A great big GIGANTIC thank you to East Carolina Roots visitor Becky, who graciously commented on an earlier post about available deeds online that Beaufort County deeds are now available via FamilySearch.

YES! Celebrating the birth of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ is absolutely exciting enough for me, but now I get the added bonus of this genealogical goldmine! It’s just amazing! ❤️😭

I had been feeling discouraged when someone at the Beaufort County Register of Deeds told me some time back that they had no plans to digitize their old deeds, but leave it to the committed genealogists at FamilySearch to help make this researcher’s dreams come true. 😄

You can access the database via this link:


It’s a little tedious searching this way, as it’s digitized microfilm so you’ll have to scan through thumbnails to narrow in on your search, and some of the deed books have page numbers that are too dark to read, but clever sleuthing will yield the results you seek.

Several of my lines are in Beaufort County: EDWARDS, HOLMES, MORRIS, AVERITT, and others.

Who are some of your Beaufort County lines? Comment below. 🙂