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Are Nasby MILLS + Keziah WALLACE parents or grandparents of Willie MILLS who married Winifred LNU? (Pitt County)

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Well, even though this isn't the line to which I give the most attention, this is one of the surnames that seems to have the largest number of descendants in eastern NC. I'll detail my MILLS lines here.

I come from two branches, who are no doubt related, though I haven't yet figured out how. I'm wondering if Nasby and Keziah are the grandparents of Willie MILLS, or what relationship they likely have.

Nasby MILLS (abt 1730?-1790?) + Keziah WALLACE (abt. 1740-?)

  • William MILLS + First wife LNU > Mary "Polly" MILLS + John Stanley DIXON

Willie MILLS (abt 1784- bef 1850) + Winnaford LNU (1806-1879) [She later married Joseph GARNER.]

  • Allen MILLS (m. Harriet A.E. GRIFFIN)
  • Anne Marie (or Anne Marina) MILLS (m. Prince William ARNOLD)
  • Phinetta MILLS (m. William Bryant DIXON)
  • John MILLS

Are you from either of these lines?

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This has been a long standing question as to where Willie Mills fits within the larger Mills family. There are not many deeds or records for Willie but I have come across two. The first one is from 1814 where he buys land in Pitt county with Simon Mills. The next deed is also from 1814 where Willie, Simon and William Mills all buy land from David Smith (Pitt County Deed Book T, pg. 183). This land had been given to David Smith (probably as the administrator of William Mills estate) by the children of William Mills (d. abt 1814). It was described as being a patent that was originally granted to Henry Mills in 1783.

Since Simon and Willie bought land together twice and are close to the same age I have speculated that they might be brothers, I think William may have been a third brother as well. Simon and William both married daughters of Charles and Mary Smith and were neighbors in the census. Additionally, Simon appears to have raised two of William's daughters after their mother died. Simon had previously bought a tract of land in 1814 (Pitt county Deed Book T, pg. 161) that was known as the Henry Mills, Sr. land and adjoined the land of William Mills, deceased. I'm not sure which Henry Mills this was, I don't think it was the son of Nasby (b. 1730) as the land was originally granted to this Henry in 1783 and Nasby's son would have been too young to receive a patent at that time.

Another problem with the Mills family is that there are so many William Mills. I think the one whose land was mentioned in the above deed is the William who died right around this time and whose estate was administrated by David Smith (who Willie, Simon and William had bought land from in 1814). The following abstract seems to list his heirs:

In May 1816 David Smith, Adm. Of William Mills files complaint against Thomas Mills, Frederick Mills, Hardy Mills, Allen Mills, John Mills and the children of Sara Adams, wife of Jesse Adams, heir at law and daughter of said William Mills, dec'd.

I feel like Willie, William and Simon fit into this group somewhere but I have never been able to determine how. It seems like they should have inherited some of this land if they were grandchildren of William but they purchased it all. The heirs of Frederick Mills are listed in this abstract:

Pitt County Deed Book BB page 92 Sept 15, (1819) Frederick Mills, Sr. to Frederick Mills, Jr., son, daughter Polly Mills, daughter, Alley Mills, child, Mariah Handcock and John Handcock heirs.
Deed of gift, love and aff. 400 acres to Frederick Mills, Jr. balance of estate divided among other heirs, Mentioned Amey Handcock, daughter of Frederick Mills and her husband Josiah Handcock, parents of Mariah and John Handcock.

I don't have a lot of information on the male children of Frederick, Sr. but in looking at the 1830 census, the first where Willie is a head of household, he is living near William, Thomas, Simon, Frederick and Lewis Mills, several of whom appear to be the children of the older William Mills. Frederick Mills has sons in his household in the 1820 census that would be the right age, this may be Frederick Mills, Jr. as it would appear that Willie is not the son of Frderick, Sr. based on the above deed in which Frederick, Sr. gives his children land.

This family can be very difficult to research due to the re-use of the same names over and over but I would love to find where Willie fits in some time. He is clearly related to Nasby as many of his descendants carry the name, however, it's not necessarily the Nasby that married Keziah. There was an older Nasby in Beaufort county who patented land in the 1730s. He is also mentioned in a couple of wills in the 1730s, it might be that Willie doesn't connect back to Nasby until that generation. I remember at one point I had speculated that he might descend from John Mills who died in 1805 in Pitt county. It is possible that this older Nasby was the father of Nasby (b. 1730), Anthony Mills of Craven county and this John.

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yes John Stanley Dixon and Polly Mills are my ggggrandparents.

Peggy Dixon