Early Rountree (Roundtree) Items – Mostly Chowan County

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The following items are pulled from the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 1, 2, & 3.

I’ve only chosen items that predate 1800, as my own research focus related to the Rountree family is in the early 18th century.

Feel free to add more information in the comments if you have it.

The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 1

  • Nicholas Stallings, to Robert Roundtree, of Nansemond County, Va. Tract of )and on Bennett’s Crick; registered October 30, 1700.
  • John Odom, to Nicholas Stallings. Assignment of a patent, October 19, 1700. Test, Will. Hunter, Henry Hill, Robt. Roundtree.
  • Michael Brinkley. Bonk VIII, pnge 305, March 27, 1713; 175 acres, adjoining lands of Thomas Rountree, Francis Rountree.
    William Thompson. Book VIII, page 305, April 1, 1713; 100 acres between line of Thomas Garrett and Rountree.
  • Thomas Garrett, Sr., and wife Betbiah, to Walter Draughan. 150 acres on south side Kathurine Creek, adjoining lands Michael Brinkley; 8 Jany. 1716. Test, Thos. Garrett, Jr., James Fleming, Thos. Roundtree.
  • Thomas Garrett, Jr., and wife Thomasin, to Thomas Hobbs. 100 acres adjoining land of Rountree and others; 18th July, 1718. Test, Thos. Garrett, Sr., Michael Ward, James Goodwin.
  • Richard Skinner, Sr., of Perquimans, to Abraham Hill, Upper Parish, Nansemond Co., Va. Said Abraham, son of Henry Hill. 200 acres, beginning at a pine near Punch Bowl, in the meadow, Wm. Woodley’s corner line, to Bear Swamp. etc.; July 13, 1719. Test, John Geisa, William Watson, Thos. Roundtree.
  • John Lassiter. Book III. page 61, March 30, 1721; 530 acres, south side Bennett’s Creek, joining lines of Mary Rountree and the Indian lands.
  • Charles Rountree. Book XI, page 104, December 5, 1754; 120 acres between his own land, and James Sumner’s.
  • Will abstract: Francis Rountree. September 30, 1730; June 27, 1734; sons Francis, William, Jesse, Jethro, Moses and John, wife, daughters Jane, Rebecca, Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth and Christian.
  • Robert Rountree, of Nansemond Co., Va., to Gabriel Lassiter, of same place. May 23, 1735; 175 acres south side Bennetts Creek. Test, Thos. Rountree, Robert Rountree, John Rountree, Elias Stallings.
  • Michael Ward, and wife Ann. to Charles Rountree. 250 acres on Catharine Creek; April 17, 1734.
  • Thomas Hoyter, King, and other Indians, chief men of the Tribe of Chowan Indians, to James Brown. 100 acres adjoining Rountree and Hill’s land; January 27, 1734. Test, Richard Minchew, Michael Ward, Benjamin Blanchard.
  • John Freeman, to Thomas Freeman. 100 acres on N. W. side Catharine Creek Swamp, in Indian Neck; August 6, 1737. Test, Richard Tatem, Thos. Rountree.
  • Thomas Hobbs, to his son John Hobbs 10 October, 1745. 165 acres on south side of Cathrine Creek Swamp; part of a grant for 430 acres to Thos. Rountree, 4 April, 1720. Test, Moses Rountree, Thos. Rountree.
