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Elizabeth Mills Buck, daughter of Anthony Mills

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I'm searching for information on Elizabeth Mills Buck (~1755-1806) of Pitt/Craven County, specifically what Buck she married.  I believe her marriage bond must have been destroyed by fire along with so many others, but believe she might be the mother of my GGG grandfather Anthony Buck (1800-1880) of Craven/Pamlico Counties.  Myself and my cousin, the late Mildred Buck have been searching for Anthony Buck's parents for years and based on all of the information I can find on Anthony as well as DNA results, I believe Anthony's mother may have been Elizabeth Mills, daughter of Anthony Mills.  

Anthony Mills' will (probate 1808) leaves one shilling to his daughter Elizabeth Buck's (deceased) heirs, so we know she married a Buck.  My GGG grandfather Anthony Buck's name itself is unusual in that there are no other Anthonys in our family.  Anthony was also the bondsman for a Jemima Buck in 1824 (another unique name in our family), which leads me to believe that Jemima Buck may be his sister.  Anthony Mills had a daughter named Jemima Mills who left money and clothing to a Jemima Buck in her will, which makes me think Jemima Buck was probably Elizabeth Mills Buck's daughter, and was then raised by Elizabeth's sister, Jemima Mills after Elizabeth's passing.  Anthony Buck is not mentioned in this will, but he may have been old enough to be out of the house and head of his own household at that time. 

I have seen numerous trees on Ancestry saying that Richard Buck was Anthony's father, but Richard wasn't married until AFTER Anthony's birth and there's no mention of Anthony in Richard's will.  I have also seen Isaac Buck III listed as Anthony's father, which is plausible, but I can find no documentation of Elizabeth and Isaac's marriage.

This has been a brick wall in our family for YEARS and I so want to find this link before my father passes (he's 86 years old). I have emailed numerous Mills on Ancestry, but no one has any information on her line.

Any information on the Mills, specifically related to Elizabeth would be much appreciated!  Thanks.