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Phelps family

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My husband's family is from Washington County, Scuppernong & Skinnersville townships, mainly.  His great-great grandparents were Andrew Jackson (1825-1899) Phelps & Elizabeth Phelps Phelps (1831-1866).  Andrew married Mary Elizabeth Spruill (1840-?) after the first Elizabeth died.  
My husband's great grandmother was Deborah Frances Phelps (Phelps) (1848/49-1924), & she was the oldest child of Andrew & his first wife.  I have handwritten records of her full siblings' birthdates, but I am having trouble finding some of them.  One that intrigues me is Wily S.  According to the handwritten records, he was born on January 1, 1857.  I don't think this is right because his older brother, Andrew Jackson, was born on July 17, 1856.  Any way, when I do searches on or, I come up with a William Shepherd Phelps, born in 1858.  January 12th has been given as a formal date in some of the information I've found.  He married & had children.  His death certificate includes scant information.  I am wondering if this is Wily S.  However, in the census records I have seen for Andrew Jackson & Elizabeth/Mary Elizabeth Phelps, I have never seen a Wily/William. 

If anyone has information about the full siblings of Deborah Frances Phelps, especially Wily S., please
share.  Thank you!