Family Tree Fact Check: The wife of Thomas Respess Crawford

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I don’t descend from Thomas Respess Crawford, at least not that I’m aware of, however some of our AncestryDNA matches do and I was scratching my head at the woman who was recorded as his wife. A Mary Tuton of Beaufort County, SOUTH Carolina. 

I didn’t even know any members of the Tuton / Tuten family had gone to South Carolina, but lo and behold, there definitely were some.

HOWEVER, Mary Tuten, wife of Thomas Respess Crawford was not from South Carolina. 

His wife Mary Martha Tuten was daughter of Redding Tuten and his second wife named Mary Delaney. 

It may be possible that Thomas Respess Crawford had more than one wife over the years, but as for the Mary Tuten, I wanted to post a quick article to correct the record that she was from Beaufort County, NORTH Carolina, not South Carolina, and she was born about 1845, not 1855. 

The children of Redding Tuten include (but may not be limited to): 

  • Caroline Tuten  (1822–1882) m. Richard Albert Cratch
  • Thomas Tuten (1823-1892) m. Frances A. Wylie
  • Noah B. Tuten (1835–1891)
  • Jane Tuten (b. abt 1841)
  • Redding Tuten (b. abt 1843)
  • Mary Martha Tuten (1846–1916) m. Thomas Respess Crawford
  • Frederick G. Tuten (1849–1910)


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