North Carolina Tedder Census Data, Tax Lists, Land Records, and more, by county

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Albemarle County:

1729-32. James Tuder paid quit rents to his majesty the king, 29 Sep 1729 to Mar 1732, for 100 acres of land (N. C. Colonial Records, book 22, Pg 243).  The land was in Chowan.  See Bertie County where James bought land.


Anson:  Formed 1750 from Bladen.

  1. Owen Tudor, born 1743 in VA; son of Henry Tudor born 1720 in VA. Married Lucy Harris in VA about 1765. Died in Anson.  Originally in Cumberland County.

1800 Morris Tedder, 6 slaves.  Indian ancestry.  In 1810 listed as Tutor in Robeson.  Supposed father of Ethelred/Etheldread Tutor and Dumas Tutor, see Robeson County census.


Beaufort: Formed 1712 from Craven.

  1. Corn Tax, no Tedders.
  2. Land listing, no Tedders.
  3. Beaufort/Hyde Jury List, no Tedders.

1755 tax list. Benjamin Tedder, no dependents(this just means that no child is 16 or older).  Most likely Benjamin is an older son of George Tuder/Tedder; named after his uncle John’s son Benjamin, based on name and location.  See below.  I believe this Benjamin became deceased.  The Benjamin in Richmond most closely relates to be a brother of Thomas of Cumberland, son of Jesse, who I believe was a son of Samuel of Surry, VA.  Since we know that George’s brothers, Samuel and Jacob, are younger than George, see Edgecombe County, Benjamin isn’t likely to be one of their sons.  George Tudor with sons George Jr and Thomas as tithables on tax list.  Jesse who I believe is a younger son by name, location, and association with brothers and other kin is not listed because he is younger than sixteen.  George was son of Samuel Tuder of Surry VA who left Surry and was first documented in Edgecombe County; after 1755 he went back to that part of Edgecombe that became Halifax County and can be picked up in Halifax County.

  1. 1764. George Tudor. com: Tudor census records 1670-1790. This is probably Jr.

1790 census.  Sarah Tutterton with one female less than 16; Kizzy (Hizzy) Tutterton, five females (Free person of color—Indian extraction); William Tetterton 3 16+, 2 under 16, 3 females. Joseph Tetterton 1 16+, 1 under 15, 2 females; believe this is brother of William. This family was in that part of Beaufort that became Pitt County (see 1780/87 Pitt County); they then came back to Beaufort, then went to Hyde County where William Sr died; William and Nancy came back to Beaufort; see 1820.  Birth of William Tetterton, son of William, son of the William who passed in Hyde County.

  1. 1796. Birth of James Tetterton, son of William Jr, and father of William Rufus Tetterton, b abt 1835. Married Sarah A Coplin, date unknown.

1800 Census: Jesse (W) TettertonStephen and Kezia Tetterton (Free persons of color).  Joseph, William Jr, William Sr.  Note: Pick this family up in Hyde County in 1812 where William Sr died; listed is son William and Nancy Tetterton.  They moved back to Beaufort; see 1820 below.

  1. 1803. Birth of Jesse Tetterton, probably son of Jesse.

1810-1820 Jesse Tetterton.

1810 census; other free persons: Tetterton, Chas. T? 4 and Tetterton, Kesiah 5.

  1. 1820. William, Stephen, Nancy Tetterton. Nancy is widow of William Sr and William Jr is her son.  See Hyde County for will.


Bertie:  Formed as a Precinct from Chowan precinct in 1722.

Note: Believe the Anne Tudor  below was the wife of John Tether, and father of James who was father of Henry.  See following: 1665.  John Tether, arrival year 1665, Virginia.  Source Publication: 1218.5.  Date of covenant or indenture of service and apprenticeship with intended destination.  Extracted from Servants to Foreign Plantations, a two volume set discovered in the Council House of Bristol.  A summarized transcript by R  Hargreaves-Mawdsley.  Source: Coldham, Peter Wilson.  The Bristol Registers of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations, 1654-1686.  Baltimore: Genealogical  Publishing Co., 1998.491p, Page 213.  Provided by Jack Ruple.

1732, 19 Mar: Will of Humphrey Morrell.  Grandsons: JOSEPH and JOHN PEARS. Daughter and Executrix: ELIZABETH WATS. Mother: ELIZABETH MORREL. Witnesses: WILLIAM SIMES, ANN BURK, HENRY TUDOR. No probate. Internet

1735, 29 Nov.  D:139.  Henry Jernagan of Nansemond in VA, planter, to James Tudor of Bertie.  For [£10?], 100 acres patented as 140 acres by George Stevenson 8 Aug 1728, adj John Williams, Villige Swamp.  Including improvements.  /s/ Henry Jernagan & a seal.  W: Needham Bryan, Theophilus Williams.  Acknowledged. (The Jernigan Connection Newsleter).  Village Swamp is where today Village Gate is located in Bertie County; it is south of Woodville on route 11.)  Internet.

Date not definedJohn, Henry, and James Tudor lived at Pine Island in Bertie County–there were two Pine Islands, one in Bertie, one on the coast of NC.  From another researcher.  See Perquimans.

1736, 7 Jan.  Deed Abstract: Anne Tudor, widow, to Thomas Raysens.  Witnesses: William Theopilus, John Howard, and Henry Barker.  (Note: As another researcher identified John, Henry, and James Tuder as living at Pine Island and James and Henry are alive in 1736, this should be the widow of John).  Internet.  See above.

  1. 1736. Will of John Allen. 1736, Jan 8. August Court, 1736. Sons: WILLIAM and RICHARD. Daughters: CATHRINE and MARGARET ALLIN. Wife and Executrix: Witnesses: THOMAS MANDEN, ISAAC RICKS and HENRY TUDOR. Clerk of the Court: JNO. WYNNS. Internet.
  2. Will of Thomas Mandue 17 April. Henry Tudor witness to will. Internet.  Note:  Henry disappears from North Carolina after this date.  Believe he went to Surry County, VA.  See my Virginia file.
  3. Will of Henry Jernigin 9 May. Identifies land joining James Tudor. (This land is located in Bertie south of Woodville; see 1735.)  Internet.

1755/1757 tax lists: No Tudors, Tedders, etc.


Bladen:  Formed 1734 from New Hanover.

1755 and 1763 tax lists; no Tedders or similar names.

1790 tax lists and census, no Tedders.

Note:  George and George Jr and families all came from Dobbs County after the 1790 census.

1795, 7 Sep.  George Tedder, Jr (Actually this is George III) will.  Names wife Mary (life estate in realty and personalty). Sons Jesse and Thomas get all land upon death. Appoints brothers William and Samuel as executors.  North Carolina probate records, 1735-1970.  Bladen NC wills.   Note:  Still alive in 1796, see below.  Note 2: Per 1800 census, Jesse and Thomas are less than ten years of age.  Most likely named after George III’s father’s brothers, Jesse and Thomas.

  1. 1796. George Sr (This is George Jr not George Sr listed originally in Edgecombe) will dated Jan 1796. Names wife Sarah. (Life estate in realty and personalty): daughters Sarah, Elizabeth. Sons George, William, Samuel.  Son Samuel to get all realty after mother’s death.  Son George appointed executor.  Witnesses John and Margaret Thomas. Book 1, p 389-90, North Carolina Probate Records, 1735 to 1790.  Bladen Wills.   See George’s III’s 1796 above.

1797 William Tedder, son of George Jr, witness to land deed.

1800 Mary Tedder 200001101000(widow of George III).  In 1808 the part of Bladen that Mary lived became Columbus County.  Pick up this family there.

  1. 1800. William, son of George Jr, census 1 0-10, 1 26-45. Believe the 0-10 is James.
  2. 1800. Stephen Tedder in Capt Ashford’s district. Note: Stephen is not in the 1790 census.  We know George Jr and George III’s children, also George Jr brother Thomas’s children.  Stephen most likely was a son of George JR’s brother Jesse and came from Dobbs to Bladen with George and his family.

1801 to 1823Samuel Tedder, son of George Jr, received the following land grants: 1801, 50 acres, North side of Lake Ray; 1801, 50 acres, south east side of Gum Swamp; 1805, 100 acres, north east side of Baldwin Branch; 1818, 250 acres, on the east side of Baldwin Branch; 1823, 13 acres, on the west side of Browder’s Branch.  Taken from the original records of state archives, Raleigh, NC.  1830 and 40 in Upton, Georgia.

1803 and 1805William Tedder received the following land grants: 1803, 100 acres, joining his own and Kelly’s line; 1806, 8 acres, on Bartram’s Lake.  Taken from the original records of state archives, Raleigh, NC.

  1. 1810. Samuel and William in census. From another researcher on Internet.
  2. 1817. William Tedder sold 50 acres to Wm Johnson, witness James Tedder. Note: Believe James is son of William.
  3. 1820. Samuel Tedder 2 10-16, 1 26-45. Moved after 1827 to Upton, Georgia.
  4. 1830. William in census.


Burke.  Formed from Rowan County in 1777

  1. 1790. No Tedders or similar names in 1790 census.

1830, approximate.  Charles Teter was in Burke NC Marriage bonds.  There was an earlier one, Jacob Teeter, same place Burke; think he was a son of George Teeter of Cabbarus.  From another researcher.


Cabarrus.  These people carried over from Mecklenberg County when Cabarrus formed from Mechlenberg in Dec of 1792.  See Rowan County on this George.


1774, 29 Sep.  Birth of Catherine Teator, daughter of George Teter, Jr

1785, approximate.  Birth of Jacob George Teeter, JR.  Married Catherine Deberry on 26 Jan 1809 in Carrabus.  Son John E Teeters.  WikiTree

1800 census.  George Teators. 1 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+, 2 females.  Almost certainly the father of George Teters b 1795 who is documented in the Cocke County, Tennessee, 1850 census.

1800 census. James Love, p. 693 Cabarrus County NC 1m16-26, 1m45+ // 1f 10-16, 1f16-26, 1f45+ and 12 slaves His neighbors are James Little, Henry Howell, John Stuart and George Teeter.

  1. 1839. George Teeter of Cabarrus County N.C. and Peter Teeter, a brother, moved to Arkansas ca 1839. Pope County Library System.



  1. John Tudor (later Tedder) Grant Number 320, Entry date 1 March 1779, Issue date 31 March 1780, 484 acres on Great Beaver Creek of New Hope. This is son of Benjamin Tudor, see Sussex Virginia and Granville NC Counties.

1782-1794. No Tedders in Chatham Wills.

  1. 1784. The following persons to attend as Jurors to the Next Court, ____ as Blaxton (water mark), James Steel, John Be___, …John Tudder, John Johnston….
  2. 1785. Gen Forum: Re: Thomas Lassiter, 1670-1745, Edgecombe: William LASATER (b. 6 Feb 1786-Chatham Co, NC d. 8 Oct 1846-Franklin Co, TN) sp: Sarah TUDOR (b.12 Jul 1785-Chatham Co, NC m. Abt 1804 d.18 Oct 1858-Fannin Co,TX — Now Jack Co,TX). Believe this is one of John Tedder’s eight daughters.
  3. 1790. John Tedder 1 0-16, 1 16+, 9 females. Son has to be James W; see 1800 census. Believe John is son of Benjamin Tudor and brother of Harmon, James, and William.
  4. 1792. Birth of William Tedder, d 1860 in Stokes, NC. See 1820-40. Son of James W.
  5. 1797. Benjamin Tuder witness to deed. Either Benjamin born in 1720 in VA, son of John Tedder of Surry VA, or Benjamin Jr born around 1750; most likely JR.
  6. 1799. William Tedder, son of Benjamin Tudor, either given land by brother John or bought 75 acres of land in Chatham from him, Fork of Buckhorn and Beaver Creek. Sold 1 acre in 1799 to Seth Cotton; sold 54 acres in 1802 to Parrish Cross.

1800, Hillsboro District.  Code: 0-10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+.  James (W) Tedder 1010010100 (James W, son of John).  Harman Tedder 3101011100.  John Tedder 1000116001.  William Tedder 2001000010.  Harmon, John, and William children of Benjamin Tudor Jr.

  1. Stephen Tedder 1 26-45. The only person Stephen could be descended from is Benjamin Tudor Jr. We know all children of Tedders in this area except James, however James did not get married until 1781 and Stephen is age 26 or over.
  2. 1804. Sarah Tedder.   Probably John’s daughter.
  3. 1810. James W 3 0-10, 1 10-16 (Hinton), 1 26-45; f 2 0-10, 1 26-45.
  4. 1812. Birth of Elisha Tedder son of James W.
  5. 1812. Muster War of 1812: Benjamin and James

1820 James W, 1 0-10, 1 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+; f 1 26-45.

1820-40 William Tedder listed 1820, 1830, and 1840.  Went to Stokes County by 1850.  Son of James W.