  • At a Court held for Chowan Precinct, 16 July, 1717, at the house of William Branch, present, James Beasley, Wm. Charleton, Jno. Jordan,Thomas Luten, Jr., John Dove, Henry Speller, Esqs., Justices.
    • Petition of Francis and Thos. Rountree, to build a water mill on Katharine Creek Swamp. Granted. Surveyor General ordered to lay out the land, provided the mill is not prejudicial to the one ordered laid out for Thomas Bray.
    • Thomas Rountree proves rights for the importation of Frances, Ann, William, Joan, Susannah, Moses, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jethro, and Christian Rountree.
  • Blanchard, Ephraim, Chowan. July 27, 1745; April Court, 1749. Sons Aaron, Ephraim, and Micajah, granddaughter Mary Griffin, her sister Sarah Griffin; wife Isabel and son Ephraim executors. Test, Thomas Rountree, Sr., Charles Rountree, Thos. Rountree.
  • Blanchard, Benjamin, Nansemond County, Va. June 5, 1719. Sons Robert and Benjamin, son William Weston and wife Catharine, son Absalom; wife Catharine and son Robert executors. Test, Aaron Blanchard, Will Hill, Joseph Grifing, Thos. Rountree.
  • Freeman, William, Chowan. Feby 7,1736; Augst.13, 1737. Sons John, William, Thomas and Richard, wife Mary, sons Aaron and Samuel; wife and son John Exrs. Test, Walter Draughan, John Freeman, Jr, Thomas Rountree, Sr.
  • Fields, James, Perquimans. Feby.15,1750-51; Apl. Court,1751. Sons Ruben and Moses, daughters Ann, Christian, Zebiah, son-in-law James Price, wife Rebecca; sons Reuben, Moses, and James Price Exrs. Test, Nichlas Stallings, Elias Stallings, Moses Rountree.
  • Nicholas Stallings, and wife Ann, of Upper P, Nansemond Co., Va., to Joseph Wright, of same place. One moiety of 50 acres at the head of Bennett’s Creek, part of a patent for 350 acres granted 17 April, 1692, to John Odom, and by him sold said Stallings, adjoining Wm. Rountree and John Hinton; April 12, 1716. Test, Jno. Riddick. Joseph Stallings, Edward Shew.
  • Thomas Spivey, and wife Mary, to James Griffin. 200 acres land on north side Catharine Creek, called Meherrin Neck; July 15, 1717. Test., Abram Spivey, Thos. Rountree.
  • Rountree, Thomas, Chowan, August 6, 1772; June 15th, 1774. Daughters Elizabeth Small, Sarah Stallings, Mary, Ruth and Rachel Rountree. Speaks of land on Catharine Creek, daughters Judath and Christian, grand-daughter Sarah Small, Aaron Hill Executor. Test, Henry Melton, Thos. Spivey. Rountree, Hannah, Perquimans, Sept. 12th, 1758. Jan’y Court 1759. Mother Sarah Lilly, brother-in-law Elisha Lilly, brother Moses Rountree, sister Lidy Rountree, sister Ann Benton, Nicholas Stallings Executor. Test, Joel Hollowell, Elias Stallings, Abner Hollowell.
  • Rountree, Moses, Perquimans, July 21st, 1755. Oct. Court 1755. Son Moses, daughters Sarah, Hannah and Ann, wife Nicholas Stallings and son Moses Executors. Test, Joshua and John White, Abram Hill. Rountree, Francis, Johnston, July 15th, 1745. Sept. Court 1748. Sons Kader, Francis, William, and Moses, all my children, wife and Moses Coleman Howland Executors. Test, John Barefoot, Theophilus Coleman.
