Deeds pertaining to SPEIR, SPIER, SPEAR, SPIRE, SPEERS in Pitt County through 1800

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The following deed abstracts, all of which relate to members of the Speir family — either as grantor, grantee, witness, or neighbor — are just one small sampling of the wealth of information that can be found in Index and Abstracts of Deeds of Record, Pitt County, North Carolina by Judith DuPree Ellison. There are four separate volumes, but the abstracts below are only from the first two volumes.

  • Volume I (1761-1785)
  • Volume II (1782-1801)
  • Volume III (1801-1817)
  • Volume IV (1817-1832)

Since these are abstracts, they don’t contain much in the way of location information, but they can be invaluable in terms of chains of land ownership and family relationships.

If you know anything about the Speir families of Pitt or Craven Counties, please comment below. In particular, I’m trying to determine the parents of James SPEAR (aka James SPEARS) who was born about 1780 and died by 1825 in Craven County. He lived in the Swift Creek area and married Rachel BUTLER, daughter of Arthur BUTLER and Sarah “Sally” JOHNSTON.

Book-Pg Date Grantor Grantee Additional Information
0-370 3-8-1787 PARRAMORE, John KNOX, Josiah 30 A; £40. Former owners: Wm. ADAMS (1740); George LEWIS (1741); John SPEIR (1756); Apsela KENNEDY, daughter of John SPEIR and wife of John KENNEDY; Nehemiah WOOTEN (1765). Wit.: Mary KNOX, Rachel KNOX
B 11-9-1761 HOLLAND, John SPEIR, William 1700 A; £560. Former owners: Capt. Richard SMITH (pat. 1706); John PORTER (ALB), father of Joshua PORTER (1718); John LILLINGTON, son-in-law of John PORTER and husband of Sarah PORTER; John Alexander LILLINGTON, son of John and Sarah LILLINGTON. Mentioned: Sarah Porter PILKINGTON. Wit.: John SPEIR, Jr., Arthur Council.
B 11-9-1761 SPEIR, William (Pat. 1755) HOLLAND, John 150 A; £65
B 8-27-1762 SPEIR, John Jr. (Pat. 1762) PINKETT, William Daniel 200 A; £20. Wit.: William MOORE, Elias BERGERON
B 2-20-1761 Earl GRANVILLE SPEIR, Capt. William 249 A; 10 sh. Adj.: John WHICHARD
B 9-22-176? Earl GRANVILLE SPEIR, William (BEAU) 98 A; 10 sh.
B 6-26-1762 Earl GRANVILLE SPEIR, John Jr. —A; 10 sh.
B 2-24-176? HARDEE, Robert MOORE, William, son-in-law Negro girl; love & aff. Wit: John SPEIR, Jr., William JONES
C-10 12-9-1763 SALTER, Edward PERRITT, John (EDGE) 640 A; £200. Former owners: Lewis DEVALL (Pat. 1715); Martha DEVALL, extx., Edward SALTER (dec.). Wit.: John SPEIR, Jr., Robert SALTER
C-20 2-27-1764 SPEIR, William (Pat. 1760) ANDERSON, Henry 98 A; £45. Wit.: John SPEIR, Jr., Major HARRIS
C-241 5-29-1765 KENNEDY, John and KENEDY, Apsley, wife WOOTEN, Nehemiah and WOOTEN, Henry 436 A; £140. Former owners: Wm. ADAMS (Pat. 1740), George LEWIS (D-1741), John Speir, (dec.) (D-1756). Mentioned: Apsley Speir KENEDY, heir. Wit.: Richard EVANS, Peter RICHARDSON.