  1. 1830. James W; in Benton Tennessee in 1840.


Columbus: Formed 1808 from Bladen and Brunswick


1811, Dec 24.  Samuel Tedder deed to Henry Wooten.  Ref: Book A, pg 193, Columbus land records.  See Bladen County.  From research of Jack Ruple.  This is a son of George Jr.

1820 Census: Jesse Tedder.  Jesse is 26-45, females 3 10-16, 1 26-45.  Mary Tedder.  Males 1 0-10, 1 16-26; females 1 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+. (Most likely son Thomas and wife are living with Mary, Thomas’s mother).  Note: This family carried over from Bladen.  Mary was wife of George III who died young in Bladen; Jesse and Thomas are Mary’s sons.  See George III’s will in Bladen.

1826, 16 Sep.  Samuel Tedder deed to Benajoh Ellis. Ref: Deed Book D, pg 395.  Columbus County land records.  See Bladen County.  From research of Jack Ruple.

1839, 29 Dec.  Thomas and Rebecca Tedder deed to Joshua P Lee. Ref: Deed Book F, pg 426, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.  This is George III’s and Mary Tedder’s son.  See Bladen County.

1844, Apr 9.  Mathew Tedder B of S to James Tedder.  Ref: Book H, pg 20, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.  I believe these are brothers and sons of William of Bladen.

1844, Apr 18.  Mary Tedder deed to James Tedder.  Ref: Deed Book H, Pg 21, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.

1844, May 20.  Mary Tedder deed to John J Tedder.  Ref: Deed Book H, pg 195, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.  Per 1850 census, John J is Mary’s son.

1850 Census.  Thomas Tedder, 51, farmer.  Rebecca 29, Anne E 22; Sarah 17, Jno(John) W. S. 15, Moley A 13, Jno(John)S 12, Anne C 10, Martha A 9, Josiah 2.   Thomas is son of George III.

Matthew Tedder 26, Delaney 22, James W 1.   Most likely a son of Jesse or Thomas.

Mary Tedder 43, John J 19.

Goldsbury Tedder 31, Sarah J 24, Alexr 1, Julia Ann 5 months.   By age most likely Thomas’s oldest son.

1853, 28 May.  John J Tedder deed to Mathew Tedder.  Ref: Deed Book L, pg 335, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.  Reference 1850 census, John J is son of Mary Tedder.

1854, Nov4.   Thomas and John W Tedder deed to Alfred Smith.  Ref: Deed Book M, pg 7, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.  Reference 1850 census, this is Thomas and son John W S.

1860, 1 Dec.  Samuel Tedder deed to John W Gore. Ref: Deed Book g, pg 764, Columbus County land records.  From research of Jack Ruple.


Craven: From now extinct Bath County in 1712.  Note the family below moved a lot.  See Hyde, Beaufort, and Pitt.

  1. 1769. Joseph and Sarah Tedder found in tax records. I think this is a name corruption; believe this is almost certainly Joseph Teterton documented in 1780 in adjacent Pitt County and Joseph Tetterton in 1790 Beaufort.
  2. 1777. Inventory of Abraham Fordham taken 15 Dec. Proved before William Tudor (probably William Tetterton).

1779 tax list: No Tedders.

  1. 1781. M. Tetterton married Sarah Stafford (From LDS).

Cumberland: Formed 1754 from Bladen.

1755 tax list:  No Tedders, etc.

1777 to 1779 tax rolls, partial, Capt Cobb’s District, no Tedders, etc.

1780 Samuel Tuder born 8 Sep, son of Owen, son of Henry b abt 1720, Surry VA.  Owen Sr moved to NC around 1772.  From an earlier input.

1780, 5 Mar.  Birth of Betsy Tedder, daughter of William Tedder, son of Benjamin Tudor, son of John Tedder of Surry Virginia.

Note: My personal thoughts on the Thomas and Jesse Tedder below is that Thomas is Jesse’s son and brother of Benjamin who was first documented in Richmond County.  Believe this family was at one time in that part of Anson County that later became Richmond County as Thomas married Winney Turner who lived in that part of on Anson County that became Richmond.  A descendant of this family also believed that Jesse was Thomas’s father.  Believe that Jesse was another son of Samuel of Surry.  The name Jesse, Benjamin, and Thomas occur over and over in this family.  See Beaufort, Dobbs, and Johnston Counties.

Unknown Date.  First documented in 1790 census. Thomas and Winney Tedder (Winney daughter of Moses Turner of Richmond County.  See 1790 census images and other information for Richmond County, NC: Moses included in 7 free persons of color and 1 slave; Lumbee Indian extraction.  See year 1825 below.)  Children, Scion (Per LDs born in 1772), Elijah b between 1790 and 1800 (per Alabama census), Easter b abt 1784, John b between 1775 and 1784, Mary b abt 1780, Tempy 1790, Winifred b abt 1777.   Note: Reviewed 1777-1780 Cumberland Taxables and land records, no Tedders.  Have gone through every record I could find; Thomas and Jesse must have appeared in Cumberland from that part of Anson County that became Richmond County after 1780 and before 1790.  Thomas had to have lived in Anson County in the early 1770’s based on age of first child and because he married Winnie, daughter of Moses Turner who lived in Anson at this time.  Note that the children of Thomas have names that are mostly those used by Lumbee Indians; however, only Winney is a Lumbee.

1784 approximate.  William Tedder and brother-in-law William Redding among others to lay off road from the end of new road opened in Wake County to county line into the road to Daniel’s Ford on Cape Fear River.  From some Tedder records prior to 1790 from another researcher.  Note:  At this point in time Cumberland and Wake were adjacent counties.  See 1818 will of William Redding.  William is a son of Benjamin Tudor; his descendant’s DNA markers match perfectly at 37 markers to a son of Harmon Tedder, another son of Benjamin.

1785 William Fedder (Tedder).  Land entry 210 acres between Robert Cobb’s line.  Believe this is William Tedder married to Martha Redding, father of Betsy, Nancy, Littleton, Benjamin W, and Elizabeth. 

1786, 17 Sep. Birth of Nancy Tedder, daughter of William Tedder, son of Benjamin Tudor.

1790, 30 June.  Birth of Littleton Tedder, son of William Tedder, son of Benjamin Tudor.

  1. Jesse Tedder, Fayette District. Code: 16+, less than 16, females, slaves. 10200. Note:  William Tedder, Fayette District, 12300 (The 1 is William, one of the boys less than 16 is Littleton, the three females are William’s wife Martha Redding, and daughters Betsy and Nancy; who is second boy?).  Note: Pick William up next in Wake County then Chatham, then Robeson, then Georgia.  Thomas Tedder, Fayette District, 23600.  Thomas left will when he died in 1800; children later lived with son John.

1798/99:  From Tutor Message Board: WILLIAM (Owen) TUTOR and LUCINDA SENTER: Marriage: Bet. 1798-1799, Cumberland Co., North Carolina.  William Owen, went by Owen, is the son of Owen Tudor, son of Henry Tudor of Surry County, VA.  DNA of a descendant of William Owen matches Henry of Surry’s sons Robert and Owen, plus two of Landon P’s descendants:


  1. SAMUEL ISAAC4 TUTOR, b. September 08, 1800, Cumberland County, North Carolina; d. June 15, 1872, Pontotoc County, Mississippi.
  2. JOHN HENRY TUTOR, b. July 07, 1802, Cumberland County, NC; d. Bet. 1880 – 1890, Pontotoc County, Mississippi.

iii.   FRANCES SAMANTHA TUTOR, b. Abt. 1805; m. UNKNOWN BAKER; b. Abt. 1800.

  1. WILLIAM MADISON TUTOR, b. 1807, Cumberland Co., North Carolina; d. August 02, 1892, Harnett Co., North Carolina.
  2. MARY TUTOR, b. 1808; d. Aft. 1870.
  3. LILLY PHOEBE TUTOR, b. 1812; m. JOSEPH JOHNSON, September 03, 1837, Cumberland Co., North Carolina5; b. Abt. 1812.


Marriage: September 03, 1837, Cumberland Co., North Carolina5

vii.   LUCY JANE TUTOR, b. 1817; d. 1900.

viii.   OWEN YOUNG TUTOR, b. 1818, Cumberland Co., North Carolina; d. May 16, 1864, Drewrys Bluff, Virginia.

  1. JOSEPH HARRIS TUTOR, b. 1820, Cumberland Co., North Carolina; d. Bet. 1870 – 1880, Pontotoc Co., Mississippi.
  2. LOUISA TUTOR, b. 1822.
  3. MARTHA J. TUTOR, b. 1828, Cumberland Co., North Carolina; d. February 07, 1895, North Carolina.
  4. Granddaughter Nancy Tedder mentioned in will of Timothy Redding. Daughter of William and Martha Redding Tedder.

1800 Owen Tuder (William Owen), 26-45 (born 1771-1774), wife between 26-45.  Son of Owen Tuder born 1743 in Va.   Grandson of Henry Tudor born 1720 in VA.  Jesse Tedder 1 45+, f 45+.  John Tedder, 2 males 9 or less, 1 10-15, 1 16-25, 3 females 9 or less, 1 10-15f, 1 16-25f, 1 26-44f.

  1. 1805. Elijah Tedder married Sally Pope Cobb. From another researcher.

1810 Census: Elijah Tedder 1 0-10, 1 16-26, f 1 0-10, 1 26-45.  John Tedder 1 26-45, f1 0-10, 1 26-45.  Sion Tedder, 2 0-10, 1 26-45.  Elijah 1 0-10, 1 16-26.

1818, 1 March.  There is a will in Christian Co, Kentucky for a William Redding probated 1 March 1819.  Listed in the will is widow Martha Redding, half bro-in-law Lewis Murdock, nephew Willis Murdock, full fro-in-law William Tedder, William Tedder’s children, Elizabeth, Littleton, Nancy and Benjamin, half sister’s children Timothy Owsley, Polly, Laban, James and Robert.  Witnesses were Joseph Allison and Coleman Griffin.  Executors were Daniel Haile Sr and Abner Robinson.  From Internet.

  1. 1818. John Tedder married Sarah McKethan.

1820 Elijah Teddor 1 less 10, 1 10-16, 1 16-26 1 26-45 f 1 10-16.  Owen Tudor 1 less 10, 3 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+ f 2 less 10, 2 10-16, 1 16-26.  John Tedder 45+ f 1 26-45.  Winnifred 1 less 10 f 1 less 10, 1 16-26, 1 26-45.

1821, 30 Jan. Martha Betts married John Henry Tutor, b. July 07, 1802 in Cumberland Co., N C.  John Tutor died in Pontotoc Co. Mississippi

1825, 23 Oct.  Will of Moses Turner, father of Winney Tedder.  See Tuscaloosa AL Will Book A, pg 82.   …4th.  I give to my daughters, Winney Tedder, Sally Quick, Elizabeth Locklier, Polly Quick, and Anne Driggers ten dollars each….  Lead in before will states that Moses was in Bladen County, then in Richmond County, then in South Carolina (Marlboro County), and on to Alabama.  Believe Winney and Thomas may have married before 1780 in the same location where her father was documented in the 1790 Richmond County NC Census (Richmond from Anson in 1779).

  1. 1840. Sarah, widow of John Tedder 1 20-30, 1 30-40, f 1 40-50.


Dobbs:  1758 from Johnston County.

1769 tax list: George Tedder Jr. Note: Sr not on tax list.  No two Georges can be found in Dobbs together before 1790 when George III is an adult.

1770 tax list: George Tedder Jr.

Date not Defined, believed to be 1768 through 1776:  George Jr and wife Sarah had the following children, George III, Samuel, William, Sarah, and Elizabeth.  See George’s will in Bladen County.

1775, 1780. George and brother Thomas Tedder on tax list.  George is a son of Samuel of Surry VA.  On Internet.

  1. 1776. George Tedder in Dobbs County Regiment. Private under Capt John Steppard and Col Abraham Shepard. Fought at Moore’s Creek Bridge.  From the American Revolution in NC.
  2. 1777. George Tedder in petition: member of Church of Scotland Presbytery.

1777 approximate.  John Tedderton from Kinston became a Revolutionary War soldier.  Served in10th North Carolina Regiment. See Rev War pensions. John was not sure of the date joined the revolution.  Lived in Clark, Alabama, when applied for pension.  This is John Tetterton, son of John Tetterton, and grandson of William Tetterton and Sarah Lilly.  See Tyrrell County.

