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Are Harriet and Nancy Morris daughters of Thomas Morris of Beaufort County?

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Now that I've finally fleshed out the family of Elisha Morris of Beaufort County, there are some blanks I need to fill. Elisha's daughter, Sarah, and her husband James Buck had daughters that I am clueless to identify. 

Elisha's son, Thomas, on the other hand, had at least four daughters (based on the 1820 census) and I suspect I may be able to identify two of them. 

Nancy Morris (b. abt 1820) has long been a mystery. She shows up passing back and forth between Laban Morris's household and the household of one of his oldest sons, William, in 1850. In 1860 she's staying with Laban over in Chocowinity, but he presumably dies sometime before 1870 and she marries Emanuel Edwards, son of Ellial Edwards and his wife, Lovey. Emanuel Edwards dies at Drewry's Bluff during the Civil War, but he and Nancy Morris did have one son, William Henry Edwards (b. 29 Oct 1863, d. 11 Nov 1940). 

Harriet Morris  (b. abt 1815) was first "married" to Joseph W. Guilford (1761-1840). They had two children: Alvana Morris and Joseph McD. Guilford. (Evidently Harriet and Joseph Guilford never technically married. He referred to her as his "friend" in his will and while he applies his last name to their son, Joseph, he refers Alvana as Morris.)

After her elderly husband died, Harriet married Thomas Lewis and had a whole bunch of children: William M., Clarissa, William Jesse, Isaac, and Thomas. 

If anyone descends from either of these two women I would love for you to respond to this post. I think we may be able to use DNA Painter to solve this mystery. 🙂 

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I do decend from this particular Nancy Morris...she is my gggrandmom...i do have pics of her son william h. edwards....Id love to know where she is buried and if she remarried after emanuel was killed...