Colonial Coroners’ Inquests for Beaufort, Craven, and Pitt Counties

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Next to genealogy and history research, my second favorite obsession is watching MeTV. I love those old shows, from Andy Griffith to Macgyver, and I especially love courtroom and mystery shows, like Perry Mason and Matlock, Diagnosis Murder and Columbo. Perhaps that’s why I like poring over old court records — whether it’s apprentice bonds, or depositions given during murder trials — there’s always a little bit of mystery lurking beneath the surface.

Below is a selection of abstracts of coroners inquests performed in North Carolina from 1738-1775 from the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal (Vol. 1975, Ed. 1). Boy, it sure seems there were a lot of drownings in those days! In addition, there were some murders. It’s interesting to see who jurors were. In a couple of cases I was surprised to find names that I previously had thought were only in one county, but they’re turning up together in a completely different county (the Cato/Cater names below, for instance.)

This is but a few grains of sand in the sea of information available in the archives of the NCGS Journal. If you’re serious about your North Carolina genealogy, I just don’t see how you can not subscribe to this. When you’re a member, you’re not only sent new issues quarterly, but you also have access to PDFs of the entire archives of the publication! A year membership is only $40 and it’s worth every penny.

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Beaufort County

GREEN, Henry, “an orphent boy that Lived with his brother William LEWIS.” Fell out of a canoe and drowned in Tindalls Creek on 2 May 1748 according to information of Joseph LEWIS. [Mutilated. Other names mentioned are William FIPPS, constable, and Robert SPRING, justice.]

SMITH, Samuel, “belonging to the sloop Speedwell, Capt. Jonathan Buck, commander, and belonging to New England and in the county of Barnstable.” Accidentally drowned on 12 Sep 1749. Inquest held in St. Thomas’ Parish, Beaufort Co., on 14 Sep 1749. Thomas HARDY, Esq., coroner. Jury: Edmund PEARCE; John FRY; Charles LOWTHER; Emanuell DOUD; John (x) GILBIRT [or GILBARD]; William WAGGENER; Lawrence HYLEN; Aaron (x) SIGLEY; James (x) RIGNEY; John SLADE; Jacob NEVIL; Henry (x) DIAS [or DIOUS]; Edward WEBBER; Richard PINDAR; John Peyton PORTER; Thos. LARKE; William (x) ADAMS; Wm. Hugh JONES.

YEALS, John, and PRITCHARD, Elias. Seamen belonging to the sloop Allegator. Accidentally drowned. Inquest held in St. Thomas’ Parish, Beaufort Co., on 26 Apr 1750. Thomas HARDY, Esq., coroner. Jury: Jno. FREEMAN; Peter HARRIS; John WOODARD; Thos. LARKE; Nathll. FOLSOM; Wm. STUBBS; Richard BASSETT; Richard PINDAR; Robert (x) BARNET; John FRY; John MARTIN; Josiah PRATHER; Samuel HOLYOKE; Wm. FOREMAN; Robert TIPPIN.

UNKNOWN man, belonging to the bumpkin sloop A’ttegatov of the Port of Boston. Accidentally drowned. Inquest held in St. Thomas’ Parish, Beaufort Co., on 26 Apr 1750. Thomas HARDY, Esq., coroner. Jury: Coleman ROE; Zebulon WADE; James McINTOSH; John PORTER; Matthew CORPREN; Richard FLANNAKIN; Manuel (x) DOWD; Wm. TRIPPE; Chas. LOWTHER; Wm. Hugh JONES; James HUDSON; William DOUD; [Capt.] John (x) SIGLEY; Aaron (x) SIGLEY; Francis NICHOLAS; Thomas SMITH. [NOTE: The name of Francis Nicholas appears in the body of the report of inquisition, but is struck through; he is not a signatory.]