1776-1780. John Tedderton.  Private under Capt. Joseph Green and Col. Abraham Sheppard. 1779, a Private under Capt. Armwell Herron and Col. John Herritage in the newly-created NC State Regiment (State Troops). 1780, a Private under Capt. Joseph Swift, attached to Lt. Col. Joseph Spruill, Jr. (Tyrrell County Regiment). Marched towards Charleston, SC, learned of the town’s surrender at Georgetown, SC, returned to Cross Creek.  Fought at Moore’s Creek Bridge, Stono Ferry (SC).  From the American Revolution in NC.  Note: This John was born in 1757 and was the son of William who died in Tyrrell in 1759.  Pension in Lenoir County, formed from Dobbs.  He served in both the Militia and state regiment.

1778, 20 Sept. Thomas Tedder in Dobbs County Regiment.  Private under Lt./Capt. George “Gee” Bradley for nine months.  First documented in Beaufort 1755.  Note:  Son of George Sr.

1778 approximate.  Benjamin Tutterton (born in Tyrell 1751) drafted into the Revolutionary War.  Served three tours of duty.  Second tour ended after the battle of Gilford Court House.  He did not know exact date drafted.  (Per pension application, lived in Dobbs for ten years, then Johnston County, Wake County, and finally Orange County, NC).  From the American Revolution in NC.

1779 Voter list: George Tedder.

1779-1784. From Old Dobbs County: Johnston, Dobbs, Lenoir Counties Grantor Index: George Tedder to Thomas Tedder, page 516.

  1. 1780. George Tedder, draft, in Dobbs Militia. Internet: Roots Web, Dobbs County Militia Rolls, 1767-1781.

1780-81. Thomas Tedderton.  Private under Capt. Ralph Banks. Stationed on the Santee River just before the Fall of Charleston, retreated with VA Col. Abraham Buford, went separate ways at Camden, SC; his unit went to Cross Creek.  Lived in Dobbs County. 1781, a Private under Capt. John Tuttle and Col. James Darnell. 1781, also a Private under a Capt. McCarty and Col. James Darnell. aka Thomas Tetterton. Born in Tyrrell County, NC.  Fought at Webbers Bridge, New Bern #2.  From the American Revolution in NC.

1780-84. Land grant No 572, 200 acres, to William Tetterton (Entered 26 Feb 1780; Issued 10 Nov 1784): On the Wt.(?) prong of Trotters Creek and on both sides of said Prong.  Believe this is the son of John Tetterton.  Believe William came to Dobbs with his brother John; see 1777 above.

Date not definedWilliam Tetterton on pension application said he was born on island (Edenton), near mouth of river.  Believe this is brother of John in 1761 above: born at same place. Note: Both William and John had sons named William and john.

1780 Census: George Tedder, Thomas Tettor, William Titterton, John Titterton.  See Tyrrell.

1780 tax list: Old Dobbs County that became Greene County, west of Great Contentnea Creek in northern Greene County and adjacent to Wayne County.  George Tedder, $661.  Thomas Tettor, amount missing.  Note:  These are sons of George Sr.

1780 Tax list: William Tetterton, George Tedder, Thomas Tedder, John Tetterton.

  1. 1780. George Tedder in Dobbs regiment. Thomas Tetterton became Rev War soldier.
  2. 1781. From Edmondson Family Association Bulletin, Vol 33, Issue 4, No 133, Oct-Dec 2005: “Another reference to Doctor Thomas Edmondson is from “Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1792” by Joseph W. Watson. Page 71, cites entry, “#431 p.55 NIMROD STRADLEY of Edgecombe Co., N.C. deed to ETHELDRED RUFFIN of Dobbs Co., N.C., July 28, 1781, for 20 pds. Specie a tract of 217 acres in Wayne Co. lying on both sides of Ivey’s Swamp adjoining ISSAC WOODARD, SAMUEL BARTLET, Doctor THOMAS EDMUNDSON, and SAMSON STANTON, including the plantation whereon my mother, JEMIMAH STRADLEY, now lives. Wit: GEORGE TEDDER, DIANA WARD.

1781, July 28.  Abstracts of the Early Deeds of Wayne County North Carolina 1780-1792″ by Joseph W. Watson. Page 71, cites entry, “#431 p.55 NIMROD July 28, 1781, for 20 pds. Specie a tract of 217 acres in Wayne Co. lying on both sides of Iveys Swamp adjoining Doctor THOMAS EDMUNDSON, Wit: GEORGE TEDDER.

  1. 1782. John Titterson, 4th NC Regiment. A Private under Capt. Thomas Evans for 18 months.  See 1776 and 1777 above.
  2. 1783. Birth of Benjamin (Benjah) Tedder. Son of Thomas Tedder who was son of George Sr.
  3. 1789. Dobbs Court Records: Jan Court 1789, Francis Langston to Jesse Tedder. Jesse by naming conventions and location is most likely a younger son of George Tudor/Tedder Sr. See Greene County, Johnston County, Georgia and Mississippi files.

1789, 18 May. James B Tedder born 18 May; father is Thomas Tedder and Selviarh Brown.  Thomas died in 1799.  Father of Thomas was George Sr.

1789 approximate.  Dobbs County settlements to the state, Capt Goodman’s District: Ben Titterton 46 pence (This must be Benjamin Tutterton born in Tyrrell in 1751, see 1778, and probable brother John is in the same district: John Tetterton 45 pence (Most likely son of William Tetterton from Tyrrell; in 1786 believe John Tetterton the son of John of Tyrrell is in Duplin County.)

1790 census: George Tidder Sr (actually Jr; this is son of George Sr or Edgecombe County) 2 16+ (Believe the second 16+ is youngest son William) and 2 females (wife Sarah and either daughter Sarah or Elizabeth).  George Tidder Jr(should be George III) 1 16+ and 1 female(Note: The area George and Thomas lived in later became Greene County).  Henry Titterton 1 16+ and 3 females.  Thomas Tidder 1 16+, 2 under 16, and 4 females.   Brother of George Jr.  Issac Titterton, 1 16+, 2 under 16, 1 female.  This is most likely son of John Tetterton.  They are together later in Greene County then moved to Alabama, John in Clarke County and Issac in Washington County.  Sarah Titterton (Tutterton per LDS site) w 5 females (This is most likely widow of William Titterton (See Craven County for marriage); note that William Sr is no longer in census).  Thomas Titterton, 1 16+, 2 females; see Tyrell. Green, Lenore, and Duplin.  John Tetterton, 1 16+, 2 females.

  1. 1791. Dobbs County abolished; became Lenoire and Glasgow (short lived, became Greene).

Duplin/Sampson: 1750 from New Hanover; in 1784 Western part became Sampson County.

1754, May 1. Will of Baefield (Barfield?), Ricitaed (Richard?). Duplin County. Sons: Henry (“plantation I now live on”), Jesse, Solomon. Daughters: Mary Barfield, Beth Barfield, An Grady, Cattren Tater. Granddaughter: Beth Tater. Executors: Solomon and Jesse Barfield (sons). Witnesses: James Barfield, John Morris, Solomon Barfield. Register: John Duckson (or Dickson).  Note:  Could possible be the wife and daughter of John Tedderton or else one of the Taylors in Duplin.

  1. 1786. John Tetterton 1(21 to 60) 1(under 21 or over 60) 3 females from 1786 Whitehaead’s District, NC, early census. See Dobbs County. Note:  Since Thomas Tetterton, below, was with the sons of John Tetterton, born around 1720 in Tyrrell, in Dobbs County, this could possibly be his father who would be around 66.  The John Tetterton of Dobbs is still there in 1789.

1796, 13 Oct.  RICHARD HART & JOHN CARTER THOMPSON, both of Duplin Co. to THOMAS TITTERTON of Lenoir Co., 13 Oct 1796, for 100 pds. lawful money 300A on BS of Mathew’s Branch, beg. at a maple in Rooty Branch, along JAMES WILLIAMS’ line, by JONES’ corner, to a pine on the sideof AZARIAH BRANCH, to Reedy Branch, as by patent granted to WILLIAM THOMPSON 11 July 1788 & transferred by ELIZABETH THOMPSON, admrx. to the estate of WM. THOMPSON & BENJAMIN THOMPSON to RICHARD HART SENR. & from him to his son the sd. RICHARD HART. Wit: STEPHEN HERRING, BIBB (X) BUSH. Oct. Ct. 1796.  Duplin County deed and land records.  Note: This is the Thomas Titterton, son of William and Elizabeth, see Tyrrell.  See Tyrrell, Dobbs, that part of Dobbs that became Green County, Lenore, then Duplin.

  1. 1797. Thomas Tetterton moved from Lenoir to Duplin County (From pension application). Thomas Tetterton, b 1757, NC Militia, Widow’s Pension R 10471. (See Tyrrell, Lincoln, Dobbs, Wayne, and Lenore.  Moved to Muhlenberg Kentucky in 1803 where he died in 1843.

1800 census.  Thomas Tatterton(Tetterton).  Two males up to ten and one 45+; three females up to ten, two ten to sixteen, one 45+.

  1. 1803. Thomas Tetterton moved to Muhlenberg, Kentucky (Per pension application).


Edgecombe:  Formed 1732 from Bertie; not confirmed by assembly until 1741.

Note 1:  My interpretation of the land entries from 1752 through 1754 below:  George Tedder applies for a grant of 200 acres of land near William Blackburn in 1752.  Samuel and Jacob Tedder, which evidence indicates are George’s brothers, are chain carriers for the surveyor measuring the land in 1753.  In 1754 the state only grants George 136 of the 200 acres he requested, which he immediately sells to John Hargrave.   George can next be picked up on the tax list in Beaufort County in 1755 with his two sons, George Jr and Thomas; younger son Jesse is not listed because he is younger than 16.  Benjamin Tedder who I believe was another son of Samuel is also listed in this census.  George then comes back to Edgecombe and buys land beside the land he sold.  This land is in the part of Edgecombe that became Halifax County.  Pick George up in 1760 in Halifax County.  George probably settled on the land several years or more before applying for the land grant, the same as his father Samuel did back in Surry County VA.

Note 2: These Tedders, etc., below are with certainty the tithables of Samuel Tudor/Tuder mentioned in Surry County, VA.  They disappear from Surry after 1749.  Believe these tithables are George (believe named after Samuel’s father George Tuder), Jacob, Samuel, Benjamin, and possibly William; William could also be a son of one of Samuel of Surry’s tithables since William is first mentioned in 1760.  In addition, I firmly believe Samuel of Surry was a brother of John Tuder/Tedder of Surry; they had similar names, lived in the same county, were born in the 1690s, and DNA reinforces the same conclusion: by my research, a descendant of Samuel’s son George Tedder is off only one DNA marker out of 67 markers, DSY 456, from me a descendant of John Tedder’s son Benjamin.  In addition, George’s descendant is off just two genetic distances at 67 markers from John Tedder’s other son John Tudor’s descendant.  Most likely George came first to Edgecombe and occupied the land that he later applied for a land grant and then his brothers joined him. Note 3:  English son naming conventions at this period of time was that the first son be named after the father’s father, in this case George Tuder; the second son after the mother’s father, in this case probably Jacob; and the third son after the father, in this case Samuel.  As Samuel’s brother was dead when the fourth son was born, he probably named is fourth son after his deceased brother’s son, Benjamin.  Don’t know who Jesse was named after.

  1. 1752. George Tedder in Edgecombe County in 1752. Jacob and Samuel Tedder as court clerks in Edgecombe County in 1753. EDGECOMBE RECORDS.  Note Jacob has removed from Surry VA, now here in Edgecombe with brothers Samuel Tedder, George Tedder.–Parris 19:02, 12 October 2008 (EDT).

1752, 12 Oct: George Tedder listed in Warrant for 200 acres on Deep Creek near William Blackburn.  Internet.

  1. 1753. Samuel Tedder and Jacob Tedder land rev scc. From a Tedder researcher. Note: From research of North Carolina warrants, surveys, and land grant data, a surveyor measured boundaries of land using two court-sworn chain carriers.  The surveyor drew to scale the boundaries of the land.  This drawing was called a platt and the boundary description was called a certificate of Survey.  The certificate of survey included the names of the sworn chain carriers indicated as scc(Sworn Chain Carriers).  To save money, chain carriers were almost always younger relatives of the person to receive the land grant.  Thus Samuel and Jacob, the chain carriers, are almost certainly younger siblings of George since we know George’s two sons (see 1755 Beaufort).
  2. 1753. Jacob and Samuel Tedder clerks of Edgecombe Court. From research of Dee Thompson, a Bladen County NC Genealogist, as listed in the Tedder Family Genealogy Forum.  Note: While I don’t doubt this information, I do wonder if Dee Thompson confused being a clerk of the court with having to be sworn by the court to be a chain carrier.

1754, 28 Oct: Grant to George Teder, 136 acres beginning at pine in William Blackburn’s line.  Tedder Family Genealogy Forum.