  • Rountree, Thomas, Sr., Chowan, Dec. 1st, 1746. July Court 1748. Sons Charles and Thomas, grand-sons William Wallis and Thomas Rountree (son of Thomas and Mary), son-in-law Elias Stallings and wife Elizabeth my daughter, their children Jacob, Elias, John and Elizabeth, wife Elizabeth, Charles and Thomas Rountree Executors. Test, Thos. Walton, John Freeman.
  • Rountree, Jesse, Craven, Oct. 14, 1777; Nov. 21st, 1777. Sons Jesse, William and John, daughters Mary and Elizabeth, John Rountree and John Fish Executors. Test, Thos. Coleman, Noah Rountree Edw’d Fitzpatrick.
  • Rice, John, Chowan, May 23rd, 1741. Jan’y Court 1753. Wife Sarah; brother Edward Rice Executor. Test, Hardy Hurdell, Benj. Berriman, Thos. Rountree, Sr., Joseph Hair, Jr .
  • Speight, Mary, Bertie, Feb’y 25, 1740-1; May 7, 1743. Son Moses, Daughters Rachel Jordan and Ruth Jordan, daughter Zilpah Blanchard, grand-daughters Mary, Elizabeth and Mary Speight, cousin Jacob Hinton (son of Jacob), cousins Reuben and William Hinton (sons of Jacob) , cousins Bettie and Mary (daughters of Jacob Hinton), son Isaac and Joseph Perry Executors. Test, Guy Hill, Moses Rountree, Thos. Rountree, Sr.
  • Speight, Thomas, Perquimans, April 9th, 1737; April 27th, 1737. Wife :Mary, sons Moses and Isaac, daughters Rachel, Ruth Jordan and Zilpah Blanchard, son Isaac Executor. Test, Richard Pearce, Jeffrey Hubbard, Thos. Rountree, Sr.
  • Ward, John, Chowan, May 9th, l747; Dec. 16th, 1748. Sons James, Thomas, Joseph, William, Job, Amos and Benjamin, daughters Elizabeth Thompson, Catharine Evans, Hannah, Sarah and Joana, wife and son William Exrs. Test, Chas. Copeland, Thomas Copeland, Thos. Rountree.
  • Walton, Thomas, Sr., Chowan, Nov. 12th, 1750; July 5th, 1751. Grand-son Thomas Walton, son William, daughters Sarah Perry, Susanna Walton, Elizabeth Trotman, Judeth Rountree and Ann Hunter, son William Exr. Test, Wm. Walton, Hardy Hunter, Timothy Walton.
  • Benbury, Ruth, (Chowan Co.), March 20, 1793. Grand-daughters Priscilla Rountree, Rachel Rountree, Cynthia Rountree and Mary Knight, Seth Rountree, Leah Felton, Levina Brinkley, Penny Rountree and Ruth Freeman, Wm. Roberts, Richard Hoskins and Thomas Jones Exrs. Test, Willis Williams, Josiah Jones.
  • Freeman, Richard, Chowan, July 13th, 1761. July Term 1761. Sons Amos and Demsey, daughters Mary Rountree and Christian Rountree, wife Ruth, (brother William Freeman, son Amos and Timothy Walton Exrs). Test, John Freeman, Wm. Stergloe, Jacob Freeman.
  • Marriages
    • Cader Felton and Prisey Rountree. Mch. 29. John Felton. (1793)
    • Rountree, Noah and Deborah Ward. March 4th, Allen Ward. (1819)
  • From Bryan Record (Vol. 1 of NCHGR): Hardy (son of Hardy and Sarah Moseley Bryan) md Sally Hatch, (daughter of Edmund Hatch) and had issue, (a) James Hardy Bryan md his cousin Lucy Hatch, (b) William Hatch Bryan md Betsy (daughter of John and Rachel Whitfield Heritage, (c) Ashe Bryan, (d) Edmund Bryan (died), (e) Thomas Bryan. After Hardy. Bryan’s death his widow md Rountree.

