Carraway-Hardison Bible Records

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The following comes from Pitt County Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 4 (February 1997).

From photocopy of original contributed by Martha M. Marble; original owned by Carolyn Riddle of Springfield, Illinois. (No title pages.) It also appeared in OldeDobbs Trail, Vol. II, Oct.-Dec. 1995.

Caraway Records:


  • Bedreaddon Caraway Jun’r was Married to Rebecca his wife 4th day of January A.D. 1807
  • Bedreaddon Caraway Junr was Married to Sussanna D. Tison the 27th of June AD 1830.
  • Howell H. Cobb was married to Susan D. B. M. Harrison Jan. 11, 1859
  • D. W. Cobb was married to Annie Hardison
  • General George Washington Birthday 22 February AD 1732.


  • Bedreaddon Caraway Sen’r was bornd October the 24th day in the year of our Lord 1742
  • Lucrecy Caraway was the 11th December AD 1740
  • Bedreaddon Caraway Jun’ was bornd Febraury the 28th in the year of our Lord 1782
  • Elizabeth Caraway was born the 21st of September A.D. 1764
  • Arche Caraway was born 19th February A.D. 1766
  • William Caraway was born 15th September AD. 1770
  • John Caraway was born 31st of January A.D. 1777
  • Colin Caraway was born 4th of February A.D. 1779 [inserted in later handwriting: D. 21 Oct. 1832]
  • Mary Jane Beaman a Daughter of John Beaman and Colin his wife was bornd the 30th October AD. 1808.
  • John R. Beaman was born the 17th March AD 1813
  • William T. Beaman was bornd the 27th of December AD 1815
  • Meria K. Beaman was bornd March 16th AD 1819
  • Rebecca Eliza Ann Dudley a Daughter of Mr. Allen Dudley was Bornd the 21st of January 1828
  • Susanna Depree Gatsey Moye a Daughter of Bedreaddon Caraway & his wife Susanna Dilde (Ed. note – I think this should be DUPREY, as that is the name mentioned in Bedreaddon Caraway, Jr.’s will.) Caraway was Bron the 15th day of November AD 1831
  • Howell H. Cobb son of Obed Cobb and his wife Elizabeth was born Aug. 15th, 1834.
  • D W Cobb Son of H H Cobb was borne Jan—31 St 1868
  • Charles G Cobb Son of D W Cobb was borne Nov 2nd 1899
  • Robert D Cobb Son of D W Cobb was borne Sept 7th 1906


  • Susan D. B. M. Cobb departed this life March 9th, 1860
  • H. H. Cobb departed this life April 22nd 1891 in the 57th year of his age.
  • Lucrecy Caraway a wife of B Caraway Sn’r Departed this life the 30th of April 1804.
  • Bedreaddon Caraway Sen’r Departed this life the 4th of March A.D. 1821.
  • Rebecca Caraway a wife of B. Caraway jn Departed this life the 3rd day of September A.D. 1829
  • Bedreden Caraway departed this life the 16th day of July A.D. 1844
  • Susan D. Caraway departed this life the 14th of December 1858
  • John Beaman Departed this life the 30th of September A. D. 1820
  • Keneth Mcintosh a worthy young man Departed this life the 24th of September AD 1820
  • Irwin Moye Departed This life 4th of Septembere AD 1832 died in Comlumbia South Carolina aBt [a B(aptis)t ?] Preacher
  • Colin Royall a widow Departed This life the 21st of October AD 1832
  • Arche Caraway of Anson County NC Departed this life the 18th of September in year of our Lord 1835
  • Chas. A Harison departed this life the 25th of October 1858.

Hardison Records:

Parents’ Names

Husband: Thomas James Hardison
Born: ?

Wife: Rebecca Denmark Howell
Born: Sept 3rd 1839

Married: ?

Children’s Names [Births]

  • Rosa Ellen Howell
  • Fannie Dixon Hardison
  • Joseph Denmark Hardison
  • Frank [space] Hardison
  • Mary Eliza Hardison Nov. 4, 1873
  • Annie Patience Hardison Jan. 14, ’76
  • Rebecca Thomas Hardison [birth illegible]
  • June T. Hardison June 14, 1873 [or 1878?]


  • James T. Hardison Oct. 1880
  • Rebecca J. Hardison Jan. 30. 1917
  • Rosa E. Parker Nov. 28. 1916
  • Fannie D. Hinson March 26.1902
  • Joseph Hardison Feb. — 1885
  • Frank Hardison
  • Rebecca T. Hardison June? 1879? [overwritten]

Included as loose sheets in Hardison record:

Marriage Record from Wayne County, NC (abstracted):

Sept’r 6 18 [illegibly overwritten]
Raford G [? Grise?] applied for License for marriage of Tohn Wright Rayner of Wayne Co., aged 22 yrs, son of Jno Rayner and Betsy Ann Rayner the father now living, the mother now living, residents of Wayne Co., and Ann Thornton of Wayne age 19 yrs, daughter of Thad Thornton and Mary Thornton the father dead the mother living resident of Wayne Co.

Marriage Record:

I, Richd Rayner, a Justice of the Peace, united in matrimony Jno. W Rayner and Ann Thornton … 8 Sept, 1878 at Sam. Raynor’s in [township illeg.] Witnesses present: James Jordan, David Jordan, Wiley Raynor


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