Edmond PEARCE Deeds and Document Abstracts

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The following information relates to Edmond Pearce of Beaufort County.

These abstracts are from Beaufort County Deed Book 1, 1696-1729 by Allen Hart Norris. (This is a wonderful resource available from the Beaufort County Genealogical Society for $25.00. Click here to order the book from BCGS.)


[No Date – but some time between Feb 1697/98 and Oct 7 1701]
(From Old Will Books)
(Bk1, p 21) Will & Testament of Richard Collins [SS Will: Richard Collins 23 Sept 1701 of Bath Co. Legatees: Edmon Parse son of Joseph Parse [Peirce] – cow & calf; Ann Nelson – cow & calf; John Bunting – 2 guns; Roger Mountterey [Montgomery] – remainder of my estate. Wit: Edward Pitt, Joseph (+) Holebrook, Thomas Peirce]

11 (5-26) Lords Proprietors grant survey to … Mr. Edmond Peirt [Peirc] 10 br ye 18th 1701. Na. Chevin. Peirt laid warrant and 12 rites 9 Feb 1701/2 on land he is now in possession of. Levi Truewhitt, Cot clk.

41 (16-51) John LAWSON of Pamtico assigned to Mr Edmund PEARCE, both of Bath Co, an entry of land made by him 25 Mar 1701. 14 Apr 1702. John Lawson. Test: Levi Truewhitt, Thomas Lepper. Ack in Ct at house of Mr William Barrow 14 Apr 1702.
Vera copia. Test: Levi Truewhitt, Cot Clk.

59 (25-71) Thomas LEPPER Esq and wife Ann of Bath Co to Capt Jeremiah GOODRIDG of the Pink Adventure £5 10 s 300 acres east side old town creek, formerly called Hanaly creek, dividing it and land of Thomas Peirt [Peirc], runing down the creek to fence of David Depee. 7 July 1702. Tho Lepper, Ann Lepper. Test: Edmund PERTE [PERCE], Lyonell Reading. Ack in Ct at house of W. Barrow 7 Jul 1702. Vera copia. Test: Levi Truewhitt, Cot clk.

63 (26-74) Edmund PEARCE lays 12 rights on land entry made by him 26 Oct 1702, which rights are mentioned in a warrant in this book as recorded on page 26. 1 Apr 1703. Test: Levi Truewhitt, Cot Clk.

177 (80-36) Bath Town. John LAWSON and Joel MARTIN both of Bath Town to Edmund PEARCE Gent of Archdale Precinct for £1 cm, lot (half acre & 4 p) with front & privileges belonging, on the front street of Bath Town joining Geo Birkinhead and Thomas Worsley. 5 Oct 1706. John Lawson, Joel Martin SR. Wit: Gale, Lyonell Reading. Ack in Ct at Bath Town 8 Oct 1707. Test: Jno Lawson, Coun Clk. [Lot #19]

201 (96-58) Mr Edmund PEARCE’s patent on Neuse River, 550 acres; beg N side Neuse River at mouth of Pearce’s creek running up the river, N 50 W 320p up the river to a Reed Oak. N 27 W to Powell’s creek and along creek to the head 288 p to a white oak 48 E 100p to the head of his creek to a white oak, down the creek to beg S 29 E 320p. Recorded 21 Sep 1708.

313 (155-185) Received 6 Jan 1709 of Capt Pearce the sum of £6 for the use of the Lords Proprietors. Tho Cary, Receiver General. Capt Edmund PEARCE’s patent of 520 acres for £5 4s: beg at pine on river side that parts him and James Blount, running into the woods to corner pine, SW60 320p, to Killam Tylor’s corner gum NW30 260p, down the line that parts his land from Killiam Tylor to oak, by the river 320p, on river side to 1st. 10 Jun 1706. Tho Cary, S Swann, E Moseley, F Foster, Wm Glover.

332 (163-202) John Eustus – housewright, Thomas Harris – cooper, John Mountfort – cooper, Abigail Cutler, widow & relict of David Cutler dec’d and administratrix of David Cutler’s goods, chattels and credits all of Boston, Suffolk Co, Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, appoint friend John Ryall of Boston, master of the sloop Speedwell, their attorney for their affairs in Bath Town, Port of Pamtico, NC or any other place in NC and particularly with Mrs Sarah Pearce, relict of Mr Edmund Pearce, dec’d 6 Nov 1710, 9th year of Queen Ann. John Eustus, Thomas Harris, John Mountford, Abigail (A) Cutler. Wit: Wm Shepreerd, Tho Cole. Suffolk, Boston, 8 Nov 1710. Ack by Messrs John Eustus, Tho Harris, John Mountfort, and Abigail Cutler before John Clark J.P. Thomas Taylor proved the 4 persons in the aforesaid power of attorney to be signed by them. 9 Jan 1710. Coram me. Thos Cary. Abigail Cutler, widow and relict of David Cutler dec’d, marriner of Boston in New England, and his administratrix appoints John Ryall of Boston her attorney to collect debts in NC, particularly in Bath Town, Port Pamtico, and especially of Mrs Sarah Pearce, relict of Edmond Pearce, dec’d 6 Nov 1710, 9th year of Queen Ann. Abigail (A) Cutler. Wit: Wm Shepreeve, Tho Cole. Ack by Abigail Cutler 8 Nov 1710 in Boston Suffolk. Coram me. John Clark Just Pac. NC. Thomas Taylor said that Abigail Cutler swore before him that she had agreed to the power of attorney. 9 Jan 1710. Coram me. Tho Cary.

528 (323) Edmond Pears [Pearce], planter of Pamtico Bath Co NC to Thomas Thyson, cooper of New Curratuck Bath Co NC for £21 10 s cm NC 120 acres in Pamtico Bath Co bounded by George Hill on S side Pamtico River, up the gut from the river side back for his complement. 25 Apr 1719, 6th year of King George. Edmund Pearce. Wit: John Trippe, John Hill.

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  1. Martha

    1 Dec 1701 Wm Brice, Rbt Mellyne, Jno bernard and David Depee of Bath in Pamtecoe, NC for land on Long Island at the mouth of the Neuse River. Beaufort Cty Deed book 1 part 1 page 8

    Where is this in relationship to Bath. I have not found this location on a map.

    I can trace David to David to William and I believe William came to SC in the mid 1700s.

    Any suggestions?


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