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I will be using this page to list key David Averitt (both Sr. and Jr., and there may be three generations!) research as I find and/or transcribe it. It will be added to over time so be sure and subscribe to the site (It’s free!) so you can be updated when this page is.


1769 – Petition for a Town (by Roger Kammerer, PCGQ Feb 2003 p6)

“To His Excellency William TRYON Esqr his Majesties Captn. Generall Governor and Commander in Chieff In and Over the province of North Carolina and vice Admirall of the Same: And to his Majesties Honourable Councill and the Gentn. of the Assembly now Setting. The Petition of the inhabitants of Pitt County Humbly Sheweth that the Plantation whereon Edmund TISON now Liveth is Conveniently and Advantageously Situated for Trade and Likewise near the Center of this County We the Petitioners therefore are of Opinion that it will be Greatly to the Advantage of the inhabitants of this County to have a Town Errected On the Said plantation and Likewise to Remove the Court House into Said Town As the place whare the Court House now stands is a Considerable distance from the River it Renders the Attendance of the Inhabitants On the Oposite Side of the River very inconvenient to them Which Disadvantage will be removed by the removal of the Said Court House to the Place we petition for it being Situated on the river On High land and at the uppermost Landing on Tar River that is Navigable for Large Boats (Except in the Time of freshes) and a Convenient Place for a ferry We therefore pray your Excellency that a Town may be Establisht. by Act of Assembly and that the Court House may be by the Same authority Removed into ye Town and that the Inferior Court of Common Pleas may be there & Held: and that the Removal of the Said Court House may not be Attended with any burthen or Tax: on the poor inhabitants of this County We the Petitioner do purpose and intend to Defray the Cost thereof by Subcription and we further Pray that your Excellency would Approve of Our Request and that you will Name the said intended Town and as in duty bound we your Petitioners Shall Ever Pray

  • Samuel TISON Jun
  • Charles (his mark) ALLEN
  • William (his mark) EDWARDS
  • John (his mark) NORE (blob)
  • Samuel (his mark) HUPPA ?
  • Benjamin (his mark) JOHNSTON
  • Israel (his mark) JOYNER
  • Nathaniel MOORE
  • Matthias (his mark) TISON
  • Christopher MERSER
  • Thomas GIDDENS
  • Abraham PETTEPOOL
  • William STANSELL
  • John BRINSON
  • Umpra (his mark) JONES
  • Thomas (his mark) LOWDEN
  • Lekile (his mark) BENBRICK
  • William (his mark) TURNEDG
  • Joseph ROSS
  • William (his mark) MACHENARY
  • Sandres (his mark) RAY
  • James (his mark) TURNAGE
  • Luke (his mark) TURNER
  • Benjamin MAY
  • Abner PROCTER
  • Thomas DAVIS
  • Elimeich PENNINGTON
  • Isaac LITTLE
  • Thoms GWALTNEY
  • Thomas CONE
  • Richard BARROW
  • Benja EVANS
  • Joseph HICKMAN
  • Nathan MAYO Senr
  • William MILLER
  • John COOPER
  • Isaac CHURCH
  • Marcus STOKES
  • Robert GREMMER
  • Mark (his mark) MOOR
  • Simon PAJSE ?
  • John POLORD
  • Samson PITTMAN
  • Benja. WOMBWELL
  • Charles DINKINS
  • Benjamin BROWN
  • William BRADY
  • Thomas GWALTNEY Senr
  • William BELL
  • Joseph TEEL
  • James BRADY
  • Thomas WILLIAMS
  • William MAYO (his mark)
  • Thos CLARK (his mark)
  • William MAYO (his mark)
  • Jno ANDREWS (his mark)
  • Thos MEAX
  • James MEAX (his mark)
  • Benja. COOPER
  • Edward COBB the youngr (his mark)
  • Simon MEAX (his mark)
  • Jacob SUMERLIN
  • John WINDAM Sen (his mark)
  • Peter RIVES
  • George (his mark) DICKES Jur
  • Ezeral (his mark) JOYNER Jur
  • William HOPKINS
  • Drury SPAIN (his mark)
  • Jno. CHURCH (his mark)
  • Godfrey STANSELL
  • David AVERETT Jur (his mark)
  • Nathan MEAX (his mark)
  • Frances MEAX (his mark)
  • Nathaniel KEEL (his mark)
  • Edward COBB
  • Evritt POPE
  • William (his mark) JOYNER
  • Jesse MOORE
  • Abraham MOORE

1772 — Inquest on William HATTAWAY (From PCGQ May 2000 p1)

