The following is a transcription of a deed from John HOLMES (recorded as John HOMES) and his wife, Esther, to John GRIST, all of Beaufort County, North Carolina. This deed was listed in the Beaufort County indices as being located in Deed Book 1, but in fact, it was in Beaufort County Patent Book 1, which begins in 1798. The deed is dated 1797, but it apparently wasn’t registered until 1799.

Common spellings of names mentioned are:

  • John HOLMES
  • Esther HOLMES
  • John GRIST
  • Reading BLOUNT
  • Edward BUCK
  • Thomas WORSLEY
  • John MAYNOR or John MAYNARD
  • FISHER (Probably George Fisher)

This Indenture made this Eighteenth day of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven Between John HOMES of the County of Beaufort & State of North Carolina on the one part & John GRIST of the County & Satate afsd on the other part Witnesseth that I the said John HOMES for & in Consideration of the sum of twenty pounds to me in hand paid by the said John GRIST grant his heirs & assigns forever a certain piece or parcel of land situate & being in the County & State afsd On the Cabbin branch Joining FISHERs Land Begining at the branch at or near Fishers line in the line of Reading BLOUNT and runs up the branch to the mouth of a small branch John MANORs lower boundary thence up the said small branch No 80 Wt to a Marked lightwood tree on the Hill then the same course a cross the road to the head line of the Patent thence down the said line to the Corner 75 poles thence with the last line of the Patent So 80 Et 220 pole to the Begining at the branch Containing by Estimation one hundred acres be the same more ore less and it is part of a larger parcel of Land by Patent 640 acres bearing date 25th of January AD 1773 to have and to hold the afsd land with all & every the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto him the said John GRIST his heirs & assigns forever. I the said John HOMES from myself my heirs & assigns & all other persons the before described Land to the said John GRIST his heirs & assigns will warrant & forever defend in whereof I the said John HOMES have hereunto set my hand & seal the day & date above mentioned.

John { his H mark } HOMES { Seal }
Esther { her X mark } HOMES { Seal }

Signed, sealed & executed in presence of


Dec Term 1799. Certified that this deed was proved in Court by the Oath of Thomas WORSLEY and ?? thereto let it be registered.

Patent Book 1, p. 231
Patent Book 1, p. 232-233