Marriage Bond of Laban Morris & Kitty Williams

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Laban Morris and Caroline Kitty Williams Marriage Bond

When you have a brick wall in your family tree, what else can you do but chase down every lead of anyone who had any relation to your mystery relative? This annotated marriage bond serves that purpose for me.

On Thursday, August 22, 1805, John KING (son of Joel KING) and John Williams (parents unknown) put themselves forth as bondsmen for Laban MORRIS to marry Kitty WILLIAMS.

John KING was bondsmen for the marriages of several of his sisters, as well as at least one of his nephews. There are only two other marriage bonds that he signs: Laban MORRIS and John WILLIAMS. (John WILLIAMS also happens to be a co-bondsman with John KING on Laban’s marriage bond.)

  • John WILLIAMS & Elizabeth BRYAN; 22 Dec 1802, Bondsman: John KING.  (John WILLIAMS was previously married to Jinny OTTERSON, daughter of Caleb OTTERSON.)
  • Laban MORRIS & Kitty WILIAMS; 22 Aug 1805, Bondsman: John KING.

(In case you’re wondering, based on John WILLIAMS’s age, it’s highly unlikely that he could have been a son of Talbot WILLIAMS, Kitty’s father. Also, Talbot was from Maryland. So far I’ve not found him connected with any of the other WILLIAMS in Craven County except for his own children, most of whom moved to Indiana.)

Laban Morris and Caroline Kitty Williams Marriage Bond


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