Petition for relief from taxes for William McIntosh and wife (1786) – Craven County

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I found the following while browsing through the Craven County Estates, wills, 1786, 1794, 1858, 1869-1921 (p. 352-353) at FamilySearch.

It interested me because my 5th great-grandfather is James McIntosh of Craven County (abt. 1765-1837) and I’ve wondered if William McIntosh could be his father, though I have to admit this document makes me wonder if that’s possible.

What would these neighbors have done if he had a son who was in his early 20s and presumably capable of working? Would they have still signed a petition that he be exempt from his taxes.

Another interesting thing — well, perplexing, really — is that this document claims William McIntosh was born in “twenty eight” (1728), but it says his wife was “ninty” — in 1786. That would have her being born in 1696 and over 30 years older than him! That seems a little hard to believe. Anyway, here is a transcription of the document. The images are below.

Finally, everyone who signs this petition is from the same Swift Creek community where James McIntosh lived. James married Susan “Sukey” Anderson. There are three signers with the surname Anderson on the second petition page.

If you have any thoughts on any of this, I’d love to read them. Please comment at the bottom of this post.

North Carlina, Craven County ano 1786

To our Most honourable Court of justice
Gentiel Men this comes as A petition from one of the poor subjects of this county that has been afflicted this seventeen years till he is past & above supision to support him self his affliction came by A vilent fever and follows him yet and has all most taken the use of his Right leg and thigh and the fever follws him yet At times very hard so that he can do Nothing to help him self and has nobody but him Self and his wife and his wife is past all help to him or her Self for by what Account she gaves and those that knew her this many years she is Ninty years of Age and they are poor and None to help them and as for his age it is Sertain he was born in the year twenty Eight and lived near forty years in these two Countyes Buffort [Beaufort] and Crven [Craven] and has pade his dues Every year and SEeing times groes so hard with him that his Request to the most honourable Court of justice is to Clar him from paying of his Leavy Some More But God save the Coart and State all from your Most humble Servent

Day first September ye
Wm McIntosh

[Signed by]

Charles Roach
John Hill
John Michel [John Mitchell]

James Clark
Levi Gatlin
Wm Phipps [William Phipps]

Elisha Lewis
Abraham Warrin [Abraham Warren]

Antony Mills [Anthony Mills]

Isaac Gardner

[next column]

John Pollard
Daniel Venters
Jarvis Fillingim
Joseph Willis
James Roach
Ephraim Willis
Samuel Fillingame
Stephen Gatlin

[next page]

Mr William McIntosh and his wife have lived in the same neighborhood with myself for several years last past, they are both old and infirm and he is in my opinion ought to be exempt from paying public taxes. Piney Groill? September 3d 1786

[signed by]

? Ernul
Simon Bexley

[next column]

Wm Blount [William Blount]

Hardy Gatlin
Shadrick Gatlin
Levi Cox
John Anderson
Peter Anderson
Jonas Anderson
James McCafferty
William Williams
Stockwell ( his S mark ) Bright
Nathan Hendricks
Wm Bryan [William Bryan]

Wm Searles [William Searles]

James Willis


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