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I am searching for family of FNU Taylor who married Catherine Caty Nelson , born abt. 1750 Hunting Quarters, NC  daughter of James and Ann Wallace Nelson. 

FNU Taylor and Caty Nelson Taylor are believed to have had a daughter, Sarah Taylor, born about 1780, who married her cousin William Taylor, died about 1803.  All of Carteret County.

William and Sarah Taylor had a son,  John Taylor 1785-1837 who married Rebecca Wallace 1785-1865  daughter of Joseph Wallace, Sr. 1720-1805 and Elizabeth McKean 1722-1790.  All of Carterest County.

I have enough/almost enough to compose a proof argument connecting  John Taylor and Rebecca Wallace Taylor  to James and Ann Wallce Nelson;  however;  I would appreciate any information supporting or squashing hypothesis!  Thanks.