SULLYVEN, Cornelius. Accidentally drowned. Inquest held in St. Thomas’ Parish, Beaufort Co., on 27 Aug 1750. Thomas HARDY, Esq., coroner. Jury: Wen. DUNBARR; Robt. DEYTON; Jacob NEVILL; John PORTER; Thomas SMITH; Jacob
(x) NEVILL, Jr.; Sigley (x) CURTIS; Thomas (x) WORCESTER; John (x) SIGLEY: Jno. HOOKER; William DOUD; Moses (x) BELL; John HESKETH; John (x) MILLISTON.

WOODWARD, Henry. Killed “by Mischance of his horse striking him at his fall.” Inquest held between Duck Creek Bridge and Deep Creek in Beaufort Co. on 14 Jul 1755. James ELLISON, coroner. Jury: T. BARROW; Joel MARTIN; Henry BRIDGEN (BRIDGER?); Jno. CLEEVES; Richard ODEON; John ODEON; Charles ODEON; John ALDERSON; Timothy MUNK; Phinehas LATHAM; Henry CANNON; John BOWIN; Jonathon PERKINES; Thos. WILLIAMS.

KIRK, John. Fell from the bow of a flat crossing Tar River from George SUGG’s landing and drowned accidentally; others on the flat were Caleb WALLIS, William ALLEN, James RICHARSON, Demcey Wright ALLEN, and a Negro. Inquest held in Beaufort Co. on 30 Jan 1757. George SUGG, justice. Jury: Arthur WILLIAMS; Thos. TILDSLEY; Frederick HARGETT; [signed in German script] Friedrich HARGET; Pastin BARTHOLOMA [signed Bastian BARTLOMEW]; Thos. QUARNEY (CARNEY?)  Benja. ELLIS; Thos. WILSON; Robert (x) WILLIAMS, Jr.; Joseph TURTON.

MAYO, Jacob. Died after his horse dashed him against a tree on 25 Jan 1758. Inquest held in Beaufort Co. on 25 Jan 1758. George SUGG, justice. Jury: William (x) MAYO; Abraham BASS[ET]; Caleb (x) WALLIS; Richard WILLI[A]M[S]; James (x) COBB; Edward (x) COBB, Sr.; John (x) MAYO; David (x) HATHAWAY; Thomas (x) HATHAWAYy David HATHAWAY? James HEARN.

MacGLOUGHLIN, Elizabeth, wife of James MacGLOUGHLIN. Perished from the inclemency of the weather on 3 Jan 1762; her husband had no known goods, chatties, lands, or tenements. Inquest held at the house of Mr. Alexander STEWART
in Beaufort Co. on 5 Jan 1762. Alexander STEWART, justice and coroner. Jury: Moses POOLE [signed POLE]; Sam. VINES; William VINES; Wm. TRIPPE; John TRIPPE; Navel TRIPPE; Jacob DORDEN; William (x) DIXON; John PELLEY; Wm. KANCOCK; James PRITCHETT; Edmd. CAMPAIN.

ALLEN, William. Accidentally drowned. Inquest held at the house of James RIGNEY in Beaufort Co. on 19 Jan 1762. Thomas RESPESS, coroner. Jury: Mark NOBLE; John MAULE; Henry LOCKEY; James DIGGES; Nathanel DONE; Charles ECLEN; Thomas ARNAL; Thos. SURMON [called SURRIMON in the body of the inquest]; Abraham ADAMS; John GREEN; Elijah RICE; John PARKER.

Craven County

HAMMOND, infant. Child of Ann HAMMOND came to its full time and died a natural death [contrary to the information of James DURHAM]. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 26 Jan 1739. John POWELL, coroner. Jury: John BRYAN; G. LININGTON; George BOULD; John SLOCUMB [?]; John FONVIELLE; Thos. HARDY; Wm. LISTER; Charles ADAMS; Martin FRANCK; W[alter] LANE; James REED; Edward BRYAN; James GREEN; James KEITH; Thos. (x) NORWOOD; John (x) WILSON.