C-327 5-7-1766 SALTER, Robert and SALTER, Clare, wife NOBLES, Thomas 190 A; £65. Wit.: Benjamin BURNEY, James JONES. Former owner: Capt. John SPEIR (Pat.)
C-44 2-20-1764 SALTER, Edward SALTER, Robert, son 4 negroes; love & aff. Wit.: John SPEIR, Jr., William JONES
C-45 1-16-1764 SPEIR, William PARRAMORE, Matthew 170 A; £—. Wit.: Solomon WHICHARD, Alex STEWART
C-483 7-7-1767 SPEIR, William (Pat. 1758) NEWTON, John 250 A; £80. Wit.: William NEWTON, Walter NEWTON
D-102 1-4-1770 HARRIS, Edward SCOTT, Matthew 290 A; £50. Adj.: Samuel BURTON; Former owner: Timothy HARRIS, Jr.; Wit.: Elizabeth SPEAR, Samuel SMITHWICK
D-32 6-27-1765 PERRITT, John (D-1763) SPEIR, William 225 A; £50. Former owners: Lewis DUVALL, dec. (Pat. 1715); Martha DUVALL, dau. Of Lewis DUVALL. Wit.: John SPEIR, Isom WEBB, Abner BROWN
D-94 6-15-1769 HOLLAND, Speir LACY, Parker 150 A; £45. Former owners: William SPEIR (Pat. 1755)
E-27 11-24-1770 PERRITT, John (1763) GRIMES, Demsie (EDGE) 415 A; £207+. Former owners: Edward SALTER, father; Edward SALTER, son. Adj.: William SPEIR. Wit.: Alexander STEWART, William SPEIR.
E-286 ?-?-1772 BONNER, John, mariner (BEAU) SPEIR, William 160 A; £70. Former owners: Thomas ROPER (Pat.); William LITTLE (1721); John SNOAD, father of William SNOAD, John SNOAD, Henry SNOAD; Anne BONNER, mother of John BONNER (D-1748)
F-108 5-15-1770 MOORE, William (D-1773) SPEIR, William 300 A; £100. Former owners: John WILSON (Pat.), John MOYE (D-1774), George MOYE, Sen. (dec.), John MOYE, heir of George MOYE, Sen., George MOYE, Jr., brother of John MOYE, and son of Geo.
F-134 1-1-1775 SPEIR, William (D-1770) MUNDEN, Stephen 300 A; £100. Former owners: John WILSON (Pat.), John MOYE (D-1774), George MOYE, Jr., William MOORE. Wit.: John MUNDEN, Major HARRIS, Thomas PINKIT
F-136 1-31-1775 SPEIR, William MUNDEN, Stephen 270 A; £50. Former: Geo. MOYE (Pat. 1761), William MOORE (D-1770)
F-321 9-?-1777 PARRIMORE, Matthew (DOB) JONES, John 170 A.; £75. Former owner: Wm. SPEIR (Pat. 1761). Wit.: John BRINKLEY, James WAINWRIGHT
F-353 7-5-1773 NEWTON, John (D-1767) NEWTON, Walter 100 A; £35. Former owner: Wm. SPEIR (1758)
F-558 10-12-1780 JONES, John, blacksmith JORDAN, John 170 A. £10,000. Former owner: Wm. SPEIR (Pat. 1761)
F-84 5-15-1770 MOORE, William (D-1770) SPEIR, William 220 A. £50. Former owner: George MOYE (Pat. 1761). Wit.: John JORDAN.
F-86 7-24-1774 SPEIR, William CHERRY, Eleazar, cooper 79 A; £15. Adj.: John WHICHARD, Mathew PARAMORE. Wit.: John DOUDNA, Thomas PINKET
G-187 10-21-1782 GRANT SPEIR, William 250 A. CB: Floyd HODGES, Robert HODGES
G-208 10-21-1782 GRANT HODGES, Henry 500 A. CB: Michael MOSES, Henry SMITH. Mentions: Col. Wm. SPEIR, Mathew HODGES
