Genetic Genealogy Basics: Ethnicity Reports, Autosomal DNA, mtDNA, Y-DNA and DNA site comparisons 🌳

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A lot of people have all kinds of questions about DNA tests and family tree research. Genetic genealogy has exploded over the last 15 years or so. In this video, I talk about ethnicity reports and some of the different types of tests available to genealogy researchers, including autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA. I also give my two cents about the pros and cons of the different DNA sites as well as my opinion on the validity of ethnicity reports.

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  1. Carol

    Hello Sara!
    Thank you for that informative video. I am on Ancestry, 23&me, and Family Tree DNA. I have a brother who is on Family Tree DNA, but that is all. A cousin who was interested paid for the Family Tree kits for us, hoping to find out more information about a paternal line, which is why my brother is on there. I had also hoped it would help me for my paternal side, but the Family Tree site is a little daunting for me to understand. I know that I have an unknown grandfather on my maternal side, and through Ancestry I believe I narrowed it down, but still could not figure it out. My question is about GED Match. Can I put all my DNA results, along with my brother’s (who I manage); and, if so, would it help identify which relatives are paternal and which maternal? Could it possibly help identify that branch that is unknown on my maternal side? Thank you!


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