TAYLOR, a sailor belonging to Capt. Francis CURTES. Drowned by distress of weather. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 19 Jan 1739/40. [Coroner not named.] Jury: John CUMING, foreman; Stephen WALLIS; Thos. WALKER; Ebenezer DELANO;
Humphry (x) SMYTH; Thos. (x) PARSONS; Mark FARGUSON; Edmond CULIN; Barnabas HOLMES; Francis (x) HILL; Bryant (x) CULLEN; Thos. NELSON. [NOTE: Bryant CULLEN failed to make his mark.]

DOTY, Josiah, sailor. Drowned by distress of weather. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 19 Jan 1739/40. [Coroner not named.] Jury; John CUMING, foreman; Ebenezer DELANO? Stephen WALLIS; Humphry (x) SMITH; Thomas (x) PAP?SEN; Mark FARGUSON; Bryiant (x) CULIN; Thos. WALKER; Edmond CULIN; Fransses (x) HILL; Thos. NELSON.

CURTIS, Francis. Drowned by distress of weather. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 28 Jan 1739/40. [Coroner not named.] Jury: Thomas (x) RUSSELL; Peter FOLGER; Barnabas HOLMES; Barzillai FOLGER; [Undecipherable—literal transcription is Duall BLAA]; Francis SWAIN; Thos. WALKER; Evan JONES; John RUSEL; Timothy HEALES; John JEWELL; Joshua THINNEY [?].

DUNCAN, Keziah, wife of John DUNCAN. Death, said by James DURHAM to be by her husband’s ill usage, was found to be occasioned by lack of due care during her sickness. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 24 June 1745. Jno. POWELL, coroner. Jury; W. WILSON? John BRYAN; John CARRUTHERS; Wm. CARRUTHERS; C. Gregory HOBBS? Philip TAYLORy Henry HERTWELL; Dens. SHERLOCK; Samuel MILLS; L[ambert] FLOWERS; Robt. JARMAN; Nichs. ROUTLEDGE; Charles ADAMS; Walter LANE; Barnabas RUSSELL; Arthur JOHNSTON; Abraham (x) BUSSITT.

BURKE, Richard, merchant. Sometime in the night following 24 May 1746, “being a little in Liquor and in bed alone in his own house Dyed a natural death.” Inquest held at the house of deceased in New Bern, Craven Co., on 25 May 1746. James MACKILWEAN, acting coroner. Jury: John CARRUTHERS, foreman; Daniel DUPEE; Arthur JOHNSTON; John PINDAR; Nichs, ROUTLEDGE; Jno. RICE; Frs. MACKILWEAN; Sami. (x) GRIFFIS; Jos. CARRUTHERS; Thomas LOW; Peter HENDRICKSON; Barnabas RUSSELL; Henry HERTWELL; Roger CANNON; John (x) RIGGS.

LEECKBLEED, John. Arrested by Sheriff Walter LANE for debt at the suit of John CARRUTHERS, Jr., and found dead in jail “of natural causes” at about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. on 3 Nov 1750. Inquest held in the jail in New Bern, Craven Co. on 3 Nov 1750. John RICE, coroner. Jury: Benjamin WHEATLEY, foreman; Charles ADAMS; Phil. SMITH; Richd. McGRAW; Richard DAVES; Jno. FOSTER; Jona. FREEMAN; Roger CANNON; William (x) McINTOSH; Willm. BISHOP; John DOPSON; Joseph LEECH. [NOTE: Report of inquisition is endorsed under the name John LICKBLADE.]

JOHNSON, Peter. Accidentally drowned in Great Contentnea Creek. Inquest held at Great Contentnea [Creek], Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 12 Jan 1750/51. Lewis BRYAN, coroner. Jury: Saml. HUXF[0]RD; Wm. NUNN; Benjamin SANDERSON; James SANDERSON; Wm. BARBOUR; John BARBOUR; Thos. (x) YEOMAN; Peter (x) LOW; Saml. (x) KEIGHT; James (x) GALLOWAY; Wm. (x) MIXON; James (x) GARALD; Thos. (x) PHILIPS.