G-23 7-1-1779 GRANT STOKES, Samuel 350 A. CB: George MOYE, James SPEIR
G-385 10-13-1783 GRANT YOUBANKS, George 200 A. CB: John YOUBANK, Moses MOORE. Mentions: James GORHAM, William SPEIR
G-395 10-13-1783 GRANT GORHAM, James 300 A. Men.: John SIMPSON, James SPEIR
H-112 11-2-1779 SHEPHERD, Elizabeth, extrx. And SPEIR, William, exr. And BLOUNT, Reading, exr. And GRIMES, Dempsie, exr. PERKINS, David 100 A; £15. Former owner: Col. Alex STEWART, dec.
H-161 8-8-1781 ALLEN, Dempsey Rite (1764 & 1779) EDWARDS, John 106 A; £50. Former owners: Samuel STOKES, Richard WILLIAMS (D-1763 & G-1779). Wit.: Jesse PROCTOR, James SPIER, Betsey ALLEN.
H-24 3-24-1779 WILLIAMS, Edmund MOORING, William, tailor 1/2 A. lott #85; £100. Wit.: John SPEIR, Jacob LITTLE
H-64 10-24-1780 NEWTON, Sarah, widow SHUTE, Giles 150 A; £300. Former owners: William SPEIR (Pat. 1758); John NEWTON, dec., former husband of Sarah NEWTON, grantor. Wit.: Thomas ANGEL, Anney SMITH, Jacob SHUTE
I-170 MUNDINE, John and MUNDINE, Isaac SPEIR, John Jr. 50 A; £50
I-225 1-27-1784 MAY, James (1782) TRUSS, Samuel 100 A; £10. Adj.: James WILLIAMS. Wit.: William ELLIS, Joel TRUSS, James SPEIR
I-272 ?-?-1784 ALBRITTAIN, John SPEIR, James 216 A; £50. Former owners: John BROOKS (1757), Richard ALBRITTAIN (1783)
I-33 4-4-1782 MUNDIN, John (Pat. 1762) SPEIR, James 53 A; £53. Wit.: John JONES, Isaac MUNDIN.
I-441 1-23-1785 SPEIR, James (D-1784) SMITH, William 216 A; £60. Adj.: Nesby MILLS. Former owners: John BROOKS (Pat. 1757); John MORSE (D-1779); Richard ALBRITTAIN (D-1783)
I-49 9-4-1781 MUNDIN, Isaac SPEARS, James 100 A; £100. Adj. Col. James GORHAM, Stephen MUNDIN, John HARRELL.
I-76 1-27-1783 MUNDIN, John (Pat. 1762) SPEIR, John Jr. 50 A; £25
L-20 2-24-1785 PUMPHREY, Silvanus (NASH) ATKINSON, Ephraim 50 A; £50. Former owners: Wm. SPEIR, Stephen MUNDINE. Wit.: Thomas MORRISS, Thomas ATKINSON, Jacob HARRIS
L-256 4-15-1787 WHITEHEAD, John BROWN, Charles 50 A; £40. Adj.: Henry CASON, James SPEIR, John MUNDINE, James GORHAM. Wit.: Luke OSBORN, James Sampson CLARK
L-37 6-24-1785 LATHAM, James, Sr. (Pat. 1784) and LATHAM, Agnus, wife KEEL, James 100 A; £30. Adj.: Wm. CRAWFORD, William SPEIR. Wit.: Josiah LITTLE, Sr., Edmund McKEEL
L-99 7-19-1786 SMITH, William (D-1785) QUATERMUS, James 216 A; £30. Adj.: Nesby MILLS. Former owners: John BROOOKS (Pat. 1757); John MORSE (D-1779); Richard ALBRITTON (D-1783); James SPEIR (D-1784). Wit.: George WILLIAMS, Samuel WILLIAMS
M-032 1-9-1788 MUNDIN, John and MUNDIN, Ann, wife BARBER, John, Sr. 675 A; £600. Former owners: George MOYE, Sr. (Pat. 1761); Wm. MOORE (D-1770); Stephen MUNDIN, father of John MUNDIN, grantor (D-1775); Wm. SPEIR, John WILLSON (Pat.), John MOYE (1741). Wit.: Aaron Dudley
