King mentions in Craven County Court Minutes 1767-1791 & other items of interest

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As was the case with the FORNES court minute items, this is not a comprehensive list of every mention of KINGS in Weynette Parks Haun’s Craven County Court Minutes series, but this list does include many items that seem to reveal something about times and relationships.

KING Items in Craven County Court Minutes

Jun 1751


Walter JONES Counstable being sworn says that he had duly Executed I Warrant signed by John WILLIAMS & James GREEN Esqrs. Justices on Complaint of Samuel MACCUBBINS Setting Forth that Andrew BASS, Peter GILSTRAP, James KING, Isabella KEETH, Abel DEAL and John GARRALD have Consealed their Taxables for the Year 1750 the said Warrant being Produced Fif. Ordered that each of the said Defendants be fined 20/ Nisa Causa and that a Sumons Issue for them to appear at Next Court.

Feb 1752


In the Action brought by John BRYAN against John LOCKER John MARSHALL and Robert KING severally made Oath to Ten days Attendance as Evidence in the said Cause & the Milage of KING adjudged to Six and MARSHALL’S five to be paid together with the Ferriages twice going one coming & Returning.

Feb 1753


pd. 2/8. A Deed of Sale from Thos. KING to Jo(torn) WINDERS for 225 Acre, of Land lying in Craven County was Proved in Open Court by the Oath of Benjamin BLACKLEDGE Evedence thereto Let it be Regestered.

Nov 1753


Exon. issd. Ordered that Peter GILSTRAP, James KING, Abel DEAL & John James GERRALD & James KEATH be fined £7:10 Proc. And that the clerk Issue Executions Returnable to the Next Court and Also that an Execution issue against Isebella KEETH for the like sum of £7:10 Returnable as above.

Feb 1754


A Deed of Sale from William WHITFORD and William Bastin WHITFORD to Joseph KING for 164 acres of land was proved in open court by the oath of Samuel LAWSON Evedence thereto let it be Regd.

14 Nov 1755


The King vs. Edmd. WIGGINS: Prest. Assault Sarah WHITFORD. Sarah WHITFORD, Eliza SPEIGHT, Sarah KING, Jno. WIGGINS.

(Jurors named. “The above Jury on Oath bring in their Verdict Guilty.”)

The King vs. Edmd. WIGGINS Prest. Assault Thomas WHITFORD submitted to the Court.


Elizabeth KING made Oath That she attended four Days as an Evidence at the Kings Suit against Edmd. WIGGINS besides 4 Miles travelling & Ed. Ferriage and ordered that she have a Certificate thereof.

Feb 1756


Robert KING is on list of jurors.

Nov 1757


Jery. (maybe Jeremiah?) KING a. Rip VANDAM; Joseph KING Evidence made Oath that he attended five days last Augt. Court and five days this Court and ordered that he have a Certificate thereof and for 12 Miles Travelling wth. 4/ ferriage;


ECR Editor’s Note: There are multiple instances of both Robert KING and Samuel KING being called as jurors along with WHITFORD and BARRINGTON jurors, which I know from my own family, usually are living in the area “north of Upper Broad Creek” and below Little Swift Creek (in other words, the vicinity of modern-day Ernul and back over towards ).

15 Nov 1758


A Deed of Sale from Wm. JONES to Wm. WILLIAMS for 100 Acres of Land in Craven County was proved in Open Court by Charles KING one of the subscribing Evidences thereto and it was ordered to be Registered.

Nov 1758

Ann KING Came into Court and Prayed to have Letters of Admon; on the Estate of her Late husband Robt. KING Deceased Granted she having Entered into a bond with John HARTLEY and Isaac BARRINGTON Secureties in the sum of Two Hundred and fifty Pounds Proclamation Money & also took the Oath by Law appointed; Ordered .M rSecty have Notice.

Jul 1760


paid 10/ The Last Will and Testament of Charles KING Was produced in Open Court and proved by the Oaths of John PERRY and Robert PERRY two of the subscribing Evidences thereto At the same time Mary KING & ex therein named Qualified Agreeable to Law. Ordered that Letters Issue thereon Accordingly.

Oct 1760


Wm. WINNHAM Came into Court and Prayd: to have Joel KING appointed his Guardian the same was granted and Ordered that he Enter into Bond with good and sufficient Secy. in the sum of one hundred pounds and that Letters of Guardianship issue accordingly.