BATEN, John, mariner belonging to the Boston brigantine, Mary, Daniel ARNOLD, commander. Accidentally fell overboard and drowned. Inquest held at New Bern, Craven Co., on 13 Aug 1751. John RICE, coroner. Jury: Charles ADAMS; Richard COGDELL; Charles EVITT; Moses FOGG; William MOSELEY; Richard DAVES; Thos. ANDREWS; Jas. DURHAM; Samuel (x) GILLIARD; John (x) DEPT; Christopher DAWSON; Pat. MOORE; James BOELL [called BOSWELL in the report]; Wm. NICHOLSON; James GRIFFTH; Jos. CARRUTHERS; Jno. GATLIN; Francis FONTAINE, Jno. LEATE; Jno. K1LBEE [called John KIBIE in the report of inquisition].

LOGAN, James, mariner. Fell from a boat in Trent River on 1 Apr 1752 and accidentally drowned. Inquest held at New Bern, Craven Co., on 5 Apr 1752. James BALCH, justice. Jury: David SMITH; Jno. GREEN; Joseph RIVERS; Jona. FREEMAN; Richard COGDELL; John HESKETH; Joseph HALL, Jr.; Edwd. HERBERT: Richd. WILLIAMSON; Tho. WILLSON [called Thomas WILLIAMSON in the report]; John McDANIEL; Edwd. WILLSON; John BAMBRIDGE; Isaac CAMER[ON]; Willm. BARNES; Willm. McDOWELL; John DAVIESON. [NOTE; Sigley CURTICE, named in the inquisition as a juror, did not sign.]

UNNAMED Negro woman belonging to Arthur JOHNSTON. “Came by her Death by a Mischance or Wilfully by her own Act.” Inquest held at Mr. John FOSTER’S in New Bern, Craven Co., on 2 May 1754. Solomon REW, coroner. Jury: Fran. FONTAINE; James GRIFFEN; John (x) BEMBRIDGE; Robert WARREN; Richd. DAVES; Joh. FONTAINE; Joseph MARTIN; Daniel DUPEE; William (x) ARTHUR; Edward (x) HARBEPT; W. CARRUTHERS, Jr.; Richd. HALL; Alexander URQUHART;
John WELCH; John RAWLINGS; Benjn. MERFORD; Robt. TEAT; Samuel POPE; Kittrll MUNDIN; William (x) WELLS; Stephen (x) MERIMAN.

YEDDIM, Thomas. By mischance (and “Act of God”) fell from a canoe and drowned on 15 Jun 1754. Inquest held in Craven Co. on 19 Jun 1754. Solomon REW, coroner. Jury: Richd. DAVES for John LOVET; Zorababel [i.e., Zerubbabel] WELLS; John MEAD; Richd. JONES; Ro[b]ert WARREN; Benjn. MERFORD; John RAWLINGS; Levin LANE; Nathaniel S[C]ARBROUGH; Jos. MARTIN; John FONTAINE; Fran. FONTAINE; Richd. HALL; Jeramiah LAMBERT; Charles EVITT; John (x) WIGGINS; John (x) WILLIAMS; Mathias COOK; John SPEIGH[T]; Edwd. (x) HARBERT.

BEMBRIDGE, Joseph and Liddy. Struck in the head with a “narrow Axe” and murdered by JACK, a slave belonging to Newman DUNN, on an unspecified date. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 22 Aug 1754. Solomon REW, coroner. Jury: Fran. FONTAINE; Charles EVITT; John (x) BARNICASTLE; Richd. HALL; William (x) ARTHUR; John FONTAINE; Joseph MARTIN; Richd. DAVES; James (x) BARNICASTLE; Robert DELOP; James PURDUE; Kittrell MUNDIN; Thomas MOSS; Edward (x) HARBERT; James FALCONAR; John STEVENSON; Stephen (x) MERIMAN; John MEAD. [NOTE; A separate inquisition was held for each victim, and there are two separate reports signed by the coroner and jury.] UNKNOWN,

