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My Averitt/Avery line (mostly that area where Craven, Pitt, and Beaufort Counties join)

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I have speculative stuff, but I'll just put here what I can document.

My line starts with David AVERITT (abt 1757-1828).

  • His first wife's name is unknown. Children from first wife were:
    • Elizabeth "Betsy" Averitt (abt 1790–?) m. Charles ANDERSON
    • Enoch Averitt (abt 1797–aft 1850) m. Leta McINTOSH
    • Selah "Selia" (Celia, Cieley) Averitt (abt. 1803–aft 1872) m. John HOLMES
  • His second wife was Sarah "Sally" BUTLER. (married 1819). Their children were:
    • David B. Averitt (abt. 1821–?)
    • Arthur J. Averitt (abt. 1822–?)
    • Parmelia Ann Averitt (abt. 1823–?) m. Everett GWALTNEY
  • 1790 Census - Pitt County. Head of household of two: 1 white male 16+, 1 white female
  • 1800 Census - Craven County. Head of household of six: 2 white males under 10, 1 white male 26-44, 1 white female under 10, 1 white female 10-15, 1 white female 26-44.
  • 1819 (3 May) - Craven County Marriage Bond. David AVERITT marries Sally BUTLER, daughter of Arthur BUTLER and Sarah JOHNSON. Bondsman is John Street.
  • 1820 Census - Craven County. Head of household of 3 white persons, 1 slave: 1 white male 45+, 1 white female 16-25, 1 white female 26-44, 1 female slave under 14.
  • 1828 - David Averitt dies leaving a will.

Next in my line is David's daughter Selah AVERITT. She apparently had two illegitimate children before she married John HOLMES.

The first was a daughter named Serenia. The second was a son named Stephen. We don't know for sure who Serenia's father was, although I have wondered about it here. Stephen's father was Joseph HARDY.

She married John HOLMES sometime before 1829. Their children were:

  • Jane HOLMES (1829–1916) m. Harvey EDWARDS. Their children were:
    • Sallie EDWARDS (1854–1932) m. Henry LEWIS
    • Isaac EDWARDS (1855-1929) m1. Mary ATKINSON, m2. Ida P. BENNETT, m3. Lula Mariam WARREN
    • John EDWARDS (1857–1933) m. Lala MORRIS
    • Henry A. EDWARDS (1859–1940) m. Mary Luella PATTERSTICK
    • Frank EDWARDS (1862–1947) m1. Mary J. LEWIS, m2. Mittie E. JONES
    • Harvey EDWARDS, Jr. (1864–1943) m1. Louisa "Ludie" FILLINGAME, m2. Lela MILLER
    • Noah Nash EDWARDS (1867–1960) m. Mary WILLIAMS
    • Serenia "Renie" EDWARDS (1869–1922) m. William Roland MORRIS (This one is not the same as her uncle of the same name. He was her first cousin though.)
  • Sarah "Sallie" HOLMES (1833–?) m. Levi MORRIS. Their children were:
    • Sarah W. MORRIS (1855–?) m. James W. CLARK
    • George MORRIS (1860–1924)
    • William Roland MORRIS (1861–1936) m1. Phoebe WIGGINS, m2. Serenia "Renie" EDWARDS (his first cousin)
    • Levi Mack Chester MORRIS (1866–1906) m. Daisy Connie VENTERS
  • Sophia HOLMES (1838–1915) m. (William) Rowland MORRIS. Their children were:
    • Nancy Augusta MORRIS (1858–1914) m. Charles S. BANKS
    • Roland MORRIS (1866–1939) m. Susan Jane STILLEY
    • Sophia Elizabeth MORRIS (1869–?)
    • Sarah MORRIS (1873–?)