The King a. RC Jeremiah KING: Asst., non R.L.Issue DG: for W,H; Evidence for the King Jno; ANDERSON, Petg ANDERSON, Wm; JOHNSTOt’h for the KIng Jerat. KING Jacob HERRINGTON 1. Wm. SPAIGHT, 2. Isaac BARRINGTON, 3. Wm WICKLIFFE, 4. Willis SIMMONS, 5. Thomas LITTLE, 6. James HANDCOCK, 7. Thomas STEVENS, 8. John SMITH, 9. Cason BRINSON Jr; 10. David GUARD, 11. Zebullon RICE, 12. Thomas MASON. The above Jury on their Oath find their Verdict that Jeremiah KING is Guilty of the assault and Battery whereof he stands Indicted and was fined Ten Pound Proclamation Money by the Court:

ECR Editor’s Note: There are multiple instances of Joel KING and Jos. KING being called as jurors in 1760-1761, etc. 

Jul 1761

Martin WHITFORD who was Bound by Recognizance to appear at this Court to give Security for the Maintenance of a Bastard Child by him begotten on the Body of Susanah KING, accordingly appeared and offered for his security Thomas WHITFORD and William SPEIGHT who being approved of, Ordered they enter into Bond in the Sum of Forty Pounds for the Maintenance of the said Child and to Indemnify the Parish free from the Charge for such Maintenance, the said Martin WHITFORD paid to Jacob BLOUNT Esqr the Sum of Twenty five Shillings being the fine by Law Directed for the said Offence.

Oct 1761


A Bill of Sale from Samuel KING to Christian KINSEY for a Parcell of Hoggs was Proved in open Court by Edward WILLIAMS and ordered to be Registered (sic);

Apr 1763


Ordered that John BEDSCOTT be Wm. Guardian Guardian to (note: Win; & John overwritten wph) GRANBURY and Alice? (Aley?) GRANBURY Orphans of Solomon GRANBURY decd.  he giving Benjamin WILLIAMS and Joel KING secy. in the Sum of Two hundred Pounds Proc. money.

Apr 1767


A Deed of Sale from Valentine KING to Thomas GRAY was proved in open Court bthe Oath of Jacob BLOUNT Evidence thereto agreeable to Law and Ordered to be Registered. (sic)

Mar 1768


Deed of Sale from Joel KING to Anne GASKINS for One Hundred Acres of land was proved in open Court by the Oath of Mark NOBLE Evidence thereto agreeable to Law and Ordered to be Registered.

Mar 1769


A Deed of Sale from William GATLIN to Jeremiah KING for One Hundred Acres of Land was proved in open Court by the Oath of John HARRIS Evidence thereto agreeable to Law and Ordered to be Registered.

Mar 1772


A Deed of Sale from William NELSON to Joel KING for Three Hundred Acres of Land was Proved by Edward GALLIR (Gatlin?) one of the subscribing Witnesses.

Sep 1774


A Deed of Sale from Robert KING to Joseph KINCEY for 52 acres of Land in Craven County was Proved by James SINGLETON one of the subscribing Witnesses.

Dec 1774

[301]-50-folio 26

(Jeremiah KING called as a juror)

Jun 1775

[331]-65-folio 34

(Thomas KING called as a juror)

Dec 1779

Joseph KING appeared under Recognizance and Entered into Bond to Indemnify the Parish for Begetting a Bastard Child on Mary KING, and paid his Fine to John FONVIELLE Esqr. one of the Wardens.

(On same day, Joel KING is one of 30 men ordered to be summoned as a juror for the next County Court.)

Sep 1781

The last Will and Testament of James WHITING Deceased was duly Proved by the Oath of Israel TINGLE one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto; agreeabel to Law. Sarah WHITING and Arrington KING Executor and Executrix therein Named Qualified as Such. Ordered that Letters Testamentory issue accordingly.

Mar 1783

[191]-255-folio 50

M.O. Ordered that Robert HARTLEY aged [blank] Years the [blank] Day of [blank] be Bound Apprentice to Thomas KING to learn the Trade of a Cooper and that the Clerk prepare Indentures accordingly.

Jun 1783

[209]-folio 54

The last Will and Testament of Capt. David ROACH Deceased was duly Proved by the Oath of William WILLIAMS, Charles ROACH Exr. Qualified and returned an Inventory.