James, a seafaring man of no estate. Accidentally fell into Trent River on Tuesday evening, 14 May 1771, suffocated and drowned. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 20 May 1771. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: Michl. DeBRUHL, Jr.; William MILLER; Godard DeBRUHL; David AMBROSE; Arthur (x) BUTTERS; William BURNS; Daniel READY; Thomas TIFFIN; Francis (x) EVRIT; John DANE; John BARKER; John (x) WORSLY; Josiah (x) RIDGWAY; Isaac MINER; Jallel SMITH; Thos. BURNS; Willm. KALES; Thomas WHITE.

CAPPINHEAD, John. Through negligence, his candle set fire to his pettiauger and burned him to death on the night of 7 Apr 1772. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 8 Apr 1772. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: John JOHNSTON, foreman; John MacKAY; Wm. (x) HEITH; David MARSHALL; Geo. RAYOR; John RUMSEY; John VANCE; Jos. SANDERS; Ale[xande]r SANDERS; Charles ROACH; Jno. BALL; David CAUTHORN; John DAVIS; Hugh GAVIN; Francis LYN[AUGH]; Jesse WOOD; Isaac DARBY; James SEARS; Alexr. ADAMSON. [NOTE: A pettiauger, periauger, or piragua, is a small water craft—either a dugout or a small two-masted vessel.]

LEWON, a slave belonging to Richard GRAVES. Jumped from a sinking scow or flat in Bachelor Creek, suffocated, and drowned on Saturday last [11 Apr 1772]. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 18 Apr 1772. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: Eidmd. WREMFORD; William HOLDER; Philip NEALE; John DAVE; Hugh GAVIN; Henry DARNALE; Francis LYNAUGH; William MILLER; Henry SMITH; Jeremiah LOFTEN; Robt. (x) M’LAIN; David AMBROSE; John SMITH; Joseph CLARK.

REED, Robert. Tumbled from a boat near the wharf of the Hon. Samuel CORNELL on the evening of 4 Sep 1772 and drowned in Trent River. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 5 Sep 1772. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: Jas. SANDERS, foreman; Wm. HATCH; Martin WORSLEY; David MARSHALL; Hugh GAVIN; Josiah (x) RIDGWAY; Joseph RATCLIFF; Levi GILL; Isaac DARBEY; John YOUNG; Jona. SPINNING; Alexr. ADAMSON; John NORWOOD; John HAY; John
BARKER; Absolom (x) NEWELL.

KIRKHAM, William. Died a natural death and left no estate. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 15 Dec 1772. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: D[avid] BARRON, foreman; Charles CRAWFORD; Richard GRAHAM; Simon BRIGHT; Henry DARNAL; Israel SLAUTER; John MUNDINE; John NEWTON; Daniel BURNETT; Edward Cornwallis DeBRUHL; Robert LANIER; Jeremiah LOFTIN; Alexander GASTIN [i.e., GASTON]. [NOTE: The jury did not sign this report of inquisition.]

HECTOR, a slave belonging to Timothy CLEARE. Wilfully and maliciously stabbed in the neck by a wench named PEGG, the property of Timothy CLEARE, on 8 Jan 1773, and so died. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven
Co., on 15 Jan 1773. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: William WOOD, foreman; Peter SMITH; William (x) CAPS; Benjamin (x) DAWLING; Philip CHEYNEY; James WOOD; Robert WALKER; John (x) McCOY; Peter BRITT; Henry PURSS; David CAUTHORN; Benja. EGGLESTON; Silas STEVENSON; Richard TEER; William HOLDER; Dun. FERGUS.

