Who’s the Daddy? Patsey MITCHELL of Craven County puts a man on notice for child support, but is it really who it seems to be?

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I found the following item in page 3 of the estate records for LEWIS WARREN of Craven County (1867).

Patsey Mitchell charges Lewis Warren for child support

It says:

Mr. Lewis Warren

Take Notice that I shall move the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of Craven County at their term in december next for execution against you for two years in arrear of the sum with which you stand charged as the father of a child begotten with me.

October 1, 1819
Patsey Mitchell

Now, I can’t be certain, but it appears that this notice of child support from MARTHA “PATSEY” MITCHELL (b. abt 1796), daughter of JAMES MITCHELL and MARY WARREN.

And the father of Patsey’s child is named LEWIS WARREN.

It isn’t shocking at all when cousins — either by blood or marriage — ended up together, having families in those days. What would be shocking, though, is if this LEWIS WARREN is who I think he is and this PATSEY MITCHELL is who I think she is.

Why? Because I think it’s likely that LEWIS WARREN is the brother of PATSEY’s mother, MARY WARREN, which would make LEWIS her uncle.

I hope this wasn’t the case because I really can’t think of any scenarios where this wouldn’t be very disturbing.

Does anyone have any information about this? Am I incorrect in the relationships here? Or are their other Lewis Warrens or Patsey Mitchells that are getting confused in here?

I haven’t seen anything in the bastardy bonds for Craven County on Patsey Mitchell. Is it possible they were married and then divorced. That would mean Patsey wasn’t originally a Mitchell, or at least that the relationships here aren’t what they seem.

Also, does anyone know the identity of PATSY MITCHELL and LEWIS WARREN’s child?


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