No Carolina }
Pitt County } An Inquest taken for our Soverrein lord the King at the Parrish of Sant Micels in the County of Pitt on the 30 day of Novmbr. 1772 In the twlve year of the Reign of our Sovereign Gorge The third by the Grace of God of Great Britian france and Ireland King defender of the faith & before Demsie GRIMES one of the Coroners of our Said Lord the King for the sd. County On vew of the body William Hattaway than and thare lying Dead upon the oaths of David AVERITT James BROWN James MAYO Wm. HOPKINS Biggers MOBLEY Abell THOMAS Benja. WINDOM Green WINDOM Walter MEEKS Wm. AVERITT David AVERITT Jr. Wm. NICHOLS Jr. Good and lawful Men of our sd. County duly Chosen and who being then and thare duly sworn and Charged at Inquire for our sd. Lord the King when how and by what means the said William HATTAWAY Came by his death do uppon their Oath Say that By the Evidences and Vew and all Surcupstances we sd. Jurrors Can geather that we beleve that Thomas HATTAWAY late of our said Parrish and County aforesaid did by Shouting at some turkeys the sd. William HATTAY did Receve Some Mortals Wounds He the sd. William HATTAWAY than and Thar Instantly died and so the Jurrors aforesaid upon thare oath do say that the said Thomas HATTAWAY Died by misfortune and agains the will of him The said Thomas HATTAWAY did Kill and Slay but what Goods and Chatties The sd. Thomas HATTAWAY had at that Time of the Killing and Slaying by Misfortune as aforesaid the Said Jurors Know not as being a Miner Amos ATKINSON MJ {seal} acting Coroner David AVERET Foreman of the Inquest {seal}

Here is another summary of the same case (From NCGQ 1975, Issue 1, p36):

HATTAWAY, William [ endorsed William HOLLAWAY, which appears to be an error]. Killed accidentally by Thomas HATTAWAY, a minor, while shooting turkeys. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 20 Nov 1772, Demsie GRIMES, coroner; Amos ATKINSON, acting coroner, David AVERET, foreman. Jury (no signatures): James BROWN; James MAYO; Wm. HOPKINS; Biggers MOBLEY; Aoel THOMAS; Benj. WINDOM; Green WINDOM; Walter MEEKS; Wm. AVERITT; David AVERITT, Jr.; Wm. NICHOLS, Jr.

1790 Census

David Averitt (Sr.)

  • 1 white male under 16
  • 1 white male 16 and over
  • 6 white females

David Averitt (Jr.)

  • 1 white male 16 and over
  • 1 white female

1800 Census

David Averitt (Sr.)

  • Free White Persons – Males -10 thru 15 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 16 thru 25 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 45 and over — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 15 — 3
  • Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25 — 4
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over — 1

David Averitt, Jr. has apparently moved to Craven County by 1800.

1807 – Will of David Averitt, Sr (Pitt County)


1800 Census – David Averitt

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 — 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 15 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 — 1

1810 Census – There is no 1810 Census for Craven County

1820 Census – David Averitt

  • Free White Persons – Males – 45 and over — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 — 1
  • Slaves – Females – Under 14 — 1

1819 Marriage Bond: David Averitt and Sally Butler

Bond date: 3 May 1819
Bond #: 000024437
ImageNum: 001205
County: Craven
Record #: 01 011
Bondsman: Jno. Street

Bastardy Bonds

Marry Mills — Apr 1814 — David Averitt, Chas James
Prudence Hollis — Apr 1825 — Prudence Hollis, Samuel Wiggins, David Averitt
Prudence Hollis — May 1826 — Frederick Butler, David Averitt

1820 – Deed from Isaac Gardner to John Chapman. David Averitt was listed as a witness.

1821 – Will of Arthur Butler — David Averitt named as executor in will of Arthur Butler 1821/1823. David had recently married Arthur Butler’s daughter Sally Butler as his second wife.

1828 – Will of David Averitt — Written 11 Jan 1828, probate Feb court 1828

Craven Petition Against Annexation to Pitt (Transcription by Roger Kammerer, From PCGQ August 2005, p3)

Note: The petition is torn off at the end and there appears to have been more names at the end, now missing.

Gentlemen September 1786 The Subscribers freeholders & Inhabitants of the upper end of Craven County having been informed that application was made to the last Assembly to Add a part of Craven to the County of Dobbs and as treir may be a Similar attempt to Add Another part of Craven to the County of Pitt We take the liberty of Addressing you on the Subject Declaring that we are by no means willing to be seperated from the County of Craven where we have long resided & hope still to remain and we request you as representatives of every part of the County that you will use your utmost endeavours to prevent any part of Craven County being added to any other County whatsoever as such a measure would not only be an Injury to us but also to the whole Inhabitants of the County
To James COOR
Abner NEALE Esqr.