REED, Hannah, wife of William REED. Killed with a four-foot-long stick by her husband, who struck her a mortal blow on the short ribs during the morning of 22 Aug 1774 [a Monday morning]. Inquest held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 22 Aug 1774. Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Jury: Chrisr. NEALE, foreman; Thos. TOMLINSON; Edmund WRENFORD; William TISDALE; John DAVES; Henry PURSS; D[avid] BARRON; Jas. SANDERS; John OWENS; William LOW; John WILLIAMS; Wm. WATT; Alexr. SANDERS; John MacKAY; Samuel GRAHAM; Jeremiah SLADE; Elias JUSTICE. [NOTE; The last three signatures are mutilated.] The writ to summon a jury accompanies the report of inquisition. Prospective witnesses named in the writ are: Susannah MILLS; Edward SAULS; Mary SAULS; John DEVINEY; Joseph DOWSE; William MARSAULT. Prospective jurors named but not called are: John GREEN, merchant; Andrew MACK; Richard GRAHAM; John JONES; John KENNEDY; John TOMLINSON; Levi GILL; John W[righ]t STANLY; James COOR; John VANCE; William HOLDER.

FRANCIS, “a Negro Man who claimed his freedom.” Killed by Israel GRAY, Simon FOSQUE; George CLARK, labourers; and Edward Boucher HODGES, merchant, Not a report of inquisition, but a writ of arrest for the above men issued as a result of an inquisition held in Christ Church Parish, Craven Co., on 8 Jun 1775; Thomas SITGREAVES, coroner. Writ of arrest issued
by Francis HAWKS on 9 Jun 1775. Recognizances for appearance at the next New Bern District Court of Oyer and Terminer are on reverse of the writ. CLARK, George. Securities: Edward FRANCK; Emmanuel SIMMONS.GRAY, Israel. Securities: Bryan (x) CALLYHAM; Thos. (x) EWBANKS. FOSCUE, Simon. Securities: Edwd. FRANCK; James WATSON. HODGES, Edward Boucher. Securities, Edwd. FRANCK; Arche[lau]s WEEKS.

Pitt County

WARD, Michael. Died of sickness on 1 Feb 176?. Inquest held on 2 Jan [sic] 176? at WARD’S house in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt County. Abraham TISON, Esq., coroner. Jury; James LANIER; Richd. ALLEN; Saml. STOKES; Benj. ELLIS; Henry ELLIS; Malachi DICKINSON; Thos. (x) MOORE; Nathan (x) MOORE; Wm. (x) MOORE; Timothy (x) HARRIS; Abraham PETTIPOOL; James (x) BAGGETT.

SHANNON, John. Accidentally drowned in Tar River on 29 Dec 1763. Inquest held at SHANNON’S house in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 20 Feb 176? Abraham TISON, Esq., coroner. Jury: James LANIER; Henry ELLIS; Benjn. ELLIS; John TISON; Wm. STAFFORD; John WILLIAMS; John FULLFORD; Philip RYLAND; George BLAND; Saml. (x) TRUSE; Aaron TISON; Thos. (x) GOFF.

TRAVIS, Thomas. According to wife Sarah TRAVIS, her husband was shot accidentally when the trigger of his gun snagged a sapling he was passing. According to William CANNON, he found TRAVIS lying speechless on his back, near death, and the gun nearby where it had fired. Verdict: Accidental death. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 10 May 1766. John TISON, coroner. Jury: Richard BARROW; George TISON; Moses TISON; John JOYNER; Benja. BARROW; William (x) CANNON; George BLAND; George DIKES, Jr.; Benjan. MAY; William (x) WILSON; Edward (x) CANNON; Dennis W CANNON.

WALKER, John, a poor laborer. Drowned when the canoe in which he was riding with John TILDESLY and David CONGLETON overturned on Tar River. Witness TILDESLY believed WALKER and CONGLETON both “to be Disguis’d by Liquor.” Inquest held in Pitt Co. on 30 Sep 1769. John SIMPSON, J.P. Jury: James CRAWFORD; Robert HODGES; Matw. HODGES; Zachah. PINKETT; James LITTLE; Georg LITTEL; Samuel POYNER; John HODGES; Howell HODGES; Henry HODGES; John LIT[T]LE; David PERKINS.

