1789 Beaufort County Tax List

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Below I have transcribed the entire Beaufort County tax listing for 1789, including various rural districts, the town of Washington, and the town of Bath.

If you would like to see all of the original images of this and many other early North Carolina tax lists, please click here to visit the NCDCR website.

Hint: These are in alphabetical order by last name and many surnames are spelled differently that what we would know of as being the most common spellings. I suggest you scroll down and look for the key last names for your family by scanning the list rather than relying on using the Ctrl-F (Windows) or Cmd-F (Mac) search function.

A List of Taxable Property in the County of Beaufort for the year One Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Nine

Captain Jones’s District
Persons NamesAcres LandWB
Brothers, Joshua2231
Brothers, Samuel1001
Baker, Nathan1001
Baker, Henry1001
Campen, Thomas1401
Campen, Joseph2001
Campen, Robert501
Dowdy, James5001
Dowdy, William1
Dowdy, Elisha1
Denny, John1001
Everitt, Hugh6001
Everett, James1201
Everett, Robert5001
Everitt, Henry3001
Fatchel, Perry1001
Holton, James2001
Herrington, John1001
Harvey, James1
Jasper, Jonathan50012
Jones, Josiah4332
Jones, Josiah, Junr3001
Jones, David1200
Jones, William1001
Jones, William1
Jones, Francis18006
Leith, Elizabeth3504
Linton, Daniel1
Linton, Luke1
Muckleroy, Adam4001
Purnell, Mark1
Riggs, James1
Squires, Amy2001
Slade, William1
Sparrow, Samuel2001
Wolston, John1
Wise, Joseph251
Wise, Joanna751
Captain White’s District
Brady, Benjamin1
in trust for Warwick dec’d8001
Bond, John90014
Barrow, William12
Bennett, John8911
Bond, Robert3803
Brumfield, James2501
Bland, Stephen1001
Bennett, John for the heirs of Luke Bennett160
Collins, Timothy150
Clark, William1
Campen, Robert121012
Caps, John26011
Dixon, Elizabeth2502
Dixon, James1001
Dixon, Thomas501
Dunbar, James10012
Etheridge, Willoughby1
Etheridge, Jonathan401
Farris, William25013
for the Heirs of Wm Palmer2000
Gouty, Leary (or Gary?)1
Gainer, Benjamin21312
Gainer, Samuel11
Harvey, Thomas100
Hutson, James1
Herrington, Marmaduke871
Hutson, John1001
Harvey, James1
Jones, Solomon1601
Keel, Joseph100
Leverage, Sarah150
Lee, Shadrach1
Lee, Benjamin501
Lewis, John1001
Lewis, Joseph1
Lockey, Henry1801
Landing, Richard100
Mayo, Solomon2501
Mixon, Zedekiah4901
in trust for Robert Campen, deceased3502
Moore, Samuel501
Purser, James2551
Purser, David2851
Purser, David Sr.501
Prichet, Peter11
Pritchet, Phillip2301
Purser, Robert4501
Prescott, John200
Purser, James1001
Pritchet, Jacob11
Peed, Henry3001
Pritchet, Abraham127214
Pritchet, Abraham Jr.55012
Respess, Richard27513
in trust for Jas. Lockey100
Rowland, John100013
Robertson, Luke80013
Respess, John4001
Respess, Thomas682024
ditto in trust for Esther Respess46208
Spring, Aaron6001
Springle, George1521
Springle, Charles1501
Springle, James1
Stapleford, Thomas1001
Whtehouse, Simon Jur.1
Whitehouse, Henry1
Whitehouse, Simon280
White, Solomon39013
Warner, Jerry821
Warner, James100
Whitehouse, Batson45011
Wainright, Milba1251
Wallace, John3501
Wyatt, Nathaniel100
Wood, John5011
Young, William901
Captain Williams’s District
Adams, Isaac1001
Adams, Joshua1001
Acklin, Christopher2501
Adams, Abraham77511
Bonner, Sarah10002
Brooks, James1001
Blango, Isaac1
Blango, Sarah200
Cox, Abraham6931
Cox, Aaron1
Campain, John1
Crawford, Charles150017
Condra, William1
Conner, Caton300
Douty, Elisha101513
Daw, William9001
Dun, Francis10011
Douty, Elisha Jur1
Everitt, John2001