The last Will and Testament of Thomas GWALTNEY Deceased was duly Proved by the Oath of Isaac GARDNER, William GWALTNEY Execur. Qualified, and Returned an Inventory.

William BRYAN Esqr. came into Court and took his Seat.

Abraham WILLIAMS a. John KING: Inquiry. 1. Joseph CLARK, 2. Peter B. ORAM, 3. Evan SWANN, 4. Joseph LETCHWORTH, 5. James BRINSON, 6. James GREEN, 7. Thomas PEARSON, 8. Wm. DENMARK, 9. Obed. ROUNDTREE, 10. Henry TREWHITT, 11. Levi DAWSON, 12. Wm. BUCKSTON. …

[210]-264-folio 54

Ordered that Joseph KING, John MORGAN, John MORGAN jr., John HILL, Henry TREWHITT, John GASKIN & Joseph GASKINS have leave to Open a Road from the Old Road Crossing MORGANS Swamp And that they be Exempt from other Roads.

Jacob JOHNSTON Esqr. came into Court [sic]

Morgan GASTON a. John KING: Inquiry. The same Jury find their Verdict for the Plaintiff and Assess £6:8 Specie & Costs. [sic]

Sep 1783

[231]-folio 59

Read the Petition of the Inhabitants of Little Contentney Praying a New Road from Benjn BLOUNTS to Contentney Mr. HOOKERS and to Brittain KINGS and from the said KINGS to Dobbs County Line, which was Granted. Ordered that Moses PSIVEY, George TURNAGE, Edward CLARK, Lawson DAVIS, Jesse VINSON, Thomas COLEMAN, Brise DAVIS, William MOORE & Brittain KING Clear open and maintain the said Road and be exempt from Working on other Public Roads and that Thomas COLEMAN be appointed Overseer of said Road.

Ordered that Brittain KING have leave to keep Public Ferry across Contentney and that he receive the following Rates:

Man and Horse  4d.
Footman  4d.
Every Wheel  6d.

Jun 1784

(Joel KING on a jury for case of Ann BRYAN & John HATCH and Penelope his Wife agt. William BRYAN: Issue on a Note.)

(Joel KING on jury, then there’s an item that says “KING agt. William ADAMS: Inquiry.)

Dec 1784

[319]-4-folio 2

Inventory on the Estate of John KING Exhibited by Arrington KING Admr.

Mar 1787

[43]-194-folio 40

An account Sales of the Estate of John KING Decd. (EC                                                                                                                                                                                        R NOTE: See above item — Arrington KING is administrator for John KING)

Jun 1787

[62]-folio 45

No. 34. Joseph KING vs. Wilson SNEAD: Issue the same Jury as in No. 30 Empanneled & Sworn for Verdict Say they find for the pltff. and assess £26:10 & Costs.

[63]-204-folio 45

32. Arington KING vs. Thos. HORTON & Will GATLIN: Default. Same Jury as in No. 31 Sworn and assess the plaintiff’s Dams. a 1d. & Costs.

Sep 1787

[129]-237-folio 62

The Sheriff made a return of his Venire upon the Caveat of Etheldred PETERS agt. Anthony VANPELT Executed in the following words: We the Subscribers being Summonsed and Sworn on a Caveat of Land in a Disputed between Etheldred PETERS plaintiff and Anthony VANPELT defendent in and about a Warrant entered and Surveyed by said VANPELT and we Jurors are here under ___? Do agree that this land Warrant  & Survey is without the lines of Said PETERS Land an that the said PETTERS has his Compliment of Land agreeable to the Courses and Distances of his patent. Given under our hands this 31st of August 1787 Brisco DAVIS, John PHILIPS, George BROWNING, Joseph ALLEN, Thos. COLEMAN, Francis ROUNTREE, Will ROUNTREE, Britten KING, Moses SPIVEY, Ezekl. ADAMS, Edward CLARK, Jonathan KILLEREN. Ordered that a Certificate Issue agreable to the above recited Return.

Dec 1787

(from item [160]-4) … Read the petition of John DUE praying leave to build a public water Grist Mill across Little Contentney Creek a Little above where it is navigable & where he Owns Land on the East


(continued from previous page) Side of the Creek & Anthony VANPELT is Owner on the opposite side. Ordered that Summons Issue agreeable to the prayer of the petr. ? & that Thomas COLEMAN, Brisco DAVIS, Richard John PHILIPS & Britton KING be appointed to View & Lay off one accre of Land on both Sides the Stream & as the Law Directs

Dec 1788


Ordered that Administration be granted to Joel KING on the Estate of William BUSH d__ he entering into Bond in the sum of One Hundred Pounds with Walter ALLEN & John HILL his Securities and Qualified agreeable to Law. Execud.

