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Edward Williams Family of Pitt County

I am looking to make the connection from Edward Williams, Sr (Revolutionary War soldier,) his son Edward, Jr. (married a Tryphena,) who eventually made the trek from Pitt County to Tennesse (recorded in the Pitt County Chronicles) to my 2nd great grandmother, Nancy Williams. Confusing, I know.

I'm trying to prove Nancy Williams is a direct descendant of Edward's through, possibly,  a John (R.) Williams. At some point, Nancy married Nathan W (Williams ?) Jones. They lived mostly in Tipton County, Tennessee. They named one of their daughters Kate (Katie) Bland Jones. At some point, Kate must have lived in, or near, Lauderdale County as she met and married Joseph Dupree Hawkins, son of Thomas R. Hawkins of Orange County, NC. It is through Kate and J. D. Hawkins that I am related to the Williams.

Neither I, or DAR, can find any marriage or any other provable record for Nathan and Nancy. There are only a few records on their children. Kate's death certificate gave us the info on her parents. Right now, it looks like we must depend upon a family Bible, for which I've found no existence, or some other dependable source to solve the mysteries.

I would so greatly appreciate any light anyone can shed on my dilemma.

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Hello fellow bewildered Williams.It seems as though we are trying to make sense of the same line.This line is particularly hard to trace because there are alot of as yet unnamed children and the bewildering amount of Williamses..If it helps we supposedly descend through Nancy Little born 1794in Lenoir co NC. And Nathan Williams 1780 Lenoir co NC. They moved into Anson co. NC. There is some confusion here as their daughter Jane from whom we descend was a Williams yet her Death certificate states Jones as her mothers maiden name. Your question about wether or not Nathan was a Jones is pretty mind boggling.Our Mtdna line has few matches and Jones is one of them.This family did move out of NC and into TN and SC around in late 1700 early 1800 in several waves. There are 2 other Arrgh Williams lines I am studying one is mixed with the Bland family around Sampson county NC. Hope this helps a bit.

Well hello, Cousin (?) Sorry to be so long in responding. Thanks for the info! Yes,  this does make a hole in the "wall," so I can keep looking "under the rug." I have recently discovered that it is believed that Edward Williams, Sr married Margaret Sturdevant, daughter of another Revolutionary War Patriot. It's a hypothesis, so I am still researching the authenticity of that.


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