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William Morris of Robeson County, NC

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I'm looking for any information on William Morris, born c. 1780, died 1846 in Robeson County, NC. We believe he was married twice, first to Elizabeth UKN (maybe Alford?) and second to Mildred Thompson. Children were Steven, Alfred, Nancy Waters/Walters, Susan Hooks (married first to a Taylor), and at least one UKN daughter married to a Rogers. These names are all derived from William's will dated 1846. There are several grandchidren named in the will as well. William's son Alfred is my 3x great grandfather. He moved to Mississippi/Louisiana before William died, and many of the Morris' in this area of South Mississippi descend from him. William is our brick wall. Given how little we can find on William, we are assuming he moved to Robeson County from elsewhere but have had no luck getting farther back. My mother has done Ancestry DNA and is also on GEDmatch (A106128), but I haven't been able to find any usable (for me) Morris data yet.  So, two requests:

  1. If anyone has any suggestions or information on this Morris line, I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.
  2. Is there a Morris Y-DNA project? My uncle is willing to do it, but I'm still new to all the DNA stuff and am not sure of the best way to proceed.


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Have you looked at the Thomas Morris living in Bladen County in 1790?  On the census, he had 3 free white males under the age of 16 and three free white females.  Robeson was formed from Bladen in 1787.  When I looked at the Grantor/Grantee Indexes for Robeson County, I noticed that a Thomas Morris was selling land in Robeson in 1798.  I don't know if this will help, but it's a place to look.


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Hi Mandy!

I haven't researched the Morrises in Robeson County but I do know a little bit about the Morris family that was living in Anson County in the 1790s/early 1800s. There was a Morris girl who had married a Henby man who lived there. Her father had moved there with her family at some point before the 1790s, I think. 

I'll admit, outside of some work I did researching for a member of the Lowry family over a decade ago, I just haven't spent much time researching Robeson County so I'm at a disadvantage in terms of understanding the movement of the county lines for Anson, Cumberland, Robeson, Bladen, etc. 

I'm glad you included your kit #. That will at least allow others to check to see if there is a match. Out of curiousity, I did run your kit against our Morris family members and there were no segments over 7cM. I suspect my ancestor Laban Morris did have some Morris blood... perhaps from his maternal grandmother or on another line, so I wouldn't expect much to show up that far back anyway. 

When I reduced the filter to 3 cM, there were interestingly several small matches around 4 cM or 5 cM on some of our Morris family members. 😀 I will keep my eyes open and report back if I find out anything. 

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I am looking for some documentation that Stephen Morris c.1804-a.1833 was in fact the son of William Morris 1780-1847. Rose Anna Pittman mentioned in William's will was likely Stephen's daughter, but is there proof?