Jun 1789


(item mentioning Joel KING is scratched out)
Wm. SLADE adm. of John SLADE Decd. vs. Thos. GATLIN, Willm. M. HERRITAGE, Thos. GATLIN:
Rebecca NELSON vs. Joel KING:
No. 5. Rebecca JUSTICE vs. Abijah HERD: appeal by Defent Judgt. of the Justice affirmed.

Dec. 1789


Ordered that John BEDSCOT be appointed Guardn. of David, Mary & Edward PURIFY Orphans of David PURIFY decd. on his entering into Bond in the sum of Five hundred pounds with Joel KING & John BEDSCOT his Securities. Bond taken. ___ 3/6.


No. 138 Silas S. STEVENSON vs. Thomas GATLIN… The following Jury impanelled & Sworn To Wit: No. 1. Francis FONVEILLE, 2. Frederick FOY, 3. William HENRY, 4. Nathan SMITH, 5. William MITCHELL, 6. John GREEN, 7. John CLARK, 8. William SURLES, 9. John GATLIN, 10. George ELLIS, 11. Joel KING, 12. John SEARS…

Mar 1790


Joel KING is among those impanelled on jury. Edward TINKER vs. Admrs. of Andrew BLANCARD, Decd.


Joel KING is among those impanelled on jury. Francis FONVEILLE vs. Thomas CURTIS.


In the Suit Francis FONVEILLE vs. Thomas CURTES: The Defendant being dissatisfied with the Verdict of the Jury Sworn in this Cause prayed an appeal to the next Superior Court of Law to be held for the district of Newbern in May next which was Granted on his entering into Bond with James MCCAFFERTY of SWIFTS Creek and Joel KING his Securities.

Sep 1790


Levi BUSH bound Aged fourteen years in June last bound to Joel KING to learn the Coopers Trade. (Indentures made out).

Dec 1790


7. James KING aged 13 years Ordered to be bound to Capt. Alex DUGNED?? to learn the Art & Mystery of a Mariner. (Indentures made out).

Mar 1791


Whereas the last Will and Testament of Thomas COLEMAN decd. was presented for probate and the same was objected to by Isaac COLEMAN & John POWELL and the Witnesses not attending, Ordered that administration pendente Lite by Granted to Benjamin COLEMAN  and that summons Issue too the Witnesses & all parties concerned to appear at the next Court, said COLEMAN Qualifying and entering into bond of £1500 with Brittain KING & Nathan WITHERINGTON his securities. Bond taken.

Jun 1791


The last Will and Testament of Benjamin Thomas COLEMAN decd. was produced in Court and proved by the Oaths of Lawson DAVIS and Brittain KING two of the subscribing Evidences thereto and at the same time Benjamin COLEMAN One of the Executors therein Named appeard. in Court and Qualified as such agreeable to Law. Ordered that Letters Testamentory Issue.

Jun 1791


Ordered that Joel KING be appointed Guardian of Oliver BUSH a Minor upon his entering into Bond of £50 with Benjamin LANCASTER and Philip KNOWIS his securities.

Levi BUSH of Lawfull age to Choose a Guardian appeared in Court and made Choice of Joel KING for his Guardian which Choice was approved of by the Court upon sd. KINGS entering into Bond of £50 with Benja. LANCASTER & Philip KNOWIS his securities.

(I’m including excerpts from the next item even though they don’t specifically mention a KING, but because I know that Joseph MORRIS’s estate was administered by Benjamin LANCASTER who was mentioned in the previous item.)


An Inventory of the Estate of Joseph MORRIS was returned on Oath by the adm. Ordered that the said admin. sell at public Vendue the said Estate agreeable to Law.


Sep 1791


Joseph ALLEN vs. Thomas FISH: Eject. Ordered that William COX, Brittain KING & James GATLIN appointed p:Plff., John PHILIPS, William MOORE & Walter JON___ appointed by the Defendant, be and compose a Jury to gover? the Lands in dispute with Henry TILLMAN and John GATLIN Surveyors to survey and make return of the Lands in Question as the Law directs to next Ter__.


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