M-034 7-14-1787 KNOX, Josiah BARBER, John, Sr. 40 A. £40. Former owners: Wm. ADAMS (Pat. 1740); George LEWIS (D-1741); John SPEIR (D-1750); Apsley KENNEDY, daughter of John SPEIR, by will; John KENNEDY, husband of Apsley Speir KENNEDY, by will; Nehemiah WOOTEN (D-1765) and Henry WOOTEN (D-1765). Wit.: Jacob LITTLE, Wm. BARBER.
M-045 1-18-1788 MUNDINE, John WHITEHEAD, John 94 A; £400. Adj.: Charles BROWN, Joseph DANIEL, William HARRIS, John SPEIR. Wit.: Charles Brown, Henry CASON
M-050 10-25-1788 SHERIFF David PERKINS SIMPSON, John 300 A. £35. Former owner: Richard BLACKLEDGE. Adj.: William SPEIR. Wit.: George EVANS
M-073 2-25-1789 KNOX, Josiah and KNOX, Jemima, wife MORING, William 100 A; £120. Adj. Jacob LITTLE, John PAREMORE. Former owners: William ADAMS (Pat. 1740), George LEWIS, John SPEIR, John KENNEDY, Nehemiah WOOTEN. Wit.: Thomas Nelms, James MORING, William BALFOW
M-079 3-24-1787 KNOX, Josiah LITTLE, Jacob 40 A. £40. Adj.: John PARREMORE. Former owners: William ADAMS (Pat. 1740); George LEWIS, John SPEIR; Apsley KENNEDY, daughter of John SPEIR, and her husband, John KENNEDY; Nehemiah WOOTEN (D-1765), Henry WOOTEN. Wit.: Pleasant LITTLE, Rachel KNOX.
M-086 1-22-1788 SPEIR, James (D-1784) DANIEL, Joseph 100 A; £100. Adj. Stephen MUNDINE, Coll. James GORHAM. Wit.: Charles BROWN, John WHITEHEAD
M-232 7-24-1787 KNOX, Josiah LITTLE, Jacob 25 A; £25. Former owners: William ADAMS (Pat. 1740); George LEWIS (D-1741); John SPEAR (D-1756); Apsley KENNEDY (will) and husband, John KENNEDY; Nehemiah WROTTEN. Wit.: Rachel KNOX, Fanny ROBSON
M-330 11-20-1789 DANIEL, Enoch WILLIAMS, Godfrey 161 A; £170. Former owner: George MOYE, Sr., Adj.: Richard MOORE. Wit.: Willie DANIEL, James SPIER
M-458 10-25-1791 PUMPHREY, Silvanus (FRANK) SPEIR, William 100 A; £100. Wit.: Shad. PERRY, Adam ALBRITON
M-464 10-24-1791 HARRIS, Major, Sr. PUMPHREY, Silvanus (FRANK) 100 A; £50. Wit.: Jesse MOORE, William SPEIR
M-540 2-25-1792 SPIER, John PERKINS, David 500 A; $400. Former owner: William SPIER, dec. (Pat. 1758), grandfather of John SPIER, grantor. Wit.: Wm. RICKART, James STEWART
M-560 1-20-1789 KENNEDY, John, Jr. (BEAU) HOLLAND, John Negro; £70. Wit.: John SPIER
M-590 1-6-1785 SMITH, Daniel (Cheraw Dist., S.C.) SMITH, William 100 A; £10. Former owners: Seth PILKINGTON (Pat. 1739), Neel SMITH, dec. Adj.: John WALLICE, William SPEIR. Wit.: James LITTLE, Josiah LITTLE, Sr.
M-648 3-15-1792 PERRY, Shadrich SPIER, John 37 A; £21. Wit.: Keley TUCKER, Susana TUCKER
M-671 10-25-1792 BARBER, John BARBER, John, son; BARBER, Whichard, son; BARBER, Noah, son; SPEAR, Penelope, daughter; BRILEY, Rachel; BARBER, Mary, daughter 6 negroes; love & aff. Mentioned: Kesiah BARBER, wife of John BARBER, grantor. Wit.: William BLACKLEDGE.