The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 2

  • Rountree, Charles, Chowan, Oct. 7th, 1760. Eldest son Thomas, son Charles, daughters Christen and Rachel, grandsons Cador Hunter and Charles Freeman, wife Judeth, sons Charles and Thomas Exrs. Test, James Sumner, Thos. Rountree, Amos Hobbs.
  • Spivey, Nathaniel, Chowan, Dec 18, 1758; April Supreme Court 1759. Sons John and Champion, son Nathaniel, wife Martha, children Mary, Martha, Elizabeth and Sarah, brother Jacob Spivey Exr. Test, Thos. Rountree, Elijah Spivey, Rich’d Walton.
  • Walton, William, Chowan, Nov. 20th, 1771. Sons Timothv. William and John, daughters Sarah Walton, Rachel Garrett, Arin and Celia Walton, sons Thomas, Isaac and James, wife, Rachel, sons Timothy and William Exrs. Test, Palatiah Walton, Chas. Rountree, James Freeman, John Agar.
  • Welch, Michael, Chowan, Augt. 6th, 1768. Wife Judah, niece Sarah Rountree, nephew Edward Welch, wife and Jacob Jordan Exrs. Test, Lem’l Colley, Jos. Small, Thos. Rountree.
  • Rountree, Thomas, Gates Co., April 18th, 1781; May Court 1781. Son Seth, daughters Christian, Leah, Rachel, Lavinia, Priscilla and Peniah Rountree, (brother Charles Rountree, Thos. Hunter and James Freeman Exrs. Test, Simon Stallings, John Barretts, Jas. Outlay, Luke Sumner.
  • (From miscellaneous items)
    • Francis Rountree and George Laceter lived on the borders of Virginia in 1703.
    • March 28, 1702. Benjamin Blanchard, John Campbell, Thos. Spivey, Francis Rountree, Robt. Rountree, Robert Lassiter, George Lassiter and Nicholas Stallings lived on Bennett’s and Garrett’s Creek in Chowan (now Gates Co). They had a dispute with the Chowan Indians who had their hunting quarters upon some of their land. The Indians occupied about 11,000 acres of land between Bennett & Catharine Creek, granted by the Government. A road was ordered cleared between Coratuck and Pasquotank Rivers, the inhabitants of Pasquotank to maintain it to the Indian Town House and those of Coratuck to continue it to Mr. Brays (1706). “A true account of ye length of every bridge from ye back landing att Scuppernong to Mrs. Long’s landing in South langister. Ye outlett Swamp ye first swamp next ye back landing In Scuppernong is 94 yards: ye Rede branch is 9 yards; ye Inden Swamp is 225 yards; ye Pine Branch is 18 yards; ye Cypress Swamp is 65 yards; ye forked branch is 20 yards; ye deep branch is 14 yards; ye flatt swamp is 195 yards; ye deep swamp is 125 yards; ye thick Swamp is 80 yds; ye Crooked Poppella Swamp 212 yards; ye last grate Swamp is 85 yards; ye two Last branches is 22 yards. Ye whole 1154 vards. To Ye truth here of wee ye Subscribers are ready to give in upon oath yt there is ,yt and rather more.
      Robert Fewox. Joseph Spruell.
  • Michael Brinkley and wife Mary to Thos. Rountree. 175 acres on Warrick Swamp, adjoining land of Francis Rountree. Test, Walter Draughon, Thos. Hobbs, Thos. Wallis; 8ber, 1724.
  • Francis Rountree to Thomas Rountree. A water mill on Catharine Creek Swamp; January 18, 1724. Test, Wm. Hill, Aaron Blanchard.
  • Richard Beacken, of Norfolk County, Parish of Elizabeth, to John Goodwin. 100 acres in Hogg Neck, Surveyed by Francis Thornton. Test, Francis Rountree, Edward Wesson; Jan’y 10, 1721-2.
  • (Marriage) Rountree, Obadiah and Ferebee Harrell, Feb. 11. Jethro Kittrell. (1771)
    (Marriage) Adams, Elijah and Judith Rountree. March 29. Henry Churchwell. (1793)
  • Harrell, Jesse, Sept. 19, 1786; Feb’y Term 1788. Wife Fereby, daughter Priscilla Vinson, Rachel Kittrell (daughter of my daughter Priscilla Vinson), son Josiah, Judith Rountree (daughter of my daughter Ferebee Rountree, grand-son Joab Rountree (son of Ferebee), grand-children Turner and Tempe Harrell (children of Jesse), son Joshua, grand-son Jesse Harrell (son of Jesse), daughter Rachel Rascoe and her daughter Ferebee Rascoe, sons Josiah, Joshua and Jonathan Harrell Exrs. Test, Noah Hinton, Noah Harrell, Robert Adams.
