as there's a James LEWIS named as "heir at law" in a 1754 Beaufort County deed to Hugh HARDY of Edgecombe County.

I also noticed there's a William LEWIS named as though he were a son in deeds by John MORRIS in Craven County. Not sure what to make of that.

Yes, I do have a Lewis line.

My great-grandmother was Letha Arbell Lewis (1898-1970).  She married twice.  First to Charlie H. Johnson (late 1870s-193?) 5 May 1914, then Radie Colorado Banks in 1936.

Josephus Lewis (1870-1932) married Malissa Katherine Rowe.

Gideon Watson Lewis (1837-1892) married first Ann Maria Rowe, and second Winifred Elizabeth Edwards (1844-191?).

Tillman Lewis (1812-?) married Elizabeth ?, then Mary Ellen ?

Benjamin Lewis (by 1784-1817).  I don't know for sure who he married, but she may have been a Mary Stapleford.  The only female head of household in Beaufort County in 1820 was Mary Lewis and, in his will, Benjamin appoints his "brother in law," William Stapleford, Executor.  Also, in 1804, Benjamin was one of the securities to pay the administrator bond on the estate of Thomas Stapleford.

This is my Lewis brickwall.  I think that Benjamin is connected in some way to William Lewis, Joseph Lewis and the three John Lewises, but I'm not sure how.  I know that a Joseph Lewis (there was more than one) witnessed his will.  I've recently become aware of a Benjamin Lewis in Craven County court records, but he's much too old to be this one.  Maybe, there's a connection, though.

I may have another Lewis line, but this one is just a theory and I haven't done much with it, yet.  I'm playing with the possibility that the wife of Jeremiah Warren was a Lewis.

So you don't suspect at all that these Lewises are connected to the James Lewis I posted about the other day, huh?

I'm fairly new to researching the Lewises and I'll admit, it's overwhelming. Almost as overwhelming as trying to research the MILLS or the MORRISES. 😕  smh

As for Jeremiah Warren, there's a slightly familiar name. I've come across that one while researching Laban Morris. (I'm always researching Laban, even when I'm not researching him directly.  😉 )

If you wouldn't mind, see if what I have about him (which isn't much) is correct:

Jeremiah WARREN, son of Abraham WARREN & Mary Ann HORSINGTON


Jeremiah's known children were (I'm sure there were more, but these are the only two I have):

  • Lewis WARREN (abt. 1775–?); had illegitimate child with his niece, Martha "Patsy" MITCHELL, daughter of... (bastardy notice attached below)
  • Mary WARREN (abt. 1780–?) m. James MITCHELL (abt. 1775–1815; Laban MORRIS was a witness to his will). Their children were:
    • Martha "Patsey" Mitchell (abt. 1796–?)
    • Sarah "Sally" Mitchell
    • Nancy Mitchell
    • Elizabeth Mitchell (abt. 1800–1855) m. Jesse POLLARD, son of Frederick POLLARD and Rachel NELSON. Elizabeth and Jesse moved to Tennessee.


Uploaded files:
  • Patsey-Mitchell-charges-Lewis-Warren-with-support-of-illegitimate-child.jpg

I don't know if the Beaufort County Lewises, which mine are, are connected to the Craven Lewises.

As for Jeremiah Warren the elder (There were actually two Jeremiah Warrens, uncle and nephew.  The elder was the son of Abraham Warren and Mary Ann Horsington, the younger of Abraham Warren, Jr. and Ann.), I can add two more children for certain:

  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Warren (abt. 1780-185?) married Thomas Laughinghouse, Jr. 13 Mar 1798, this is my line through their son, Young Laughinghouse.  Proof of the relationship between Betsy and Jeremiah can be found in Beaufort County Grant Book 1 (the other Deed Book 1!), page 158.
  • Louisa Warren married 1) Reuben Bell 23 Aug 1809 and 2) Benjamin Marriner 18 Apr 1813.  Proof from Craven County deeds.  The first is from Deed Book 41, page 160 where Jeremiah makes a gift of land to his granddaughter Frusanna Martin Marriner.  In another, Deed Book 43, page 256, within a deed selling land to Amanda J. Bell, he also gives her the bed that had belonged to her grandmother, "now deceased."

For a while, I wondered if Sarah Warren Otterson (abt. 1772-1807) was his daughter, not his sister, but there's the whole "uncle" thing in her estate papers (Note: There was no daughter Sarah mentioned in Abraham Jr.'s estate papers).  According to the census records, he had, at least, two sons other than Lewis, but I don't know who they were.

Thanks for those two additional Warrens! I'll add those to my tree. In fact... maybe I'll make a WARREN forum, just in case there are other descendants who might be able to chip in. 🤔

I know it's going to take time for the right folks to find the forum, and/or to interact with it.

Back to the Lewises, though... that James Lewis I posted about was from Beaufort County. Do you have any suspicions about how you might connect with him? All but two of his children, Nathan and William, moved away.

I'm wondering two things, in particular:

  1. Is the James Lewis whose land is released in that 1824 deed the son of the James Lewis who shows up in Beaufort County deeds in 1754? (I doubt they'd be the same person... he'd be WAY too old around 1824... close to a hundred, probably.)
  2. Where do those mid-1700s John, William, Joseph, and George fit in? I know the 1754 James Lewis is referred to as "heir at law" of George Lewis.

My name is Adrianna Lewis Stoddard and I lived in eastern North Carolina. I was born in Beaufort County, Washington, NC and at that time my parents were living in Pinetown, NC.  Their names are #2- James Wesley Lewis 7/25/1930 and dad died in Citrus County, Hernando, Fl on April 13, 1993. Mary Louise Marshall from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Mom was born 7/23/1931 in Massachusetts.  They were married 12/27/1950 in Beaufort County, NC.  They had 7 kids as follows:

James Franklin - 1952

William Wester - 1955

Twins- me-and Otis Adrian - 1959

Audrey Jean - 1965

 Bobby Ray - 1961 - 2022

Emily Dean - 1967.

They lived in the following - Wilmar, Greenville, Chocowinity, and Windsor.

#3- My grandfather is William Wester Lewis:  B-1892 D-1964. His wife is Emily Almeta Clark: b-1897 D-1960. They had 7 children that I know of and their names are:

Richard Wallace 1890 - 1918

William Wester- my grandfather

James Harvey 1984 - 1955

Charney O 1895 - 1972

Pearlie G 1898 - 1926

Herbert L 1899 -1979

Bertha E 1902 - 1958

I hope this helps you in your search.  If you would like to call me 352-651-3490 (cell) please do not hesitate. It would be nice to talk with others researching the "Lewis".