HATTAWAY, William [ endorsed William HOLLAWAY, which appears to be an error]. Killed accidentally by Thomas HATTAWAY, a minor, while shooting turkeys. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 20 Nov 1772, Demsie GRIMES, coroner; Amos ATKINSON, acting coroner, David AVERET, foreman. Jury (no signatures): James BROWN; James MAYO; Wm. HOPKINS; Biggers MOBLEY; Aoel THOMAS; Benj. WINDOM; Green WINDOM; Walter MEEKS; Wm. AVERITT; David

HARDIE, Ann. Choked to death on 7 Jul 1773 by her husband Thomas HARDIE. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 1? Jul 1773. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; William TRAVIS, foreman. Jury (no signatures): Isaac STOOCKS; Simon BURNEY; John STOOCKS; John fflZS; ^earson TUTEL; James HANCOCK; Abel DEAL; George ALBRITTON; James BROOKS; William BUCK; Nathanneel PETTETT. MINGO, property of Capt. James GORHAM. Accidentally killed while riding horseback when an old pine tree fell on him. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 30 Apr 177?. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; Wm. BRYAN, aiding as coroner. Jury (no signatures): John COOK, Sr.; Arthur OLDS; Batson WHITHURST; Isaac ROGERS; John COOK, Jr.; Thomas COOK; John CROOS; Richard WHITHURST; Nathan COOK; Jesse COOK; George CATO [i.e., CADER or CATER]; Stephen CATO [i.e., CADER or CATER],

JONES, James. “Over drinking and lying in the Road In the Sun the liquer working in him That was the Cause of his unhappy death.” Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 30 Aug 177?. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; Jams. GORHAM, foreman. Jury (no signatures): William BRYANT, Esq.; John BRINKLEY; James WAINRIGHT; Howel HODGES; Roebin DICKSON [i.e., Robert DIXON]; Jesse TOLLY; Simon EVERITT; John TOLLEY; Peter TOLEY; George LITTLE; Josiah LITTLE.

CONAWAY, Joseph, Accidentally drowned. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 1? Oct 177?. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; Edward SALTER, foreman. Jury (no signatures): James BONNER; Richard GRIST; Nathan GODLEY; Jarol PALMER; James WALL; Thomas BARTLETT; James BLOUNT; Benjamin GRIST; Aaron COX; Christopher WHITE; John SALTER.

WHICHARD, [Cherry]. Accidentally smothered. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on ? Dec 177?. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; John BRINKLEY, foreman. Jury (no signatures): John JONES; Samuel. BARROW; John HODGES; Joshua JAMEST’Lamuel JAMES; James COPER; William SMITH; Killa CASON; Occam OMERIAN; John FLEMMEN; Lazrus CHIARE [CHERRY?]. [NOTE; The forename of the deceased appears variously in the report of inquisition as “Chiria,” “Cheare,” “Cheary”; presumably the Pitt County family name “Cherry” is meant, or the Scriptural name “Chereas”.]

COLHOON, Samuel, “He being out of his Sences” was accessory to his own death [the form of which is not specified]. Inquest held in St. Michael’s Parish, Pitt Co., on 6 Feb 1775. Demsie GRIMES, coroner; James GORHAM [foreman]; Jury (no signatures): John BRINKLEY; William BOALDEN; John JONES; Majer HARRISS; John HODGES; Simon POPE; William NORCOTT; Isaac LITTLE; John EVENS; William HARRSS [i.e. HARRIS]; Robery FLAKE.

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  1. Carol Merica

    I just found this website and have read through looking for my ancestors’ names. FYI — Under PITT COUNTY — the entry name of HARDIE, Ann — I believe there are two entries under the name of HARDIE, Ann. Go to the middle of the paragraph under this name, and in the 5th line from the name, there is, I believe, another name that should be a separate entry — MINGO, property of Capt. James GORHAM…….. The name MINGO begin right after the name PETTETT. I could be wrong, so please check it out. Thank you for allowing me to read through this website. It’s fascinating!


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