  • Shadrack ALLEN
  • Isaac GARDNER
  • John (his E mark) SMITH
  • Tofr WILLIS
  • Stephen PUGH
  • Moses ROUNTREE
  • Reuben ROUNTREE
  • Ephraim WILLIS
  • Edward CANNON
  • Siner ?
  • William (his mark) GARRIS Senr
  • John (his mark) WILLIS
  • Jacob (his mark) GARRELD Snr
  • Jacob (his mark) GARRELD Jnr
  • Solomon (his mark) OLLIVER
  • io(_J) POLLARD
  • Jesse CHAPMAN
  • Edward GARDNER Junr.
  • John (his mark) CONNER
  • John WINGATE
  • David SUTTON
  • John (his mark) SUTTON
  • JACOB (his mark) HIEMAN
  • GEORGE (his mark) CHARLTON
  • DANIEL (his mark) BROWNING
  • JAMES (his mark) CORBIN
  • JAMES (his mark) CAMMILL
  • SMITH (his mark) KI(GHT?) ( BLOB)
  • ARON (his mark) COX
  • BENJAMON (his mark) GUARTNEY
  • PHILIP (his mark) CAUSEY
  • SAMUEL (his mark) KIGHT
  • ABRAHAM (his mark) SMITH
  • EDWARD (his mark) ROSS
  • Lm ROSS
  • Wm (his mark) BROWNING
  • John VANPELT
  • Lewis (his mark) CANNON
  • Jacob (his mark) CANNON
  • John WILLIN
  • Thos WILLIN
  • John (his mark) KIGHT
  • Joseph (his mark) COX a family
  • Danl (his mark) COX
  • John AVERY
  • Hugh (his mark) PUGH Senr
  • Absolom (his mark) COX
  • Anthoney WHERY
  • Hugh PUGH Junr
  • Stephen GATLIN
  • William ADAMS
  • Arther (his mark) BUTLER
  • Samuel SIMMONS
  • David AVRET
  • William STAFORD
  • Henry SMYTH
  • Robert GAR(RIS?)
  • Joseph LETHWORTH
  • Wileby (his mark) ADAMS

1805 — Moses Chance Estate, Craven County (Transcription by Roger Kammerer. From PCGQ February 2006 p23)

the Amount of Sales of the property of Moses CHANCE Decd the 21 of June 1805

  • 1 musket to Penela JOHNSON at 2/1/0
  • 1 Small gun to John COUPER at 1/1/0
  • 1 Shot gun to John COUPER 0/13/0
  • 1 CK to to George SMITH 0/6/7
  • 1 Iron wedge to James COUPER 0/9/0
  • 1 Iron frow to James COUPER 0/5/6
  • 1 Stele trap & Spin moter to Samuel G BARREN 0/4/6
  • 1 plow Clives to Abslam COX 0/1/6
  • 1 Stone gug to James COUPER 0/1/0
  • 1 Basket & 2 bottles Hillery STOCKS 0/4/0
  • 1 knives to Joseph COX 0/1/0
  • 1 Lucken glass & Rasor to John PELT 0/3/0
  • 1 Lot of Buttens to John STOCKS 0/2/0
  • 1 Pine Chist to James COUPER 0/15/0
  • 1 Skillit Bale & nippets Phillip CAUSEY 0/1 1/6
  • 1 Lot of bacon of 66 tt at 1/3 wt to Greenbery CAUSEY 4/2/6
  • 1 Lot of bacon of 70 tt at 1/7 tw to Hilery STOCKS 5/10/0
  • 1 Lot of an Broken flax to Fredrick ANDERSON 0/1/0
  • 1 Sow & five Shots to Daniel COX 2/8/0
  • 5 yar old hogs to Phillip CAUSEY 3/17/6
  • 1 Boar to Phillip CAUSEY 1/5/0
  • 2 Barners to Jesey TIER 2/2/0
  • 5 hogs & one bell to George CHALTON 6/6/0

The Amount of Sales Made the 18 of July 1805 upon the property of Said Decd

  • 2500 Shingles to David AVRITT 1/5/0
  • 1 half our glass to John CAUSEY 0/0/6
  • 1 tobacco Box to John CAUSEY 0/0/6
  • 1 Dog to James COUPER 0/5/0
  • 1 Sow & pigs & 3 Shots to Guilford MURPHEY 2/1 1/6
  • 1 yar old Bamer to Abslam COX 0/5/0
  • 1 yar old Boar to James COUPER 0/10/0
  • 4 yar old hogs to John SMITH 4/0/0
  • 1 Sow & pigs to John SMITH 1/10/0
  • 1 Lot ofhogs to Guilford MURPHEY 2/10/0
  • 1 Boar to Wiley CAUSEY 0/2/0

the hole account of Sales 83/2/0

James COUPER Administer


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