1754, 9 Nov: George Tudar to John Hargrave, 136 acres joining William Blackburn, the Gum Branch, and Charles Webb.  Tract was granted to said George 28 Oct 1754.  Tedder Family Genealogy Forum.

  1. 1760. William Tewder and Benjamin Taylor sworn chain carriers. Surveyor is William Haywood.  700 acres on both sides of Tar River adjoining joining Jacob Braswell…  Internet: Edgecombe County NC, Brasswell/Bracewell Timelines.
  2. 1761. William Tewder and Benjamin Taylor sworn chain carriers. Internet: Edgecombe County NC, Brasswell/Bracewell Timelines.

1761, 28 Feb: Warrant to Jacob Tudor, 700 acres at Foisnot (Should be Toisnot) Swamp.  Note:  This land was in that part of Edgecombe County that later became Wilson County.

Unknown date: James Taylor, Entry 700 A bs of Tosneot Sw nr mth of Jacob Tudors.  From Granville district of North Carolina Land Grants.

  1. 1761. William Tewder From another researcher: I cannot verify this input, think being a chain carrier was mistaken for being a surveyor.

1762, 22 May.  Land entry 700 acres, Jacob Strickland, Turkey Creek, Tar River warrant.  Chain carriers: Solomon Strickland and William Tuder; surveyor, William Haywood Deed.  Office of Secretary of State, Grandville Proprietary Land Office: Call Number S.108.270 – S.108.283, Location MFR (Archive Stacks).

  1. 1762. Samuel Tuder land rev scc. See 1753 above for definition of land rev scc. Note: From a Tedder researcher.  Note: Can’t find where Samuel ever received a land grant in Edgecombe.  As this is the last documentation of Samuel in Edgecombe, believe there is a possibility that he and sons moved to Rowan County.

1762, 10 Sep: James Taylor and William Tudor listed as chain carriers for 420 acres to Arthur Taylor.

  1. 1788. William Tedder insolvent in Capt Eason’s District.
  2. 1790. Dolly Coleman listed with one male under 16 and two females.  See 1793.
  3. 1793. Martha, Sylvia, Sarah, Mary Ann, Dolly Coleman Tedder (Believe these are all Tedders, not just Dolly) jointly sold land in Edgecombe. Believe Martha was William’s wife and the rest are children of William.
  4. 1800. Matha Tidder No males; 1 0-10, 2 10-16, 2 16-26, 1 45+ (Martha, see 1793; some of these are children mentioned in 1793; believe the 0-10 is daughter of Dolly).

1856, 22 May.  Marriage of Sarah Tetter to Willie Jones.  Edgecombe County, NC, Marriage Records, 1760—1868.

1858, 31 Jan.  Marriage of James? (Jane) Tedder to William Hayles.  Edgecombe County, NC, Marriage Records, 1760—1868.

1858, 11 April.  Marriage of Haywood Tedder to Amanda Hagens.  Edgecombe County, NC, Marriage Records, 1760—1868.

1858, 24 Oct.  Marriage of Ann Tedder to F. M. Cook.

1859, 21 April.  Marriage of Matthew Tedder to Mary E Morgan.  Edgecombe County, NC, Marriage Records, 1760—1868.

1962, 5 Jan.  Marriage of Blount Tedder to Viny Bottoms.  Edgecombe County, NC, Marriage Records, 1760—1868.

Glasgow. (Short lived county became Greene—See Greene)

1793 William Tedder. Believe this is son of William of Edgecombe; pick him up in Greene County and later in Wayne County.  George’s William is too young to be this William.


Granville:  1746 from Edgecombe.

  1. 1755. Tax list: no Tudors or Tedders or like sounding names.

1762, May 30.  Benjamin and Henry Tudor witnessed will of William Watkins in Sussex County Va.  William mentions son-in-law Henry Tudor.  Benjamin later in Granville.

1764, 27 Jan.  John Tudor, 160 acres on East side of Fishing Creek from John Kirkland for 32 pounds current money of Virginia.  Was a resident of Granville at this time.  On 4 Oct 1764 he sold 160 acres in Brunswick County VA for 45 pounds.  Son of John Tedder of Surry VA.

  1. 1769. John Tuder on tax list with 2 polls (This would be John and his oldest, Henry).
  2. 1771. John Jr and Benjamin Tuder, Jr, his cousin, members of Granville County militia, Capt James Yancy’s company of foot soldiers belonging to regiment commanded by Col Richard Henderson. John Tudor Jr served two other tours of duty in the North Carolina militia. He went on an expedition against the Cherokees under Capt Nathaniel Snipes.  He also served under Capt William Hicks, Col Taylor, and Generals Greene and Morgan at the battle of Gilford Court House, NC.  Per militia and Rev War records, all three tours of duty were by John Jr.  See 1776-1781 below.

1775, 16 November.  Benjamin and Mary Tedder of Granville County, North Carolina, to John Avent of Albermarle Parish, Sussex County (VA), 119 acres, 34 Pounds.  Deed book E, p 380-381.

1776-1781. John Tudor, Jr, Granville County Regiment.  Private under Capt. Nathaniel Snipes and Col. Joseph Taylor. Started on the Cherokee Expedition, forced to turn back due to the lack of wagons and pack horses. 1781, a Private under Capt. William Hicks, then under Capt. Philip Yancey, both under Col. Joseph Taylor. Valentine Tuder, below, was his brother. Born in 1754 in Brunswick County, VA.  Fought at Guilford court House.  From The American Rvolution in NC.

1777, 14 April. Beck Tudor (Rebecca), daughter of Benjamin Tudor, married Charles Moore.

1778 tax list: James Tuder/Tedder, Jamson Harp future husband of Sarah Tudor, Charles Moore, husband of Rebecca (Becky) Tudor.

1779, 19 October.  Sarah Tudor (1754-1849) daughter of Benjamin Tudor married Samson Harp.  Bond: John Harp; witness John Pulliam. Note: Sampson Harp was born before 1755 in Granville County.  He and Sarah had at least five children: Beverly, Thomas, Hardy, John and Solomon, all born between 1785 and 1793.  Moved to Overton County, TN where Sampson died.  Son Beverly married Sarah Dickerson on 30 sep 1805 in Granville.  From internet.

  1. 1779. Benjamin and James Tudor buyers at estate sale of Aquilla Snelling.
  2. 1779. John and Henry Tudor buyers at estate sale of Margaret Anderson.
  3. 1781. May, estate sale of Mary Rose, mother of Benjamin and John. Benjamin Tudor documented at sale as Benjamin Senior.

1781, May.  Granville Co., NC.  Sale of Mary ROSE dec’d May Court 1781, present and purchasing, John Tudor, Sr, John Tudor, Jr., Sampson HARP, Chas. Moore, Benjamin Tudor, Sr., John GWINN, John Morris…Granville Wills.  Roots Web.  Note: By documenting a John Sr as present indicates that there is a Benjamin Jr.
1781, 20 June.  James Tudor (b 1760, Brunswick Cty VA, per LDS), son of Benjamin Tudor, married Joanna Martin.  Bond, John Moore, witness Asa Searcy.

1781, August, Benjamin and Mary Tudor witness to will of Runnold Brightwell in Granville.  Note:  Pick up Benjamin or Benjamin Jr in Chatham.

1782, January.  Will of John Tudor.  Probated in May 1782.

  1. 1782. August, Inventory of John Tudor Bond on Benjamin Tudor and John Moore Adams for S93-12 (?) currency.
  2. 1784. Elizabeth, Henry, John, and Valentine Tudor

1788-91. Info developed by Ernest Tedder: Harmon Tuder/Tedder, 150 acres.  James Tuder/Tedder, 150 acres in 1790 and 91.

1790 census, Epping Forest District: James and Harmon Tudor/Tedder.


Green:  Formed in 1791 from northern part of Dobbs County.  Originally named Glasgow County.

1790+ Issac, John, Sarah, and Thomas Titterton.  See 1790 Dobbs census.  Issac is most likely son of John; later both move to Alabama. Sarah is William’s Sr widow; see Dobbs County.

  1. 1799. Death of Thomas Tedder, husband of Selviar Brown. Widow and children moved between 1800 and 1810 to Roane County, Tennessee.
  2. 1800. Selviar Tedder 120001010200 (Widow of Thomas who was son of George Tedder.) Children: John Brown b 1789; James A b 18 May 1789; Benajah; Nancy. Note:  Per WikiTree, James A married Elizabeth B. Todd; Children:  Thomas Jefferson TedderJohn Gray Tedder, William Alphonso TedderJames Pleasant Tedder, and Mariah J Tedder.  See Roane River Tennessee
  3. 1803. Will of William Speigh mentions Jesse Tedder husband of Rachel. Believe Jesse is a younger son of George Tuder/Tedder Sr and brother of Thomas and George Jr(See Edgecombe, Beaufort, Halifax, and Dobbs)

Halifax:  1758 from Edgecombe.

  1. 1760. The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748-1763: abstracts of …: Volume 2
    Margaret M. Hofmann – 1987: 114 James Barnes, 5 July 1760. 149 acres in Halifax County in the Parish of Edgcombe, joining Willisam Blackburn Deep Creek, George Teader and James Smith or: /s/ James Barnes Wits: Jos Montfort, Geo Little
    surveyed 11 April 1755 SCC: … Note: See Edgecombe.  George Sr left Beaufort and came back to Edgecombe and bought land beside the land he sold in Edgecombe in 1754.  This land is now in Halifax which was formed from Edgecombe.  The land George sold in 1754 was also on Deep Creek near William Blackburn.

Unknown Date: The Granville District of North Carolina, 1748-1763: abstracts of
…: Volume 5.  Margaret M. Hofmann:  Lagle’s Own Improvements /s/ George Lagell (who signed with a mark).  Wit: [John Frohock] 7413 George Lagell warrant dated … joining McCullochs Line and George Prager – being a Place run Out for George
Teator. Note:  This is the last entry that can be found for George Sr.  Sons George Jr,  Thomas, and Jesse can be picked up later in Dobbs County, NC.


Hyde:  Formed December 3, 1705, as Wickham Precinct, one of three precincts within Bath County.

In 1712 it was renamed Hyde Precinct. In 1739 Bath County was abolished, and Hyde Precinct became Hyde County. In 1745 Lake Mattamuskeet and its adjoining territory were transferred from Currituck County to Hyde County. In 1819 the part of Hyde County west of the Pungo River was annexed to Beaufort County. In 1823 the part of Currituck County south of New Inlet was annexed to Hyde County. In 1845 Ocracoke Island was transferred from Carteret County to Hyde County. In 1870 Hyde County was reduced to its present dimensions, when its northeastern part was combined with parts of Currituck County and Tyrrell County to form Dare County. Since its creation, the boundaries of Hyde County have changed more than those of any other county in North Carolina

1812, 5 Dec.  Inventory of Estate of William Tetterton.  Inventory distributed to heirs: Nancy Tedderton got most property and William Tetterton got some items along with a Charles Tetterton.  Hyde County, Book C, page 594, NC State files, 1664-1979.  See 1780 Pitt County and 1790 and 1820 Beaufort County.  This family was in that part of Beaufort that become Pitt County, then came back to Beaufort, then went to Hyde; after William Sr death wife Nancy and William Jr went back to Beaufort.


Johnston:  Formed 1746 from Craven.

  1. 1750. Quit rent, no Tedders,e tc.

1750/5. Tax list, no Tedders, etc

  1. 1776. James and Micaigah Tedder documented in Johnston County militia. In 1779 both are listed as Tudor in the Johnston Militia. In the column showing date died, there is a 1779L for both James and Micaigah. See Johnston County Soldiers contributed by Jerome Tew.  Have no idea who these two were.  Never documented again; could have come to NC when the British switched their tactics to the South and after end of hostilities left North Carolina.

1784-87 census, no Tedders

1790, no Tedders

1807 Jesse Tedder two polls. Stansill vs Jesse Tedder.   1809 court case.  This is most likely Jesse and Jesse Jr of Dobbs and Greene Counties, and grandson of George Tedder Sr.  Pick up Jesse Jr in 1830 in Georgia and 1840 in Mississippi.

1808 Penny Tedder married Archibald Parnold 4 Feb. Probably daughter of Jesse Tedder Sr.

1815 Thomas Tedder married Celia Holloman 6 Nov.  This should be the son of George III, see Dobbs Will.


Lenoir.  From Dobbs 1791

  1. 1790. Marriage of Thomas Tetterton to Ann Higgins, (b per pension application 1757; but 1800 census has him over 45, believed son of William Tetterton (died 1759 in Tyrrell) and Elizabeth. Originally in Dobbs and later moved to Lenore County then Duplin County.  Later moved to Muhlenberg Kentucky where he died in 1843.