Everitt, Thomas1471
Fatherly, Anns Est. by Giles Shute Adm2501
Fulcher, Morning2804
Galloway, William1951
Garritt, Benjamin75014
Gerrard, Forbes60013
Griffeth, Edward181818
Hill, Joshua8511
Hagen, Darbey951
Hartley, Samuel801
Harrison, Stephen1001
Harrison, Jessee1902
Jones, Thomas9401
Jones, Walter3001
Jones, Jessee3001
Johnson, Joshua1001
Listium, John1
Moore, William300
Miller, Danice57412
Moore, Giles Punch1001
Moore, John Punch1001
Orrell, William2501
Orrell, Stephen1
Orrell, Ike1
Orrell, Sarah100
Pilley, John18011
Purnel, Azariah2001
Prescott, Benjamin30011
Pearce, Hezekiah40013
Robinson, Henry4001
Rose, John100
Right, Stephen13
Roe, Richard1001
Roe, Jessee2081
Roe, Joshua751
Roe, John Junior1
Smith, Thomas122015
Smith, George1
Sirman, Benjamin2501
Searles, Coventon2001
Sirman, Thomas3001
Smith, Jerves(?)751
Shute, Giles2001
Shute, Jacob decd1550
Satterthite, Jeremiah1451
Tripp, Robert40016
Tomlinson, Matthew16010
Tutell, Thomas3501
Taylor, Jacob1
Taylor, John801
Taffey, Bikham2001
Tingle, Jared2001
Williams, John35412
Walker, Thomas1001
Captain Godley’s District
Blount, Thomas37412
Buck, Francis1501
Buck, Isaac2051
Blount, Lewis3301
Bartlet, Thomas2191
Butler, William1
Buck, Isaac Junior1001
Blount, Bryan146015
Barns, Jeremiah1501
Bryan, Thomas3121
Buck, Edward1001
Blount, Reading150013
in trust for Moses Maul11365
Blount, Nathaniel118715
in trust for Jos & Wilson Blount Minors1087
Blount, Jessee50814
Calf, Robert51011
Creamer, James1341
Downs, William1
Denbey, Samuel1
Edwards, Walker4001
Edwards, John1861
Edwards, James2001
Edwards, David2001
Edwards, William2161
Ecklin, Joshua2501
Edwards, Isaac2371
Edwards, Isaac951
Edwards, Emanuel1001
Godley, Nathan Junr.25011
Godley, John15011
Godley, Elias44711
Grist, Richard191019
Grist, Reading31511
in trust for Grist, John550
Gin, George1
Holmes, John167
Harding, Israel20011
Harding, Stephen200
Hill, Herman90013
Keel, Nathaniel1
King, Hermon1
Knox, James1671
Kinnian, Anthony40
Kinnian, Anthony Junior1
Lee, Timonthy1
Lee, Joshua1
Laughinghouse, Andrew1001
Laughinghouse, Thomas1031
Lewis, Jonathan1901
Long, Nathan1601
Laughinghouse, John1971
Mucklery, William1
Morris, Elisha100
Nobles, Isaac10011
Nobles, John1501
Nelson, Nathan3151
Ottrey, James501
Owens, Stephen14012
Paxton, Benjamin1
Pearce, Joseph70015
Pridgeon, William1
Palmer, George501
Pearce, Lazarus6466
Richards, Ralph454
Richards, Thomas27511
Richards, Elizabeth2
Palmer, James1
Pearce, George85012
Potten, Ann15003
Pollard, Jacob5501
Smith, Thomas2001
Smith, Benjamin961
Slade, Major34114
Vines, Samuel7003
Worsley, Joseph1
Walls, Joseph7251
Walls, Joell52012
Worsley, John20011
Worsley, Thomas82012
Captain Willson Lanier’s District
Asbell, Joseph1
Anderson, Joseph1001
Abraham, Witaker2001
Brown, Ephraim1
Brown, Jacob200
Ball, John1
Brown, Ely1
Brown, James4001
Bonner, Henry Junior59613
Bonner, Henry Snoad104013
do for Bonner, Edward5002
Bonner, James Senr.362111
do for Bonner, Elizabeth5
do for Bonner, Joseph4184
ditto Bonner, Lemuel715
ditto Bonner, Anna1
do Bonner, John decd1
Ball, James1507
Brown, Richard3001
Bowen, John1
Bartee, Reuben11
Bonner, James, for Bonner Willis439
Clark, George1
Cherry, Charles Senr1
Cherry, Charles Junior750
Crandell, James80012
Cherry, John Junior12431
Carroway, Joseph40012
do for Carroway, Jessee502
Casso, Peter1
Cole, Richard1
Cook, Charles13
Congleton, Jenney1801
Cherry, John Senior2001
Congleton, John22311
Crawford, William75011
Davis, William36011
Davis, Benjamin1271
Eastwood, James13
Floyd, Peter30016
Floyd, John33013
Floyd, Uriah1201
Floyd, Simion30012
Floyd, Grissom20012
Floyd, Peter Junior11