M-821 9-10-1793 NEWTON, John, Jr. GRIMES, William 100 A; £175. Former owners: William SPIER (Pat. 1758); John NEWTON, Sr. (D-1767); Walter NEWTON, father of John NEWTON, Jr., grantor, (D-1773). Wit.: Thos. JONES, John TAYLOR
N-043 8-22-1794 JORDAN, Joseph JORDAN, Esther 60 A; £20. Former owner: Jesse JORDAN, father of Joseph JORDAN, grantor. Wit.: Edmund RICKS, Wm. SPEIR
N-061 ?-?-1793 GORHAM, James, mariner SPEIR, James 50 A; £25. Former owner: Stephen MUNDIN
N-080 12-20-1794 BLOUNT, John Gray (BEAU) SPEIR, John Jr. 182 A; £400. Former owners: William SPEIR; John NEWTON; Walter NEWTON, brother of John; Sarah NEWTON, wife of Walter. Wit.: Titus CARR
N-125 4-10-1796 GRIMES, William (1793) SPEIR, John 162 A; £400. Former owners: William SPEIR (1758); John NEWTON, Sr. (1767); Walter NEWTON (1773), brother of John NEWTON, Sr., John NEWTON, son of Walter NEWTON
N-126 4-20-1796 SPIER, John (1794) GRIMES, William 182 A; £300. Former owners: John NEWTON; Walter NEWTON, brother of John; Sarah NEWTON, wife of Walter NEWTON; Giles SHUTE (1780); John G. BLOUNT (1787)
N-135 4-17-1795 SPEIR, John Jr. (Pat. 1762) CLEMENTS, William, exr.; GAINER, Joseph, exr.; GAINER, Susanah, extx., for orphans CARREWAY, Gainer and CARREWAY, Barsheba Negro; $25. Mentions.: William CLEMENTS, Joseph GAINER, Susannah GAINER, exrs. for Joseph GAINER, Sr. Wit.: David PERKINS
N-137 4-17-1795 SPEIR, John CLEMENTS, Wm. Negro; £92+. Wit.: David PERKINS
N-219 1-13-1796 DANIEL, Joseph KENNEDY, William (BEAU) 162 A; £300. Adj.: Richard MOORE. Wit.: John SPEIR, Wm. JORDAN.
N-253 12-27-1794 SPEIR, John TUCKER, Keely Negro; £120. Wit.: Hans PATTEN, Joshua TUCKER
N-316 7-27-1796 STEWART, James FLEMONS, John Negro; £100. Wit.: John SPEIR
N-364 10-2-1795 SPEIR, John HIGHSMITH, Jno. Negro; £100. Wit.: Shadk PERRY, David HATTON
N-404 6-27-1791 SALTER, Claria SALTER, John, Jr., son 191 A + 320 A; love & aff. Former owners: John HARDEE (Pat.); Robert SALTER; Richard HARRIS (Pat. 1738); John SPEAR. Wit.: James ARMSTRONG, Thos. BLACKLEDGE
N-409 12-16-1791 CASON, John ADAMS, Colson 75 A; £75. Adj.: John SPEAR, Richard MOORE. Wit.: John JAMES, Samuel JAMES
N-435 9-25-1797 HODGES, Floyd LITTLE, William Negro; £62. Wit.: John SPEIR, Josiah LITTEL
N-450 8-14-1792 CASON, James and BARBER, John, Sr. BRILEY, Solomon 72 A; £45. Adj.: John SPEAR. Wit.: John LESSLIE, John WHITEHEAD
O-018 2-1-1797 ARNOLD, James BOYD, Isaac 100 A; £100. Former owner: Thomas ARNOLD, dec., father of James ARNOLD, grantor. Wit.: John SPEIR, James STEWART
O-158 1-12-1798 DANIEL, Willie DANIEL, Lanier 50 A; £75. Wit.: Jas. STEWART, John SPEIR
O-196 5-1-1795 HARRIS, William MOORE, Obediah 82 A; £100. Former owner: Thomas GIDDINGS (1743). Adj.: Benjamin RIDGERS (RODGERS?). Wit.: William SPEIR, Jacob HARRIS