Bible Record:

Martha Tetter, daughter of Thomas and wife, b 25 Oct, 1790

 Susannah Tetter, b 25 Oct 1790

Elizabeth, b 25 Jan 1792

Sally (Sarah), b 1 Apr 1793

Joshua, b 24 Aug 1799(?)

Molly, b 5 June 1794(?)

1799, 24 Aug. Birth of Richard Tedderton, son of Thomas.  Died 1 Mar 1843 in Scott, Illinois.

1796, 13 Oct.  375 RICHARD HART & JOHN CARTER THOMPSON, both of Duplin Co. to THOMAS TITTERTON of Lenoir Co., 13 Oct 1796, for 100 pds. lawful money 300A on BS of Mathew’s Branch, beg. at a maple in Rooty Branch, along JAMES WILLIAMS’ line, by JONES’ corner, to a pine on the sideof AZARIAH BRANCH, to Reedy Branch, as by patent granted to WILLIAM THOMPSON 11 July 1788 & transferred by ELIZABETH THOMPSON, admrx. to the estate of WM. THOMPSON & BENJAMIN THOMPSON to RICHARD HART SENR. & from him to his son the sd. RICHARD HART. Wit: STEPHEN HERRING, BIBB (X) BUSH. Oct. Ct. 1796.  Duplin County deed and land records.  Note: This is the Thomas Titterton, son of William and Elizabeth.  See Tyrrell, Dobbs, and Wayne Counties.

  1. 1797. Thomas Tetterton moved from Lenoir to Duplin County (From pension application).

1800 census.  Benjamin Tetterton 1 male up to ten, one 45+, 3 females up to 10, 1 45+.  (This is the Benjamin Tutterton b 1751 in Tyrrell and later in Dobbs).

  1. 1810. Benjamin Tetterton. 1 male born between 1790 and 1800, 1 born before 1755, 3 females born 1790 to 1800, 1 female born before 1755. Must be grandchildren.

Lincoln.  Formed 1779 from eastern part of Tryon.

  1. 1780. Thomas Tetterton joined militia (From pension application). He is also listed in Tyrrell, Dobbs, and Duplin.


Mecklenburg.  Mecklenburg County was formed in 1762 from the western part of Anson County.

  1. George Tettor 3 0-16, 2 16+, 3 females. In Cabarrus County in 1800.
  2. George Teeter 1 15-20, 1 40-50


Montgomery.  1779 from Anson County.

  1. 1770. Marriage of George Teter, born 1750 in Pennsylvania. Children: Samuel Teter (b 1771), Jacob Teter, George Teter, Catherine Teter, Peter Teter, Elizabeth Teter.
  2. 1790. Census: Tedder, Benjemin 01 01 03 00 00.


Northampton.  1741 from Bertie.

  1. 1780. John Tutor census for Northampton County, NC. “North Carolina Taxpayers, 1679-1790 Volume 2,” compiled by Clarence E. Ratcliff, Genealogical Publ. Co., p. 207. Son of Henry Tudor who was born 1720 Surry VA. Came to Northhampton with brother Robert; later went back to Virginia.
  2. Robert Tudor witnessed a real estate deed from Hartwell Hyde and Mildred Hyde to Hartwell Rains on January 8, 1784. Northampton Co., NC Deed Book 7, page 283. He also witnessed a real estate deed from Henry Hyde to Thomas Jenkins on March 3, 1784. Northampton Co., NC Deed Book 7, page 303.
    1784-86. Birth of Robert Tudor, died 1844 in Patrick County, Va.
  3. 1786. Robert Tudor in Capt Lashley’s District:1 male 21-60, 2 males under 21, 3 females. Robert is son of Henry Tudor of Surry County VA.
  4. 1790. Robert Tuter. Note: By 1795, Robert Tuder, his wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters had moved across the Virginia state line into Brunswick Co., VA.  Robert lived there until his death in 1827.


Orange:  Formed in 1752 from Bladen, Granville, and Johnston Counties.

  1. 1775. Leaney Tetter in 1755 tax list. Believe this is a Lumbee Indian from Bladen County.   See Robeson County for those who I believe are his family.
  2. 1790. Harris Tudor, son of Owen Tudor who was born 1743 in Surry Virginia. Harris was born 26 April 1768.
  3. 1796. Rebecca Tudor was summoned for child yet unborn. NCGS Journal from May of 2012. See 1802 below.
  4. 1802. Rebecca Tudor accused David Douglas of a child, not yet born. Appearance secured by Jesse Blalock and Robert Duke. His bastardy bond secured by Fra. Collins and James Tate. Child born between accusation and bastardy bond. NCGS Journal from May of 2012 (Bastardy bonds from Orange County).
  5. 1802. Lucy Tudor accused Hugh Mulhollan, Jr., of a child, already born. His appearance bond secured by Edward Faucet and George Horner. His bastardy bond secured by William B. Mebane and Andrew Faddis.
  6. 1811. Approximate date that Landon P Tudor and wife Rebecca moved to Orange County. Landon P was son of Robert Tudor, son of Henry Tudor b abt 1720 in Surry Virginia.
  7. 1820. Landon Tuder and wife Rebecca, 2 boys under 10, 2 10-16, f under 10. Benjamin Tuttonton (See Dobbs). This is the Benjamin Tutterton private in North Carolina Militia.  Birth date 1751 in Tyrell.
  8. 1830. Benjamin Tutterton. Owen Tuder.
  9. 1840. Henry Tudor married Miza Eubank, 3 Dec. Bond 000101586, NC Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868. (Henry Tudor-Owen Tudor line.) Owen TudorDelaney Tutteston.

Perquimans:  Berkeley changed to Perquimans in 1681.

Due to long documentation of some inputs and to allow inputs in a chronological order, have identified documentation of these inputs at the end of the inputs with either a (1*) or (2*), and put the documentation at the end of Perquimans County inputs.

Note:   I believe Edward Titterton of Gloucester VA was the father of William Titterton/Tetterton.  Edward was originally documented in York County VA as a Tedderton in 1659, he was born around 1634 per info he gave in a deposition.  Gloucester was formed from York(See my Virginia file).  Edward or his wife is listed in multiple entries between 1675 and 1685: 1. 930 acres escheat land formely granted to Edward Titterton; grantee Mary Titterton; 2.  Same land, grantee Mary Dickerson, Edward’s remarried widow.  3.  Same land, grantee John Dickerson; entry indicates Mary is deceased.  Another researcher has identified the Lilly family living near Edward and I believe the Lilly family and William Tetterton moved together to Berkley Precinct, later Perquimans, NC.

1679, 23 September.  William Titterton married Margarette Hall.  Rev Thomas Gordon officiated at wedding.  Berkeley Precinct.   Note: Margaret’s maiden name was Bibing.  She was born around 1650 and first married Samuel Hall, b 1640, on 15 (torn) 1676.  Samuel died 1679.  Had son William Hall born 24 Dec 1674 in Perquimans and possibly son Daniel, 16 Jan 1675 or 1676.  See 1691 and 1698 below.

1682, 27 Dec.  Birth of William Tetterton, son of William Tetterton and Margarette Hall, in Berkley Precinct, NC.  Married Sarah Lilly.  Had sister Elizabeth Tetterton, birth date unknown.

1683-4, Record of the General Court of Albemarle County, Held Feb, 1683-4. Bennett Marshegay versus Wm Tetterton.  In an atton of ye Case ye Deft not appearing Ordered yt ye sheriff bring him to appear next court Als order to pass against ye sheriff.

1684, date illegible: William Tetterton on the —  day of –1684, 200 acres English measure on the North side of Albermarle River in Perquimans Precinct, joining Captain Josqas (?) Fendall a swamp, and ye woods/s/(not given).  From 1663-1729 Abstract of Land Patents by Margarett M Hoffman: 229 Patent Book 1, pg 85. (Could be corruption of 1684 deed below)

  1. 1684. John Pettiver of Perq, for £50 pd by Capt Nicholas Crisp, of Chowan., Sold 200a. “Original Patent from Lords Pro’ May 8, 1684 to William Tetterton.” Test’ Thomas Beterly, Henry Speller, Wm Older. C. Gale Ch Just. (*1)

1684, 9 Oct: Death of William Tetterton.

  1. 1685. …William and John (White) who came to Perquimans about the same date of Henry’s arrival, may have been his brothers. They quickly disappear from the records in Perq. John m Margaret Titerton (widow of William), Jan 18, 1685. John Waite (White) died Jan 14, 1691. See 1691 will below.
  2. 1688. Will of Daniel Pimbrough, Perquimans , 22 April 1688. 2 August 1688. My Countrywoman Elizabeth Lillington, Wm. Calloway, William Tetterton and Elizabeth Tetterton children of William Tetterton desceased, children of Caleb Calloway, whom I appoint my executor. Teste: Alexander Lillington, John Durant, Robert Herman.

1689, Apr 24.  Deed recorded  from Cornelius Lerry and wife Mary to Benjamin Laker for 200 acres lying on the Sound and West side of Wm Tetterton’s line.   Witnessed by John Bently, Edward Mayo, Sr, and Sam’l Pricklove.

  1. 1691. Albemarle in North Carolina. The last will and Testamony of John WHITE first my soule to ye Lord that gave it And my Body to ye ground: to be decsently bered at ye
    disscrestion of my wife and my exectror shall see fit, Item I give and bequete my parssonall estate As followeth first to William TEDTERTON one two yere oold heffer this Spring and all my worlen goods and Loomes to Danel HALL also a row? ralse?
    Item A you Lam to Elissabeth TEDTERTON ye next Spring Item I give unto my Wife my plantation and all My parssonall esstate for my hir life At hir esstate desese my plantation to William TEDDERTON all moveables to be Equally devided betwene ye three children first Danell HALL [sec]ontly Will[iam TE]DTERTON Ellsabeth TEDTERTON. And to Willi[a]m HALL a mare fould ye next Spring I doe Apint my Troo And loveing Wife Margret WHIT And Jemes HOGG my troo And lawfull Execetors to see this my Will performd Sind Selled and delivered John WHITE [Seal]
    In ye presents of us hoes names are under written Proved in Cou[rt] this 4th of Aprill 1690. John STEPNEY Ye mark of Steven Teste Saml T[torn] S H HANRETTE?
    Tho: LEFFER. Secretary of State. N. C. Wills, 1663-1789. Beg: SMA-TAY End: TER-WIC. S.108.200 number 4435. [microfilm]
  2. 1694. Peter PAVELL proved seven Rights viz: ffour for himselfe & his wife (torn) __ PAVELL and three for TETTERTON viz: Wm. TETTERTON, Mary HALL & (torn) WHITE, two Warts. Given one to Peter PAVELL for ye. first four the others to Wm. ___ for the three last ye. 25 of Aprill Ano. DM. 1694. W. G: Weynette Parks Haun, Old Albemarle County North Carolina Book of Land Warrants and Surveys 1681-1706, (Durham, NC: Weynette Parks Haun, 1984), p. 4, 300.
    1695. Wm Tetarton, (son of William, planter Dec’d, & Margaret Peavall(Pavel) his mother, Spinster) “doth bind himself an apprentice, to Benj Laker (Note: Benjamin Laker’s daughter Sarah married Thomas Harvey, brother to Hannah Harvey who married John Lilley, father of Sarah Lilley who married William Tetterton) of Albermarle, Precinct of Perq, planter—with Consent of his Natural Mother, Margaret Peavall, to serve sd Laker, & his wife Jane, for the term of 9 years.” Reg Nov 1, 1695. Test. William Gardner:  Abstract from Deed Book A, Perquimans County, NC: Source: History of Perquimans County, Ellen Goode Winslow, Raleigh NC, 1931. Note: This documents Margaret’s fourth husband as a Pavel, see 1702.  First short marriage was to Samuel Hall, Second to William Tetterton, third to John Waite (White), and fourth to Peter Pavel, see above and 1702.

