Lydia ARNOLD to Henry ARNOLD’s Heirs Deed, 1823 (Pitt County)

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Lydia ARNOLD to Henry ARNOLD Heirs Deed: Ormond Arnold, Sally Cox, Noah Arnold, Burrel Arnold, Bryant Arnold and Allen Arnold

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The following was found in Pitt County Deed Book CC, page 221.

This Indenture made and entered into this fourth day of August in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and Twenty-three between Lydia ARNOLD of the State of North Carolina and County of Pitt of the one part and Ormond ARNOLD, Sally COX, Noah ARNOLD, Burrell ARNOLD, Bryant ARNOLD, and Allen ARNOLD, heirs and legatees of Henry ARNOLD late of Pitt County died Witnesseth that whereas the above named Henry Arnold has lately died leaving a last Will and testament by which all his Lands and Tenements are Given to his wife the above named Lydia ARNOLD through a mistake of the person who wrote the will as it is a fact known to the said Lydia ARNOLD that her husband Henry ARNOLD intended only to give her the land and tenements during her natural of Life and after death to be equally divided among his Children as above named now therefore in consideration that the above named Children will not contest the proving the will and for and in consideration of the sum of Five dollars to me in hand paid by the said Ormond ARNOLD, Sally COX, Noah ARNOLD, Burrel ARNOLD, Bryant ARNOLD and Allen ARNOLD, I the said Lydia have Given, Granted bargained and sell to the said Ormond ARNOLD, Sally COX, Noah ARNOLD, Burrell ARNOLD, Bryant ARNOLD and Allen ARNOLD all the right title and interest which I acquired in the said land and tenements by the will of my said husband Henry ARNOLD except the right during my natural life which my husband intended to Give me by his Will to have and to hold [illegible two words] Heirs and assigns in the same manner that they would if the said Henry ARNOLD had made his last Will in the manner in which he intended and as above [???] viz to be equally divided between them after my death and I the said Lydia for my Life my heirs and assigns do warrant and defend the said Rite title an interest except during my Life to them their Heirs and assigns free and clear from the Claim of any person claiming [??? ??? ??? ???]and no further. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this day and year first above written.

Lydia ( her X mark ) ARNOLD { Seal }

The words Arnold Attested  ??? }
??? ??? the words }
Cox before Signing. Signed sealed }
& delivered in presence of ——  }
James BOYD }
Calvin BOYD }

Further deeds confirm other family relationships:

Noah ARNOLD to Jordan COX (1 Sept 1823, Deed Book CC, p. 269) – In this deed, Noah ARNOLD mentions Lydia ARNOLD (from the 4 Aug 1823 deed) is his mother.

Jordan and Sally COX to Elias Arnold TAFT (1825, Deed Book DD, p. 381) – This deed explains that Sally COX was entitled to a tract of land from the estate of her father, Henry ARNOLD.


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