A Deed of Gift from James McIntosh to his Children

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I found this deed proving that Leta McIntosh Averitt, my possible 5th great-grandmother, and Lovey McIntosh Hendricks, wife of my 5th great-uncle, James Hendricks, were his daughters.  This relationship makes Lovey my 6th great-aunt as well as my 5th.

From Craven County Deed Book 52, pg. 253

State of North Carolina Craven

Know all men by these presents that I James McIntosh for divers good causes and other considerations moving me hereunto I give to my son William McIntosh the land and plantation where on I now live to him his heirs and assigns forever beginning at a pine Peter Andersons upper corner tree and runs South 60 Wt. 136 poles to a pine then No. 27 Wt. 163 poles to a pine then No. 60 Et. 138 poles to pine from thence to the beginning containing 133 acres it being part of a patent granted John Anderson. To have and to hold all and singular the above devised premises with appurtenances there unto belonging after my death and further know ye that I the said James McIntosh except my lift estate in said land and further know ye that if the said William McIntosh should die and his wife and all his children so that there is no heir lawfully begottin of his body then the said land to be sold and the money to be equally divided between my three daughters Lighty Avery Susan Morris Love Hendricks and their heirs what perishable property left over in the deed I leave behind at my death I want equally divided amongst my three daughters at my death In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th of November 1834.

Signed Sealed in      }                                                              James McIntosh
presence of us         }                                           {a circle made on the original but the word}
Attest Jesse Ward                                                {seal not written  S.B.F. Regt.                        }

     Craven County Court                                                 November Term AD 1836
Then was the execution of the foregoing deed proved in open Court and in due form of law by the oath of Jesse Ward subscribing witness thereto.
             Ordered that said deed by Registered.
                                                                       Attest J. G. Stanley CC.

Interestingly, the “life estate” does not include Susan “Sukey” Anderson McIntosh, James’s wife and mother of these children.  Her death must have occurred before this deed, but after the 1830 census.

This document proves they had the following children:

  • William McIntosh married 1) Gatsey Smith 2 Sep 1833 and 2) Zilla Daw 1 Jan 1846
  • Leta McIntosh married Enoch Averitt 9 Jun 1820
  • Susan McIntosh married William B. Morris 29 Jan 1830
  • Lovey McIntosh married James Hendricks 9 Oct 1834




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