1697, (1) 106-67 12 July 1697 Know All Men by these Psents that I Peter PAUILL
of Yoapim Talor Have And Hereby doe Constitute … ffriend James OATTS
of pequimons My true & Lawfull Atturney … ffirst day of July Peter ___ (Seal). (2)

July 1697 James OATS proved a Letter of Aturney of Peter PAUELby ye oth of Stephen MANWAREN. Upon a petion of Margret PAUEL Shewen that hir Husband is departed ye County And has left grate parte of My Estate In James OATS Hands Which is Surreptusly detained Ordered That James OATS Keep In his Custodie All ye estate that is Mentioned in his bill of Sale till ye said PAUELL Shall Come and Satisfie ye Court about ye Children Estate Given them by ye Last Will and Testemony of John WHITE desesed. Caleb CALLOWAY, Ralph FFLETCHER, John BARROW, Samuel NICHOLSON. (Note: Margaret was widowed three times in 12 years and now her fourth husband has left and violated her third husband’s will): Weynette Parks Haun, Old Albemarle County North Carolina, Perquimans Precinct Court Minutes 1688 thru 1738, (Durham, NC: Weynette Parks Haun, 1980), pp. 83, 105, 106.
1698. Abraham Warren Sr. gives increase of mare colt to Margaret Peavall’s (Pavel) children: Wm. & Eliz. Tetterton and to Daniel & Wm. Hall (William is documented child of Margaret and Samuel Hall, Daniel may be a brother of William Hall).  From Samuel Warren, Albermarle, NC, 1663—1730, revisited.  Note: This input documents again William and Elizabeth as children of William Tetterton and indicates that Margaret is married to a Pavel.

  1. 1698. John COLES the son of James COLES of Virginia In Nancymum County Was
    Marryed to Elizabeth TEDERTON ye daughter of William TEDERTON And
    Margret His Wife ye 5 day of Janeuary Anno Dom 1698 by Mr. John BARROW

1702 Titables: Peter Paywell (Pavel) 2, Himself and Will Tetterton.  (This is the William who later married Sarah Lilly).

  1. 1702. William Tetterton married Sarah Lilly as witnessed by Thomas Evans and step-father Peter Paywel(Pavel). From another researcher. Note:  This date has to be false: According to a Lilly family descendant from information available on the Internet, Sarah Lilly was born 15 June 1691 and her sister Hannah who married James Sitterson was born 29 Sep 1694.  Therefore, Sarah would only have been around ten years old in 1702.  The marriage must have occurred later, possibly around 1710 to 1712; Sarah is first documented as William’s wife in 1713, below.  In addition, cannot find Thomas Evans in Perquimans at this time; also the 1718/19 land and poll tax lists William with only one tithable, himself.  Note:  The only children that can be reasonably documented for William and Sarah are Samuel, James, William and John.

1712, December.  Tax list: A list of Tithables taken by James Morgen, Constable.  William Tetterton, 1 poll.

1711-12, Mar: Peter Jones of the Pre’ct of Perq.  Planter—to Wm Tetterton of afore for 15 pounds sold 200 acres on North side of Yeopine River…Test.: Anne Stibal, Thomas Snoden. (2*)

1712, 10 Sep.  Will’m Tetherton witness to will of Sarah Long.

1713, Apr 14: Wm Tetterton and Sarah my wife, James Cittison(Sitterson) and Hanah my wife of Perg Pre’cd.  Whereas John Lilly in his life time did for a sum due from Charles MacDaniel, late of afore, obtained a judgement against said Mac Daniel…. (2*)  (James Sitterson married Sarah Lilly’s sister, Hanna.)

1713, Apr 15: Wm Tetterton assigns his Right of Land to James Sitterton for 9 pounds.  William and Sarah Tetterton.  Test.: Thomas Blitchenden, John Stepneny. (2*)

1713 poll and estate tax:  Wm Tetterton (Pounds, shillings, pennies): 1 1 5; state tax -12-.

1714, July 15: Wm Tetterton and wife, “Sarah my wife,” for a con. paid by John Norcom of same, assigns plantation. Test.: Henry Clayton, Margaret Pavel(Step mother). (2*)

1716, 16 August.  580 acres pattoned (Patented?) by William Titterton (See 1729 below for when land sold).

1718/19 poll and land tax: William Tenerton 1 tithable; (Pounds, shillings, pennies) 1 10-. Land tax on 580 acres:  1-1—9 1718. 1-9-, 1719.

1719 approximate: Birth of John Tedder (should be Tetterton) son of William Tetterton (LDS) who was b 27 Dec 1682, Berkeley Precinct, Perquimans, NC. (LDS gives 1720 birth date).  Had as minimum, sons William and John Tetterton.  See Tyrrell and Dobbs County.

  1. 1720. Birth of William Titterton, son of William Tetterton b 27 Dec 1682 in Perquimans (LDS). Father of at least Thomas Tetterton, b 1762, William, and John Tetterton. Will in Tyrrell County has wife Elizabeth. See Tyrrell and Dobbs.  com also gives 1720 as birth date of William.
  2. 1720. William Tetterton poll tax: 4 9 0.
  3. 1729. Extract from the voluminous will of Harvey, Thomas. Apr. 10, 1729, probated Nov. 10, 1729: Wife Elizabeth Harvey, sons Thomas, John, Benjamin, and Miles, brother Miles Gale, each of Col. Robert West’s daughters, to-wit, Martha, Sarah, and Mary West, daughters by his wife, my sister Mary Harvey, Elizabeth Clayton, and Penelope Little, wife of William Little, children of the wife of James Sitterson and wife of William Tetterton, John Cole, son of John Cole of Nansemond County Virginia, Joshua Wherry, son of Anthony Wherry, Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Wherry, brother Miles Gale of Boston, kinsmen Wm. Little, Col. Edward Moseley, Thomas Pollock; wife Elizabeth and John Lovick Executors. Note: Thomas Harvey married Elizabeth Cole.  Thomas Harvey’s mother was Sarah Catherine Laker, daughter of Benjamin Laker and Julianna Taylor. She was also married to Christopher Gale and had Penelope Gale, who married William Little, making them “brother and sister” in the will. She was Thomas Harvey’s half-sister.  The children of William Tetterton and James Sitterson” were mentioned because they were the children of Sarah and Hannah Lilly, daughters of Hannah Harvey by her second marriage to John Lilley (John Lilley marries Hannah Phelps “Last of March 1690” Berkeley Parish records.)  Hannah Harvey Lilley is mentioned in other Harvey family docs as “Aunt Hannah Lilley.” Her first husband was Jonathan Phelps.
  4. 1729. Wm Tetterton. 580 acres to Thomas Long on Yawpim Cr. adj. Thomas Pierce. Wit. Samuel Warner (Warren) and Samuel Standin. History of Perquimans Co. pg. 96, Deed Book C-14. See 1716 above when purchased. Note: Perquiman Tettertons can be picked up in Tyrrell County after 1729.
  5. 1735. No Tettertons in quit rents.

1740 and 1754 tax list; no Tettertons.

Reference 1*:  Eastern NC Digital Library, History of Perquimans County, NC. By Mrs Watson Winslow (Raleigh Edwards & Broughton C0, 1931):

Reference 2*:  Abstracts—Deed Book A, Perquimans County, Part 3 of 3:

Pitt:  Formed 1760 from Beaufort.

No Tettertons in 1762/3 tax list.

  1. 1780. Martha Titer (believe should be Teterton), Joseph Teterton, William Teteron, Elizabeth Teterton. William moved back to Beaufort and is in the 1790 Beaufort census. See earlier Beaufort County.
  2. 1786. Elizabeth Titer (Should be Tetterton—see above) and husband Joseph Raynalds (On census she is head of household with two males 0-60), Joseph (On census with one male 0-60, two under 16, one white female 16+, and one female less 16), William Tetterton (On census with one male 0-60, two under 16, one white female 16+, and one less than 16).
  3. 1790. Martha Tidder, one female. 1800 in Edgecombe? Thomas Tidder.  LDS Family Search.  Believe these should be Tettertons, see 1780 above.


Richmond:  From Anson in 1779.

  1. 1785. Moses Turner, father of Winney Tedder (See Cumberland County) in state census. See Also Appendix N, Lumbee Families of Richmond County, NC, (<lumbee<Miscellaneous<surnames<app n.htm): Moses on East of Gum Swamp in then Anson County prior to 2 Sep 1779 when granted 100 acres next to Thomas Turner (Father and brother were named Thomas). Grant Book 30, page 322.  1750: 1750 Thomas Turner issued warrant by Lord Granville for 640 acres in Anson County joining Abraham Carson.  Grant actually issued on 29 Dec 1760.
  2. 1790. Census images for Richmond County, NC: Moses Turner included in 7 free persons of color and 1 slave; Moses was of Lumbee Indian extraction.

1797, 4 May.   …David Dumas £176; Benjamin Dumas, Jun. £51.14; Silous Dumas £98.15; Jeremiah Dumas £129.15; Amous Dumas £155.2.6; Frances Dumas £135; and Benjamin Tedder £127. We do testify the several sums above are the value of the several legatees’ property fixt by us to be the best of our judgement at the valuation this 4 May 1798. Jno. Pemberton, Dudley Mask and John Reins.”(4)  Will of Benjamin Dumas Jr.

  1. 1800. Benjamin Tedder Note: Believe Benjamin is son of Jesse Tedder and brother of Thomas.  See Cumberland County; the Thomas in Cumberland with who is believed to be with his father, Jesse, had to have earlier been in Richmond as he married Winney Turner, daughter of Moses, above.


Robeson: From Bladen in 1787.

1790 to 1793 tax records, No Tedders.

1790 Federal census:  John Teddus (Could be another son of Morris Tedder) 2 16+, 2 females.  Dread (Etheldred) Tutor son of Morris Tedder and 3 free persons.

1791, 23 Jan.  Maurice/Moss Tuder (Probably Morris Tedder from Anson) bought 100 acres from James Lowery.  Robeson County Deed Book B, pages 286-288.

1792/3 Tax records, no Tudors or Tedders.

1794-1796. Ethelred Teader (Etheldread Tutor, son of Morris Tedder).  Court Case, lost property.

1797-1842 Court records, no Tedders.

  1. 1800. Ethelred Tudor with three free persons of color.
  2. 1801. Ethelred Tutor listed with 300 acres and one free poll in tax list of Capt Watson’s District.

1810 William Tedder  1 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+, 2 females 10-16, 1 45+ (Son of Benjamin Tudor of VA and later North Carolina; the male 10-16 is Benjamin W, the male 16-26 is Littleton, the female 10-16 is William’s youngest daughter Elizabeth, and 45+ his wife Martha Redding.)  Earlier in Rev War in Georgia, then Cumberland, Wake, then Chatham Counties North Carolina.

1810 census; other free persons:  T(?)utor, Morris 5.

1812, 14 May.  Nancy Tedder, daughter of William, married Duncan Monroe.  See input for Nancy on Internet.

1820 Benjamin (W) Tedder, 1 16-26, 1 45+, F 1 10-16, 1 26-45 (45+ is William Tedder, father; William is still in Benjamin’s household in 1830 in Georgia).

1823, 7 Jan.  Littleton Tedder, son of William, married Mary Vincon.

Rowan:  Formed 1753 from Anson.

Note:  There were two families who used similar names in Rowan.  Hans Johann George Teter was born in 1703 in Schwaigern, Wuerttemburg, Germany, and died 23 March 1743/1744 in Orange County Virginia. (See my Orange County Virginia file).  Wife was Maria Margareha Luddmann.  After Johann George died in Orange County VA this family with the Reverend Henkle and his family moved to Rowan County and four children married into the Henkle family.  Children who came to Rowan were Johann Michael (Jacob), Maria, George, Paul, and Mary Barbara, Philip, and Rosana.  In 1760 or 61 Rev Henkle became concerned about the Indian raids and the family moved to Augusta County, Virginia.  Note that Jacob Teeder is not listed again after this date in Rowan.  Next documentation of Teaders/Teeters in Rowan is not until 1766.  Note 2: I believe the Samuel and George first documented in 1766 are Samuel and son George from Edgecombe.  Note similarity of names from Edgecombe.

  1. 1750. George and Jacob Teater in Rowan militia. From another researcher; I can’t verify this input. This could be the George and Jacob Teter above who came from Orange County Va.

1754, approximate.   Mary Barbara Teter was born in May 1734 in PA or VA. She married Rev. Jacob Henkle, son of John Justus Henckel Sr. and Margaretta Maria Magdelena Eschman, circa 1754 in Rowan NC. She married David Harman in 1785.  She died on 7 Feb 1814 in Pendleton County, WV, at age 79. Daughter of John George Teter and Maria Luddman; Maria moved to Rowan after death of her husband. Note: From the Hinkle family, other children of John Justus and Mary Henckel who married children of John George Teter and Maria Luddman, were: Rebecca, m. Paul Teter; Abraham b. ca. 1749, d. 1815, m. Mary Catherine Teter; Susannah Henkel, married Philip Teter.

1759 tax list: Jacob Teater 1 poll, himself.

1759, 2 June. Jacob Teater scout with Capt Conrod Michael and also documented as scout on 3 July.

1759, 17 Apr.  Death of Maria Margaret Luddman Dieter/Teter, widow of John George Teter.

1760, 14 Feb. George Teeter scouting in Capt Michaels Company.

