Some Brooks Deeds from Hyde County, North Carolina

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The following are some abstracts of BROOKS family deeds from Hyde County, North Carolina.

From Record of Deeds A, 1736-1762, abstracted and Indexed by Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris.

180 (339-252) William Brooks to Thos Lowther 20 pounds cm VA 80 acres on Indian Ridge in Arrowmuskeet Hyde Co, joining Henry Gibbs Sr on one side and sd Lowther on the other. Mary Brooks wife of William Brooks, relinquishes dower right and power of thirds. 24 Mar 1748. Wm (W) Brooks. Wit: Samll Selby Jr, Mary (M) Selby. Test: Rd Leirmont, Reg.

 208 ( 393-288) Thomas Cartwright of Pasquatank Co to John Smith of Hyde Co 13 pounds cm VA all my interest in land formerly belonging to John Avery in New Currituck Hyde Co [no acreage given]. 2 Mar 1751. Thomas Cartwright. Wit: Thos Relf, Partrick (P) Oconer, John Brooks. Test: Thos Smith, Reg.

 315 (567-77) Deed dated 22 Apr 1748 from Long Tom, John Makey, and George Squires, Indians to Cason Brinson for 65 acres on Indian Ridge at Mattamuskeet Lake in Hyde Co was exhibited in court. Indorsement on back from Cason Brinson to Cason Gibbs 9 Oct 1756. Dec Court 1756. Cason Brinson. Test: Joseph Gibbs, N Gibbs. Test: Stepn Denning, Reg.

 316 (567-78) Willoughby Addams late of Hyde Co to Benjamin Slade, planter of Hyde Co 9 pounds pc 50 acres Hyde Co E side Machapongo River; beg river swamp, bending along tree line dividing 100 acres between Willoughby Addams and Joseph Cox; Slades part: beg head line at end of marked trees, to river swamp, to corner mulberry, to first marked black gum. Pat 1745 by John Smight Jr. 2 Oct 1756. Willoughby Adams, Elizabeth Adams. Wit: Benjn Smith, James (J) Brooks. Test: Stepn Denning, Reg.

From Record of Deeds B, 1762-1783, abstracted and indexed by Allen Wilkinson Hart Norris

192 (194) (199) William Batchelor Denmark, planter of Pitt Co and wife Mary to Stephen MackDowell, turner of Hyde Co 20 pounds pc 270 acres Hyde Co N side Matchapongo Creek and S side Broad Creek. … 27 Aug 1766. Wm Batchelor (W) Denmark, Mary (X) Denmark. Wit: Wyriott Ormond*, John (J) Brookes. Proved at Sep Ct 1766 by Wyriott Ormond. Test: John Webster, Clk. Test George Barrow, Reg.  (*Ormond is of same family as Mary Ormond, one of Blackbeard’s wives.)

 290  (291) (306) Hezekiah Farrow Sr. to John Farrow, both planters of Caphatteras Banks Curituck Co 500 pounds lm 500 acres; beg at sedar post on Mount Pleasant Ridge, … 30 Mar 1769, 9 George III. Hezekiah (H) Farrow. Wit: Jacob Farrow Jr, Samuel Stow, Stephen Brooks. Proved at Jul Ct 1769 by Stephen Brooks. Test: Stephen Denning, Clk. Test: George Barrow, Reg. Regd 14 Oct 1769.

 360 (383) (408) Jacob Farrow Sr, Esq to Stephen Brooks both of Cape Hatteras Banks in Currituck Co 10 pounds pc 100 acres Armuskeat Hyde Co; beg lowermost land on Crooked Creek, WNW… down creek to Wisockin Creek*, down creek to sound, along sound to mouth of Crooked Creek… 17 Apr 1771, 11 George II. Jacob Farrow Sr. Wit: Josiah Nicholson, Isaac Brooks, Hodges Binsham. Proved at Jun Ct 1771. Test: Geo Barrow, Clk and Reg. Regd 19 Aug 1771 (*Wisockin, also referred to as Wapopen , is part of the Mattamuskeet Reservation territory.)

361 (384) (409) John Smith to Stephen Brooks both of Currituck Co 100 pounds pc 150 acres Hyde Co in Swan Quarter; part of 300 pat to John Smith; … 2 Mar 1771. John Smith. Wit: William Balance, Isaac Brooks, Joseph Williams. Proved at Jun Ct 1771. Test: George Barrow, Clk and Reg. Regd 20 Aug 1771.

540 (575) (585) Stephen Brooks Sr of Hyde Co to John Farrow, planter 30 pounds NC 50 acres in Arrowmuskeet Hyde Co; … 29 May 1775. Stephen Brooks. Wit: Isaac Brooks, Stephen Brooks. Ack at Jun Ct 1775 by sd Brooks. Test: George Barrow, Clk and Reg. Regd 27 Jul 1775.

545 (580) (590) Jacob Farrow Sr. Esq to Stephen Brooks both of Cape Hatteras Banks in Currituck Co 100 pounds pc 300 acres in Armiskeat Hyde Co; part of tract… along Stephen Brooks former grant from sd Jacob Farrow, Joshua Walls line.. 13 Apr 1775, 15 George III. Jacob Farrow Sr. Wit: Isaac Brooks, Job Wahab, John Flower (Hower) . Proved at Jun Ct 1775. Test: Geo Barrow, Clk and Reg. Regd 8 Aug 1775

547 deed from Stephen Brooks Sr to Stephen Brooks Jr.  29 May 1775.

595 (637) (700)  John Knowis and Josiah Little of Pitt co, Execs of John Knowis decd, to Stephen Brooks of Hyde Co 39 pounds pc 100 acres N side Mattamuskeet Lake; … land formerly held by John Stuchberry… 2 Sept 1777. John Knowis, Josiah Little. Ack at Sept Ct 1777 by sd Knowis and Little. Test John Jordan, Clk. Test: Joseph Hancock, Reg Regd 13 Nov 1777.

650 (699) (759) James Clayton Sr, planter of Craven Co to Stephn Brooks, planter of Hyde Co 3 pounds 10 s cm NC releases all right, title, interest and claims for 100 acres Hyde Co, N side Mattamuskeet Lake; beg William Porters corner on lake, up lake 100p… Part of 20 acre pat to sd James Clayton. 10 Aug 1778. James Clayton. Wit: John Sparrow, Thomas (X) Brooks. Proved at Nov Ct 1778. Test: John Jordan, Clk. Test Jos Hancock, Reg. Regd 4 Aug 1779


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