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Henry Smith

I’m looking for proof that Henry Smith, III was the son of Henry Smith, Jr., and Pennie (possibly Margaret) Weeks.  I would like to find one or more of these documents:

Will of Henry Smith, Jr., (1718-1786)  naming Henry Smith III (1755-1845) as heir, c 1786

Will of Penny Weeks Smith (c 1720-1785), showing Henry Smith, III as heir

Bible Record of Henry Smith, Jr., showing Henry Smith, III as son

Also, I would like to find

Bible Record or Marriage Record that shows the marriage of Henry Smith, Jr.(1718-1786), and Margaret Penny Weeks, daughter of Ezekiel Weeks, before 1755

Bible Record or Marriage Record of Henry Smith, III and Sarah Sallie Adams, c 1777

Much information can be found in Our Family Genealogy, created by my great uncle, William Edward Cox.  What I need now is to go a step further and locate documents that support the above.  Thank you for any help you can give me.



Can't answer all your questions but can help some.

Will of Henry Smith (who you refer to as JR) is in Gates Co., NC Will Book 1:65-66; Written 10 July 1786 and probated Feb 1787;
names wife Mary,  Sons Thomas, Henry, Jonathan and Samuel; Daughters Dority, Mary and Elizabeth.  This will is available on both family search and ancestry (

Witnesses to this will were Charles Smith, William Harris and Henry Forrest.



Richard Smith (son of Thomas) was a witness to the will of Samuel Smith in 1800.  Richard was also the executor for Samuel's wife, Elizabeth, in her will in 1811.