  1. 1760. Paul Teter married Rebecca Henkle, daughter of John Justus Henckel Sr. and Margaretta Maria Magdelena Eschman. He died after 11 Nov 1784 in Rockingham County, VA. Paul Teter was born circa 1732 in PA or VA.  Son of John George Teter and Maria Luddman.

1760 approximate. George Teter Jr, George, and other brothers and sisters moved with the Henkels from Rowan County NC to Augusta County VA (later became Pendelton County WVA).  Died 1798 in Pendelton County.  See Orange and Augusta counties VA.

  1. 1766. Samuel Teater in Rowan as Capt Teater; also listed in 1766 tax list. Believe this is Samuel from Edgecombe.

1768 tax list; no Tedders or similar names.

1778, 6 Aug.  George Teater took oath of allegiance.  Believe to be son of Samuel; probably named after Samuel’s brother.

  1. 1780. Samuel Tudor born in Rowan.

1782/3. Tax list of Capt Nathan Troy, George Teeter owes thirty pounds land tax.

  1. 1790. No Tedders or similar sounding names.


Tyrrell.  Formed 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck, and Pasequotank.

1729–32 Quit Rents: No Tettertons listed.

  1. 1734. Family: William, Samuel, and James Tetterton…. (Teter Family Genealogy Forum).
  2. 1738. 20 Apr. Will of William Leary signed in presence of William Tetterton. NC Probate Records, T-Z.  Note: By date this has to be William who married Sarah Lilly.

1738, 22 August 1738. William Tetterton of Tyrrell Precinct to Col John Worley of same. 16 pounds 10 shillings. 100 acres, joining the Sound, Cypress Swamp, sd William Tetterton. Wit: Thos. Leary, Rebeckeh (x) Ray. Sep Ct 1740. [Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., The Deeds of Tyrrell County, North Carolina 1735 – 1760, Keysville, Virginia: Author, 1991. Tyrrell County, North Carolina Deed Book 1 p, 108].  By age this has to be William who married Sarah Lilly and who is first listed in Perquimans.  See 1759 will of William Tetterton Jr who mentions wife Elizabeth.

Date not DefinedWilliam and Samuel Teter, brothers, lived in Col John Worley’s district, the Wolfpit, in Tyrrell County, NC. The Rising Tide: Collens, Benge, Teaters, and Ray.

  1. 1744. Thomas Evans willed one cow and calf to Samuel Tetterton. From Tyrrell Genealogy. Samuel was married to Thomas’s daughter, Mary, per another researcher.  Assumed son of William and Sarah.

1747/1748. North Carolina Processioners’ Book: William Tetterton (Tetherton in 1748) listed as present at two land transactions.

  1. 1748. William Tetterton witnessed will.
  2. 1751. Birth of Benjamin Tutterton, Revolutionary War soldier. See Dobbs County.  Grandson of William, son of John or William.  Most likely son of John as it appears all three brothers, William, John, and Benjamin can be found together later in Dobbs County.

1753, 26 Sep.  James Tetterton signed will of James Turnbull.  NC State Archives.  Not presented until 1754 Court; see 1754 below.  Note: Per another researcher, James is another son of William Tetterton and Sarah Lilly.  Also could be a son of Samuel.

1754 Tithables: John and William Tetterton each with one tithable.

1754, June Court.  TuENBULL, James. Tyrrell County.  September 26. 175.3. June Court, 1754. Legatees: Yreot Ormond, Thomas Barker, Mary Pantry (niece), Robert and James Pantry (land at Scuppernong called the Brak Oake, and the Rich Levills), Mary TuRNBULL Butcher, Bell Butcher (lands called Bell’s gift, Cards Island and land in Edenton), Henry Jordan, Elizabeth Hanmore, Daniel Han.more. Periauger and canoes ordered sold for debts. Executors: Mary Butcher and William Gardner. Witnesses: Ann Denem, John Mathews, Charles Denem, James Tatterton. Clerk of the Court: Evan Jones. (Abstract of NC Wills).

1755 tax list. John and William Tatorton, sons of William Tetterton. (See Perquimans).  Note:  Both John and William had sons named John and William. Benjamin and Thomas are also sons of one or the other.  Also believe Matthew in Wayne could be a son. Two Johns, one William, Benjamin and Thomas later moved to Dobbs.  We do not know the children of Samuel or James, who should be brothers of John or William.

1752-1757. Birth of Thomas Tetterton; pension stated born 1757, but 1800 census has him over 45, and Muhlenberg KY 1830 has him between 70 and 80 and in 1840 is listed as between 80 and 90.  Died Oct 1843 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.  If census and pension application are correct, then Thomas is most likely a son of William who passed in 1759, below.  Thomas moved a lot: Enlisted in militia in 1780 in Lincoln County, in 1781 in Dobbs militia, then that part of Dobbs that became Green, then Lenore, married Ann Higgins 5 Jan 1790 in Wayne County, moved from Lenore in 1797 to Duplin, and finally to Muhlenberg County, Kentucky in 1803.  NOTE:  John, Benjamin, and a William can be picked up later in Dobbs County.

  1. 1757. Birth of John Tetterton; this has to be a son of William, see 1761 below for son of John. Note: Born Tyrrell; NC Militia. Pension R 10441.

1759, 16 Jan.  Will of William Tetterton:  In the name of God amen: I William Teterton of the County of Tyrrel in the Province aforesaid being sick in body but of sound and desposing mind and memory thanks be to the Almighty do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner following first I recomment my soul to God my Maker and my body to be buried in a Christain like and decent manner at the duretion of my Executors and as to such worldly goods as it has pleased God to bestow upon me I give and despose of the same in manner following Viz. First – I give and bequeath to my loving wife Elizabeth all my moveable Estate until the day of her death or marage and then to be divided among my children at my wifes duretion except the increase of my mare and it is my will and desire that my wife deliver them to my children as she breeds until every one of my children has one.  Item – I do constitute nomenate and appoint my frend Thomas Leary Executor and my loving wife Elizabeth Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoaking and disannulling all former and other Wills by me made in Witness wereof I have signed sealed and published this to be my last Will and Testament the 16th day of Janey. Ammo Dom 1759.
William (his -x- mark) Taterton
Signed sealed & Published
in the presence of us.
John Leary
Kiza Leary

Note 1:  This has to be William Jr; only one William is listed in the 1754/5 tithables.

  1. 1761. Birth of John Tettleton, son of John Tetterton (Tatorton in 1755, above). Born near Mouth of Roanoke River. Married Jane Farish.  Died 1845, Clark, Alabama. (Rev War soldier).

Date not definedWilliam Tetterton on pension application said he was born on island (Edenton), near mouth of river.  Believe this is brother of John in 1761 above: believe born at same place.

1776-1780.  See Dobbs County for Revolutionary War records of the two Johns, William, Thomas, and Benjamin Tettertons.

  1. 1779. William Taterton signed petition to form new county. Believe this almost certainly the William who married Hanna Stone; believe the other William went with his two brothers to Dobbs County.
  2. 1782. William Terteton on tax list.
  3. 1784. William Tetterton on tax list, 1 poll.

1785, 12 Aug.  William Tetterton married Ann Kelley.  Believe this is son of the William who died in 1759 and who first married Hanna Stone.

  1. 1786. William Tetterton on poll tax list, 1 poll.

1788, 24 Sep.  Marriage of Epfraim Tetterton to Sarah Hollis.  This is probably son of William who married Hanna Stone.

1790 census: William Tetterton 1 16+, 2 females.  Epfraim Tetterton 1 16+, 2 less 16, 1 female.

1790 census.  William Tetterton Jr.

See Washington County, formed from Tyrrell; William Sr carried over to Washington.

Wake County:

1781 tax list: No Tedders.

1783, 17 May.  Birth of Elizabeth Tedder.  Married Johnson Poe in 1804.  Died 30 Jan 1867 in Allen County, Ky.  Probably one of eight daughters of John Tedder (See Chatham County) or daughter of Benjamin Tudor, Jr (See Granville County).

1784 approximate.  William Tedder and brother-in-law William Redding among others to lay off road from the end of new road opened in Wake County to county line into the road to Daniel’s Ford on Cape Fear River.  From Some Tedder records prior to 1790 from another researcher.  See Cumberland County.

  1. Hannah Tedder married Jacob Moonehan on 28 Feb. Possible daughter of Benjamin Tudor(See Granville County).

1790 census: Solomon Teddis (Later Tedder).  William Tipper 1 16+, 2 0-16, 2 f.  Jacob Moneyham, married to Hanna Tedder, 1 16+, 2 0-16, 2f.  Note: Per DNA, Solomon Tedder is not related to the other Tudors or Tedders in NC.  It is believed he got the Tedder name by corruption.

1796, 18 Feb. Birth of Benjamin (W) Tedder near Raleigh.  This is William Tedder’s son, Benjamin W.

  1. Solomon Tedder married Sarah Powell 24 March See 1790. See 1790.

1798 James (W) Tedder married Nancy Barnes 1 September.  Son of John, see Chatham.

  1. Anne Tedder married Pearson Brown 23 Jan. Most likely one of eight daughters of John Tedder, see Chatham.

1800 census Solomon Tedder.

  1. 28 Dec, William Tutor married Telletha Powell; daughter was Dorcas Tutor.
  2. Wake County Census, no Tedders.


Washington: Formed from Western Tyrell in 1791; the following William Tetterton carried over from 1790 Tyrell.

  1. 1800. William Tetterton, 3 0-10, 1 45+, f 1 0-10, 1 10-16, 1 26-44, 1 45+. Wife is Ann Kelly, see Tyrrell County, 1785.  This is son of William who died in 1759; this William first married Hanna Stone.
  2. 1810. William Tetterton, 3 10-16 and 1 45+; f 1 0-10, 1 16-26, 1 45+.

1819, June 19.  Benjamin Tetterton born June 19, 1819.  Died Sept. 20, 1882. His wife was Mary Jane NcMair.  His children were Henry J., John Whitefield, Benjamin T., Mary Ellen, Spencer, Deborah and there could be others.

  1. 1820. Benjamin Tetterton, son of William and believed father of Benjamin born 1819. 3 0-10, 1 26-44; f 16-25. Jane Tetterton (Since William and wife appear to be deceased, believe this is daughter of William who was the female between 16-26 in 1810; in her household is one of her brothers and a sister: she is head of household because she is oldest survivor in household).  1 16-25; f 1 16-25, 1 26-44.


Wayne: (1779 from Western part of Dobbs County)

Note:  Don’t know when Matthew and his family came to Wayne County.  They are not documented in Wayne in 1790 or 1800 and had to come after the 1800 census.  Most likely Matthew came from Beaufort County and is one of the three 16+ in William Tetterton’s 1990 census.  The Joseph below I believe is from Beaufort and was a brother of Matthew’s father.  Zechariah cannot be a child of William as William has no children in 1810.  Zechariah is almost certain a son of David.  See below.

  1. 1790. No Tettertons or similar names on 1790 census images.
  2. 1790. Thomas Tetterton married Ann Higgins 5 Jan 1790; lived in Lenore County.
  3. 1800. No Teddertons or Tedders in census images.
  4. 1810. Matthew Tetterton 1 16-20, 45+/F 2 10-16, 45+.
  5. 1810. William Tedder. 1 26-45, f 26-45. Note: This is not George Tedder Jr’s son, William, who is in the 1810 and 1820 census in Bladen.  This has to be William Tedder’s son from Edgecombe.  Pick him up in in Glasgow and Greene counties before coming to Wayne.
  6. 1810. David Tettes. 1 0-10, 2 10-16, 1 26-45, f2 0-10, 2 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 26-45. Most likely another son of William of Edgecombe and brother of William above; name corruption, should be Tedder.
  7. 1820. William Tedder 1 45+, f 45+. Matthew Tetterton 1 26-45, 1 45+, f1 0-10, 1 16-26, 45 up.
  8. 1820. Zechariah Tedder 1 0-10, 1 16-26, f16-26. Almost certainly this is the Zechariah in 1830 Washington Co Georgia. Logic and age indicates this is one of David Tettes’s (Tedder) two 10-16 years olds in 1810.  But, who would be the 70-80 year old in his Georgia household in 1730?  This family is not in Wayne County in 1830.  William Tedder would not be 70 years old in 1730; also by my reading of census images of 1830 Wayne, William is in Wayne County.  Zechariah was a resident of Jefferson County GA in 1927 when he was in the GA land lottery.   He drew Troup County.
  9. 1820. Joseph Teterton. 300010 f10110. Most likely the Joseph from Beaufort and who I believe was a brother of Matthew’s father.


Wilson  Formed from Edgecombe

1761, 28 Feb: Warrant to Jacob Tudor, 700 acres at Foisnot (Should be Toisnot) Swamp.  Note:  This land was in that part of Edgecombe County that later became Wilson County.  Jacob also documented in Edgecombe as Tedder.  This is Samuel of Surry VA’s son, brother of George, Samuel and William.