  • Conner Lewis by Thos. Rountree (Attorney) to Thomas Garrett. 400 acres part of a Patent granted Francis Thornton for 600 acres. Nov. 10, 1707. Test, Thos. Jones, Chas. Rountree.
  • Lasiter, Robert, of Nansemond Co., Va., to James Brown. 142 acres South side of Bennett’s Creek, 8ber 31, 1727. Test, Thos. Rountree. Fras. Rountree. Richard Tavlor. Same to Francis Rountree, 31 8her,.1727. 153 acres on South side Bennett’s Creek. Test. Thos. Rountree, Rich’d Taylor, James Brown.
  • Thos. Rountree, Atty. of Nicholas Hunter and wife Rebecca, to Wm. Hunter, March 25, 1729. 120 acres on S. E. side Meherrin Swamp, where said Hunter did live, part of a patent to William Hunter of Nansemond Co., Va., father of said Nicholas. Test, Isaac Hunter, Chas. Rountree.
  • Same to Isaac Hunter. 100 acres S. E. side Meherrin Swamp adjoining above Patent, dated Apl. 24, 1701. Test, Wm. Hunter, Chas. Rountree.
  • Nicholas Hunter and wife Rebecca to Thos. Rountree. Power of Atty to convey above tracts, Aug. 28, 1728. Test, Thos. Hiller, Thos. Husten, Wm. Marney.
  • Francis Harrell, of Nansemond Co., Va., to Richard Baker. 50 acres East side Northwest Swamp, adjoining lands of Richard Parker, 8ber 19, 1731. Test, James Parker, John Arline, Thomas Rountree.
  • John Arline and wife :Mary to Michael Ward, Sept. 5, 1731. 250 acres at the head of Katharine Creek Swamp and head of Warrick Swamp. Test, Thos. Rountree, Elizabeth Benton, Wm. Freeman.
  • Edward Wood to Robert Chapple and his son Jonathan Chappell and Mary Rutter, 50 acres land and all the movable estate he hath in Chowan Precinct, on the North side of Warrick Swamp, known by the name of Fox Branch, bought by said Wood of John Goodin in 1715. My movable estate to be divided between Robert Chappell and my daughter Mary Rutter, Oct. 12, 1734. Test, Thos. Rountree, Isaac Hunter, Thos. Garrett. William Rountree and wife Rachel, of Perquimans, to Thomas Hobbs. Tract of land on South side Katharine Creek Swamp. 50 acres. Test, Sam’l Perry, Thos. Rountree.
  • Thos. Rountree and wife Elizabeth to Samuel Perry of Perquimans County. Assignment Jan’y 15, 1734. Test, Jonathan Clift, Charles Rountree.
  • John Cake and wife Mary and Mary Burkett to Thos. Wallis 130 acres on Stopping Creek, near Catharine Creek, And Warwick Swamp, except 10 feet square where Thos. Burkett late husband of said Mary is buried, Jan’y 15, 1734-5. Test, Benj. Small, Thomas Rountree.
  • Benjamin Small and wife Mary, to Robert Coleman, of Nansemond Co., Va. 167 acres near the head of Bennett’s Creek, adjoining land of Wm. Speirs and Daniel Pugh. 467 acres issued by grant to Jno. Small, of Nansemond County, Va., June 16, 1715. This deed is dated July 16, 1734. Test, Thos. Rountree, Thomas Wallis.
  • Guy Hill of Chowan Co., from Ann Rountree and Francis Rountree Sr., her husband, Mch 30, 1742. 86 acres of Land on North Side Catharine Creek. Book A, No. 1, page 146.
  • Abraham Hill to Thos. Rountree, Apl. 20, 1720. Power of Attorney to appear in suit vs. John Watson. Book F. No. 1, page 14.
  • Michael Ward to Charles Rountree; April 17, 1734. Tract of land on Catharine Creek, near the head of Warwick Swamp.
  • Thomas Spivey and wife Mary, to Jacob Spivey.—– Test, Wm. Hill, Rich’d Brothers, Thos. Rountree, 1720.
  • Abraham Hill of Nansemond Co., Va., to Wm. Hinton. 75 acres near the head of the Horse Pool Swamp; Jan. 30, 1720-1. Test, Thos. Rountree, Edward Bass.
  • Same to Edward Bass, of Norfolk, V a., Parish to Elizabeth. 100 acres adjoining above. Test, Wm. Hinton, Thos. Rountree. Same to John Bass, of Albemarle County. 200 acres adjoining above tracts; Jan. 30, 1720-1. Test, Wm. Hinton, Thos. Rountree.
  • (Court, Tuesday, Feb’y 9, 1747-8) Jethro Rountree was continued as Constable.