Freeman, James1001
Gainer, Joseph143114
Groves, William52015
Groves, Daniel1
Horn, George13
Hoell, Elias10712
do for Griffin Floyd decd12
Hodges, James35011
Holland, Phillip1101
Hayes, Alexander100
Hodges, Henry1
Hinton, Isaac551
Hanrahan, Walter30015
Harvey, Augustus14
Jones, Britain.1
Jones, Rodger2001
Jolley, Solomon16511
Knowis, Philip22013
Knowis, Willoughby100013
Kears?, Nathan200016
Kennedy, John1400114
Keel, James2681
Lanier, William50013
do for Lanier, Seth decd.585
Lanier, Martha1003
Lanier, Robert70013
Latham, John2001
Lanier, Hosse43511
Little, Thomas1
Leggitt, Jeremiah1911
Lee, James10
Little, Josiah40011
W Donald, Andrew1
W. Donald, Randall77012
Maxwell, James701
McKeel, Benjamin1501
Mullony, John1
Murrey, Jacob1
Owens, Brawnack6751
do for Elizabeth Bonner1
Puguett, Joseph1
Parker, Green1
Pinkham, James1001
Rose, Mary1
Shepherd, Solomon163514
Swanner, Jessee2001
Short, Malborne?2001
Shingleton, William250
Shoemaker, David1
Tetterton, Joseph1
Williams, Godfrey75011
do for Matthew Hodge1
White, Daniel1
Williams, James3681
Wills, James1
Woollard, Jeremiah1501
Woollard, Absalom5201
Williams, James21411
do for Simon Taylor dec’d125
Williams, Thomas1
Wilson, P. Seth?71015
Williams, John11
Walker, Thomas1001
Walker, Daniel10011
Williams, Thomas Jur.10011
Williams, S. Thomas12511
Willson, Seth31012
Young, John55013
Captain Smaw’s District
Boyd, Thomas37012
Brady, Rachel100
Burbage, John30011
Bayner, John30012
Bayner, Richard20011
Beasley, Thomas61513
Boyd, William52512
Beeks, John1541
Bayner, Richard Sen.3002
Cutler, Robert2401
Cutler, John20011
Cutler, Moses1001
Cutler, Aaron901
Chauncy, Samuel70011
Chester, Martha175
Chester, Samuel1
Congleton, James2001
Congleton, Daniel2001
Congleton, Moses200
Ellison, Alderson50014
Elligood, John1001
Elligood, Jacob2701
Elligood, Francis5251
Elliott, Peter1001
Hawkins, Major751
Hare, John13
Hare, Mary4406
Hawkins, Martha200
Hawkins, Benjamin2401
Ditto for Anna Croften390
Jefferson, Obediah1581
Jones, Jonathan2501
Jefferson, Levy501
Jones, William39811
Jones, Elizabeth2001
Little, Jessee1001
Langley, Stephen501
Lucass, Henry31012
McKeel, Edmond75014
McKeel, John1001
McKeel, Elizabeth150
McKeel, James11
Millian, William501
Nurney, John1
North, Edward501
Pilley, Thomas501
Sulivan, Richard1
Sexton, William1001
Smaw, Henry Junior30010
Smaw, Thomas1751
Smallwood, Charles11
Smaw, John3004
Vines, Thompson70013
Woollard, Michael751
Woollard, Coverton741
Woollard, Coleman501
Woollard, Michael Junior1
Worsley, Thomas35513
Woollard, Absalom3001
Worsley, William2001
Woollard, Jasper1
Woollard, Joseph1
Captain Jackson’s District
Bowen, John2251
Boyd, Thomas123014
Boyd, William46011
Chester, Henry1
Condra, George2251
Daniel, John1001
Daniel, Arthur501
Daniel, James501
Daniel, Van Edwd.20011
Daniel, Edward1
Dempsy, Smitt1
Everitt, John2001
Garrott, John1371
Girkin, Zachariah1
Girkin, Charles1001
Garrott, Shadrach1401
Giskin, Benjamin175
Gaylard, Benjamin1401
Howren, John751
Hamilton, John550
Hamilton, James1
Hamilton, Lazarus1
Harris, John1861
Jones, Walter200
Jackson, Elizaer2101
Kelley, Custus1001
Kelley, Laban1751
Lathem, Phineas601
Lathem, Noell501
Lathem, Charles501
Moore, John2751
Martin, Thoroughgood William1201
McDonough, Henry541
McDonough, John541
Miller, Nathaniel901
Oden, Charles1
Oden, Charles34502
Oden, Richard11
Ross, Elijah3951
Respess, Thomas Jur.1001
Redditt, Alexander20011
Respess, Robert1
Ross, Benjamin1531
Squires, Appleton2711
Stubbs, William1001
Waters, John1501
Waters, David501
Waters, Jessee1001
Waters, Isaac35011
Waters, Annas1651
Waters, Zachariah801
