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Who were the parents of Laban Morris?

In recent years, DNA testing has proven an oral tradition that was passed down among some members of the Morris family that their forebear, Laban Morris, was actually a LEDBETTER, but had been "adopted, or something like that." In November of 2013, a record was found documenting that Laban had legally changed his name, along with his two oldest sons, in 1810 from HENBY (or HENLEY) to MORRIS. It is believed that Laban's father may have been Rowland LEDBETTER, a teenager who was stationed in the next county from where Laban lived most of his life. Laban named one of his sons Roland, and he had more than one grandson with Roland in their name. There were a number of HENBYs/HENDLEYs/HENLEYs living in the vicinity of Wayne and Dobbs Counties during the time in which Rowland LEDBETTER was stationed in the area, in summer of 1780. We think Laban's mother may have belonged to one of those families, which would explain how his name legally had been HENBY or HENLEY before he had it changed to MORRIS.
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