O-344 ?-?-1799 BARBER, Manoah, dec. BRAILEY (BRILEY), John, grandson; BRAILEY, Lydia, granddaughter; SPEIRS, John, son-in-law; SPEIRS, Penelope, daughter; PUMPHREY, Jesse, grandson; PUMPHREY, Sylvanus, grandson; BARBER, Sarah, daughter of John; BARBER, John W., son of John; JONES, William, son-in-law; JONES, Mary, daughter Division of lands of Manoah BARBER, dec., 80 A. to John and Lydia BRAILEY; 110 A. to Penelope SPEIRS, 102 A to Jesse PUMPHREY; 100 A to Sarah, Lydia, and John W. BARBER; 110 A. to Mary JONES. Mentioned: Sarah PUMPHREY, dec., John BARBER, dec., Rachel BRAILEY, dec.
O-477 8-23-1800 SALTER, John BALDWIN, Wm. 27 A; £20. Former owner: John SPEIR (1757);. Wit.: Disey HOLLINGSWORTH
P-236 ?-?-1802 GORHAM, William and GORHAM, Sophia BOYD, Isaac 100 A; £130. Former owner: Lewis DEVALL (G-1715). Wit.: John SPEIR, Samuel RALSTON.
P-350 12-31-1799 HARRIS, Jacob SPEAR, John 65 A; £100. Adj.: Obediah MOORE. Wit.: Benja. ROGERS, William SPEIR
P-358 2-19-1803 TRUSS, Samuel TRUSS, Warren, son 200 A; love and aff. Adj.: Samuel TRUSS, Jr. Mentioned: Mary TRUSS, dec., wife of Samuel TRUSS, grantor. Wit.: Nathan HATHWAY, Wille SPEIR
P-389 11-17-1802 CLARK, John (G-1790) SPEAR, James 150 A; £200. Adj.: Benjamin ATKINSON. Wit.: Sherw. HINES, Hardee HANDCOCK
P-446 6-30-1778 SALTER, Robert and SALTER, Clare, wife SALTER, John, son 623 A + 150 A + 429 A + 320 A; love and aff. Former owners: Israel JOYNER, Sr. (Pat.); John SPEIR, Silvanus PUMPHREY (Pat. 1738); Richard HARRIS (Pat. 1738). Wit.: John SIMPSON, Edward SALTER
Q-014 2-15-1805 ROGERS, Benjamin MORRIS, James 50 A; $250. Adj.: James SPEAR, Obediah MOORE. Wit.: Crandal LITTLE


  1. Jesse Spear

    Wonderful work Ms Whitford!. I am researching my Spear family using a DNA match With the George Speir who has posted in your forum as a reference. As you well know, we’re lost in researching Spears in Pitt County without deed information. I am slowly putting together the deed information piece by piece in an attempt to build family relationships. My Ancestry tree is under user name gspearg with a tree titled “Pitt County N.C. Speirs” I’ll be happy to share the information I have. Again, thanks! George Spear

    • Sara Whitford

      I’m so sorry for the slow response again! Seems like life has my genealogy work on a backburner at present. I would like very much to see your tree. If you wouldn’t mind, please send an invitation to my username, eastcarolinaroots. Thank you! In time, God willing, we’ll get all of these Spear/Speir/Speirs branches sorted out!

      • George Spear

        Sarah: I just sent the Ancestry invitation. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask. Meanwhile, it’s back to Pitt and Beaufort deeds!


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