Waters, John Junior1001
Waters, Jeremiah501
Waters, Windfield1
Wallace, Thomas33012
Captain Perkins’s District
Adams, Henry25012
Alderson, James1001
Abell, Arthur11
Adams, Samuel1
Archabald, Nathan1001
Archabald, John1951
Archabald, Samuel69012
Archabald, James1881
Alderson, Thomas20015
Adams, James700
Adams, Abraham1
Alderson, Simon119414
Archabald, Nathan2703
Brock, John1001
Benton, Bailey1501
Barrow, William2311
Barrow, Thomas30011
Boyd, William Sr?125013
Cogdell, Richd83012
Clifford, William100
Condrey, John1001
Condrey, Dennis10011
Corden, Thomas55014
Clifford, John1001
Eckols, Joses661
Fullerton, Andrew36111
Franks, Daniel1
Gaylard, Winofd.?11
Guy, William1503
Guy, John2001
Garrey, John640
Harvey, John1181
Hammond, Levi951
Hammond, Philip1961
Hammond, John1902
Hammond, Will19011
Hammond, John Jur.1
James, William1001
Jones, John2851
Jones, Thomas1
Lathem, James1501
Langley, George1
Lanier, John55013
Mixon, Elijah3001
McCabe, James2501
Perkins, William1501
Pearce, William29012
Routhac, P.G.D.164616
do for Moses Maul6351
Rogers, Thomas12
Smith, James561
Smith, James Junior1
Smith, Robert511
Smith, Jeremiah1501
Smaw, William40014
Smaw, Henry Senior60015
Turner, John1
Woodard, Isaiah115011
Whitley, William1001
Whitley, Arthur1
Welch, William10011
Witley, Arthur Junior1
Wood, John10011
Willis, Samuel30013
Windley, Israel2071
Windly, Aaron30014
Windley, Moses3801
Windly, Israel Senr78614
Whitley, Arthur4501
Whitley, John1
List and Valuation of Property in the Town of Washington for the year 1789
Persons NamesPropertyValuation
Old TownNew Town£Sd
Bonner, JamesNo. 7No. –200
for Bonner, Lemuel7250
do for Bonner, Joseph31200
ditto ditto3240
ditto for Lemuel435
ditto for Willis3920
Bertie, Reubin365
Blount, John G.19500
Baldwin, William9100
Cook, Charles880
Casso, Peter½ 8150
Carroway½ 2210
Collier, John½ 4015
Cartha, David½ 5550
Campbell, William6020
Crowson, Thomas1110
Clark, George3140
Dessaux, Leonard7600
Dennison, Geo.½ 880
Eastwood, James1400
Gavin, James2640
ditto½ 1100
Grist, Richard2780
Groves, Daniel1060
Groves, William19200
Horn, George15250
Hanrahan, Walter25800
Hoell, Elias35100
Jones, David2200
Jones, John37100
Jasper, James43140
Kears?, Nathan4200
Kennedy, John34100
Lathem, John560
Loomiss, Jonathn.1260
ditto for William Fullerton decd3680
Lewy, John½ 1100
McDaniel, William34200
McDaniel, Andrew2180
Newmans½ 2230
Owens, Brawk.2360
Owens, Stephen14100
OBryan, Laurance2020
Puguett, Joseph2060
Palmer, Joseph4580
Parker, Green½ 880
Parker, William1230
Reilly?, Philip49250
Robinson, Benjm.305
Rose, Mary4530
Shoemaker, Davd½ 8150
Salter, John Sr.9100
Salter, John Jr.13150
Stowe, Nathl1110
Shepherd Solo.1620
Stewart, Willim.½ 4020
Simons, Mrs.275
Shereden, Dennis1580
Tinker, Edward1380
Wallace, John2912
White, Christophr.5120
Welch, James515
Williams, Thomas16150
Worden, John29250
Young, John57150
Non-intested(Several nameless lots listed here)(Various amounts listed for valuations)
Bath Town Property for 1789
Persons NamesPropertyValuation
impre= =oldunim= =proved£SD
Alderson, Thomas1218010
Adams, Josias240
Barrow, John110
Brown, William15400
Barrow, George324
Boyd, William110
ditto for Garner?324
Cogdell, Richard324
Farris, William124495
Langly, George12225
Rogers, Thos.2170
Smith, Mary Ann140
Willis, Samuel1111210
Willis, Thomas2 ½75
Tankard, George1150


  1. Kitty B Hoffman

    Is this Beaufort NC or SC?
    Thanks, KBH

    • Sara Whitford

      North Carolina. Also, be aware that there is also a town called Beaufort which is in a different county as Beaufort County.


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