The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 3

  • Robert Rountree, of Nansemond county, Va., to Gabriel Lassiter. 175 acres adjoining the lands of Robert Rountree and Joseph Wright, May 25, 1735. Test, Elias Stallings, John Rountree.
  • John Freeman and wife Tabitha Freeman, to Thomas Freeman. 100 acres west side Catharine Creek Swamp; Aug. 6 1737. Test, Richard Tatum, Thos. Rountree.
  • Moses Rountree, to William Wallis. 86 acres on Catherine Creek; 4 August, 1748
  • Daniel Rainer and Mary Rutter, mother of said Rainer, to Geo. White. 50 acres South side Warrick Swamp; July 20, 1737. Test, Robert Chappell, Eliz Rountree, Thomas Rountree.
  • Richard Brothers, to William Riddick. 100 acres on the South side of the Honey Pot Swamp, purchased of James Wiggins by Richard Brothers and by him given to his son Richard Brothers, by will, Oct. 6, 1732; deed dated Oct. 25, 1737. Test, Francis Rountree, Thomas Knight.
  • Will abstract: Hollowell, Joel, Apl. 1, 1773; April Court 1774. Brother Abner, sons Thomas, Ezekiel, Joel and James , daughters Susanna Sawyer, Miriam and Courtney Hollowell, wife Miriam, son Ezekiel and Ebenezer Sawyer, Exrs. Test, Moses Rountree, Abner Hollowell, John White.
  • Hollowell, Ezekiel, July 8, 1794; August Court 1794. Child in esse, children Elizabeth and Savory, wife Christian; Benjamin Perry, Exr. Test, Jacob White, Joel Hollowell, Jesse Rountree.
  • Marriages
    • Rountree, Jesse and Elizabeth White. Feby. 12. Joel Hollowell. (1790)
    • White, Thomas and Sarah Rountree. Feby. 16. Jesse Rountree. (1791)

(Original in the Court House at Edenton, N. C.)

North Carolina—ss, To the Honourable President & Councill — March ye 28th 1702. The petition of Benjamin Blanchard, John Campbell, Thomas Spivey, Erancis Rountree, Robert Laciter, George Laciter and Nicholas Stallings in all humility, Complaineth,

Whereas every of yor Honrs petitionrs hath a lawfull right in and to considerable tracts of land lying and being within this Province and bounding upon Bennett’s Creyke and a Creyke now Known by the name of Garrett’s Creyke as by yor Honours petitionrs patents under the Seale of this Province and other grants and Conveyances more at large doth and may appeare. And forasmuch as the Chowan Indians having their hunteing quarters upon some of ye petitionrs lands aforesaid, therefore doe pretend the said lands to be theirs notwithstanding the patents and grants aforesaid: in Marceing and threatening yor Honrs petrs by destroying their Stocks burning their houses and other hostilities under pretence they are under yor Honrs protection and no Englishman ought to Seate within four miles of their Towne the which yor Hours petitionrs well Knowing that by an ordr of the Honourable Councill no Seate ment ought to be made within the space of four miles aforesaid anywise to the prejudice of the said Indians neither hath yor Honrs petitionrs taken up any land witingly within that distance, yet to continue peace and tranquility with the said Indians yor Honrs petitionrs hath offered to purchass their right if any to the land held as aforesd by yor Honrs petrs which they refuse and denyeth any Seatement to be made thereon for prevention whereof and that yor Honrs petitionrs May have a peaceable enjoyment in their and every of their aforesd lands humbly implores that the said Indians land may be laid out to them according to the aforesd order of Councill, and if any of yor Honrs petrs hapen to hold any land within the aforesd limited bounds it shall be by yor petitionrs deserted and left out to the said Indians use—that they as well as yor Honrs petitionrs in their capacity may be found true & faithfull subjects. And that yor Honrs petitionrs May enjoy their said lands in peace & safety, and as in all duty bound shall ever pray &c.

Benjamin Blanchard
John Campbell
Thomas { his X mark } Spivey
Francis Rountree
Robert Rountree
Robert Laciter
George Laciter
Nicholas Stallings

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