Unknown date: James Taylor, Entry 700 A bs of Tosneot Sw nr mth of Jacob Tudors.  From Granville district of North Carolina Land Grants.

1860 census:  Tedder, Stephen 36, Elizabeth 27, Burden 7, Wilson 6, Nancy 5, Zina 5, Celia. 3.

Originally posted Oct. 32, 2013. Data updated Sept. 6, 2016.

The preceding information was compiled and submitted by Robert Tedder. You can e-mail him at manrek [at] 

Please note: Y-DNA testing has revealed that one or two Tudor/Tuder lines in North Carolina match with the elusive Morris/Ledbetter/Hall line that has been posted about elsewhere here on this site. Any comments on the subject are welcome below.


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    I have a direct paternal DNA link to Morris/Ledbetter/Hall lines. My gg grandfather was Henry V Tuter, Born in NC about 1825 and died in Smyth Co.? VA about 1860. His wife was Susan Love born NC.

    • Sara Whitford

      Oh, yes! I remember seeing your name in my grandfather’s matches. His name is Albert Dorsey MORRIS and I manage his kit. We think we know which LEDBETTER fathered Laban, but we’re not positive yet. There was a young man in the right place at the right time and with the opportunity, and his name turns up among Laban’s sons and grandson’s, so we’re thinking it’s him… however until we do some more DNA testing, the jury is still out. 🙂 Where in NC was Susan Love from?

      • Rick Tuter

        I don’t know, sorry.

        • Rick Tuter

          I re-entered this information below. I forgot I had been here before. Sorry

  2. Martha Tetterton Guill

    My great,great, grandfather was Benjamin Tetterton born 1819 in Tyrrell county. He died in Washington County in 1882. I would like to know who his father was. Wife was Jane McNair. I was born in Rocky Mt. N.C. 1939

    • Sara Whitford

      Thanks for writing, Martha. I apologize for the delayed response, but I’ve not been getting some of my comment notifications, so I’ve not seen many until today.

      I do not have any further information on the Tetterton family beyond what is posted on this site. The gentleman who provided me information on some of the Tedders/Tudors might be worth contacting.

      • Martha Tetterton Guill

        Thank you, I will continue to look for my roots.

    • janice winchester

      Martha, I too am looking for information on Benjamin Tetterton 1819- 1882….he has a son Ben jr. And on his death record his father Ben sr. Has his birth place of England…I grandmother was his great granddaughter…

      • Martha Guill

        At age 80 I continue to try to find the parents of Benjamin Tetterton. It is been Several years since we corresponded. Perhaps you have found more information by now, I have not.
        A gentleman by the name of Robert Tedder informed me that Benjamin‘s father was William Tetterton, perhaps Benjamin was from England, I shall attempt some research and that direction. Again I thank you for your time, and for all the information would be greatly appreciated. Martha Tetterton Guill

  3. Rick Tuter

    I am a great great grandson of Henry V Tuter and Susan Love. I have an extremely close DNA match to the Hall, Morris and Ledbetter families listed above. I am descended from Henry V’s son Ballard Preston Tuter and have a cousin with a DNA match who is descended from Ballard’s brother, Henry Pickard Tuter. My distance to the three named families above is closer than the 3rd cousin 1 removal above.

  4. Paul Humphrey

    In regard to George Teter under Cabarrus you have: “1800 census. George Teators. 1 10-16, 1 16-26, 1 45+, 2 females. Almost certainly the father of George Teters b 1795 who is documented in the Cocke County, Tennessee, 1850 census.” Do you have any other information on this line? I’m pretty sure this is a grandfather of mine. This George shows up again in the 1860 Census for Blount, TN. His son William is in the 1860 Census for Monroe, TN. William died in the Civil War, but left a son TJ who was my great great grandfather. I guess what I am asking, is there information that makes you sure this George to be the father of George who shows up in the 1850 Cocke, TN Census? Prior to this I had hit a brick wall at this point in my research.

  5. ross tedder

    Hello to any body who can possibly help me. My name is Ross Tedder. My family and I are from Pittsburgh however my grandfather was From Society Hill, South Carolina. His grandfather (my great-great grandfather) was a slave owner whom I know was from some part of the United Kingdom. His name was James Tedder, II I believe. My grandfather’s name was also James Tedder, but due to complications with his genealogy he didn’t receive the “IV.” If anyone offer any information to me it would be highly useful.

  6. Gayla Jackson

    I am a descendant of William Owen Tutor and Lucinda Senter from Wales and then settled in NC

    Gayla Jackson

    • Jack Ruple

      Gayla, I head the Tudor yDNA group at I would like to know the sourcing you have for the Wales connection …do you have each generation documented or the immigrant information showing positive connection to a particular birth record in Wales or ancestors in Wales who have tested the same on a yDNA test? Thanks

      • Mike Tutor

        For Jack Ruple: William Manning Moore provided the information regarding Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] birthplace as Wales. Moore’s grandmother provided him with most of the early information that has been handed down to Tutor researchers. Moore’s grandmother lived with one of Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] daughters from the age of five. According to William Owen Tutor III, Owen Tutor [1772-1850] crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times but drowned in a spring branch.

    • Mike Tutor

      For Gayla: William Manning Moore provided the information regarding Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] birthplace as Wales. Moore’s grandmother provided him with most of the early information that has been handed down to Tutor researchers. Moore’s grandmother lived with one of Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] daughters from the age of five. According to William Owen Tutor III, Owen Tutor [1772-1850] crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times but drowned in a spring branch. Owen Tutor [1772-1850] is buried with his wife and about ten others on his old property in Harnett County, North Carolina.

  7. Martha Tetterton Guill

    I continue to look for the Tetterton “roots” . Several of my Tetterton cousins have sent in DNA including myself. Has anything come from this.
    Thanks to anyone that can help. continue to look for the parents of Benjamin Tetterton born in N.C. In about 1819, wife was Jane McNair.
    Martha Tetterton Guill
    My parents were J. Wilton Tetterton and Esther Johnson, both from Rocky Mt. N.C.
    My Grandmother Tetterton was a Davenport also from Tyrrell county.

  8. M. R. Tutor

    There are a lot of entries regarding Owen Tutor (c.1774-c.1850), of Cumberland County, NC, being a son of Owen Tudor, of Anson County, NC, without any proof whatsoever. As a result, there are a lot of sites and blogs reporting this as a fact. My great uncle Robert E. Lee was the son of my great-great uncle, Henry Lee. That did not mean that my Robert E. Lee was the son of Henry “Harry” Lee, the revolutionary war hero. My Henry Lee was in Baltimore, Maryland, when Henry “Harry” Lee was in Baltimore. Many families used the same given names. My Richard Pace, Jr., had about six grandsons named Richard Pace and their brothers had similar given names with other unrelated Pace families. With the amount of disinformation being disseminated on the internet, we may never find out who Owen Tutor’s parents were. According to Family Tree DNA, my YDNA and that of a descendant of Henry Tudor, of Sussex County, VA, through his son Henry Tudor, Jr., showed a MRCA 12 generations back. There are only six generations between Owen Tutor and me. Mutation differences in my other families show “0” mutations for eight to ten generations to a MRCA.

  9. Tina Rogers Beller

    OWEN TUDOR and wife LUCY HARRIS had their children born in SURRY/ SUSSEX CO. VA and they are listed on this ALBEMARLE PARISH CHURCH REGISTER of BIRTHS, SPONSORS, DEATHS in book by Boddie, showing the GODPARENTS ( Sponsors ) listed for these children are our NATHAN ROGERS and wife ELIZABETH HARRIS ROGERS ( sister of LUCY HARRIS TUDOR wife of OWEN TUDOR ) and JESSE RODGERS is the brother to NATHAN ROGERS and his two other siblings living then in SUSSEX CO. VA .


    pg. 141 –

    FANNY, 3/19/66, Henry TUDOR, Jr. , Anne Wellborn, Sarah Slate
    HARRIS, 4/26/68, JESSE RODGERS, Edward Slate, Letty Waller
    LUCY, 10/20/71, Joshuah Smith, Hannah Hix, Sarah Pate

    The ROGERS/ RODGERS are Y-DNA tested and match both my WILLIAM L. ROGERS line of ANSON / MONTGOMERY CO. NC as well as the DNA MATCH to the SURRY/ SUSSEX CO. VA ROGERS out of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 ( England ) who arrived on ship ” George ” in 1635. It is this JOHN ROGERS who is thought to have been the Burgess in JAMESTOWN VA in 1645, then gained his 200 ac. of land on Cypress Sw. SURRY CO. VA in 1666 for transfer of 4 persons to him. His wife is MARY but she cannot be verified to be the MARY ATKINS listed on many genealogies.

    Within my own line of ROGERS in ANSON/ MONTGOMERY CO. NC are the groups of FIELDS/ JERNIGANS / TARVERS also of ANSON CO. NC who later also migrated to CARROLL CO. TN, where we know my G. GRANDFATHER BASIL ROGERS was neighbor to GREEN H. FIELDS and wife CELIA JERNIGAN ( the 5th G. GRANDDAUGHTER to THOMAS the Immigrant JERNIGAN who d., abt. 1705 NANSEMOND CO. VA . CELIA JERNIGAN was dau. of WM. JERNIGAN and wife LUCY TARVER of ANSON CO. NC who had moved then to ROBERTSON CO. TN where GREEN H. FIELDS married CELIA.

    LUCY TARVER may be a niece of JOHN TARVER who md. SARAH ROGERS, the dau. of JOSEPH ROGERS and wife MARTHA FERGUSON of NORTHAMPTON CO. NC. JOSEPH ROGERS d. 1752 NORTHAMPTON CO. NC after having removed from SURRY CO. VA sometime after 1740. JOSEPH ROGERS was the son of WM. ROGERS/ ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT (2nd wife of WM. ROGERS ) and WM. ROGERS b. 1657 Surry Co. VA ; d. 1727 SURRY CO. VA is the verified son of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England who arrived in 1635 to VA and lived on Cypress Sw., Surry Co. VA.

    It is possible that our ROGERS line in ANSON/ MONTGOMERY CO. NC ( Y-DNA and FFDNA tested ) is out of the same line of JOHN ROGERS b. 1617 England and his son WM. ROGERS b. 1657 SURRY CO. VA but through a different son, named BENJAMIN ROGERS b. 1687 Surry Co. VA who d. May 28, 1744 SURRY CO. VA. leaving 4 sons and 1 daughter. I am probably out of the 2nd oldest son JAMES ROGERS b. bet. 1700-1726 VA who removed then to ANSON CO. NC by 1774 where he is found along with his son JAMES ROGERS, on the 1774 ANSON CO. NC ROAD ORDINANCE. By 1779, we know our ROGERS also signed the same 1779 ANSON CO. NC Petition to form upper ANSON into MONTGOMERY CO. NC where the ROGERS land then lay. During summer of 1779 JAMES ROGERS entered his many acres of land into the MONTGOMERY CO. NC Deed books or lose it as they were Squatters, and finally had to claim the land if they had built improvements on the land or lose it to auction after the newer county of Montgomery was created from ANSON.

    Other families of SURRY / SUSSEX Co. VA traced into ANSON and MONTGOMERY CO. NC as well besides the ROWLANDS who are HAMS, FELTS, HATLEYS, TUDORS, LOFTINGS, DUNNS, JUDKINS etc. So we know many of these ancient planters of SURRY and SUSSEX CO. VA did migrate as did the TUDORS into ANSON CO. NC beginning in about 1770’s – 1790.

    We know my own line of ROGERS in Anson/ Montgomery Co. NC to CARROLL Co. TN have many other connections within many other SURNAME groups of SURRY/ SUSSEX CO. VA such as the ROWLANDS, GREENS, HATLEYS, and others, with some having been Y-DNA tested such as the ROWLANDS who do match the ROWLANDS who arrived in 1640 to COLONIAL VIRGINIA and are also in SURRY CO. and SUSSEX Co. VA after JAMESTOWN VA.

    Knowing that the swabber of the Y-DNA kit for our best 67/66 ROGERS Y-DNA MATCH is probably out of the NATHAN ROGERS/ ELIZABETH HARRIS line and since ELIZABETH HARRIS is sister to LUCY HARRIS who md. OWEN TUDOR and they too migrated into ANSON CO. NC and died there, I have to wonder what is really proved on HENRY TUDOR of SURRY CO. VA so far ?

    The will of HENRY TUDOR is listed below showing his son named OWEN TUDOR and I am having problems finding more on HENRY TUDER/ TUDOR prior to his 1757 Deed below so point me in the direction of trying to find more on him and his possible father, if known. – Tina Rogers Beller,

    My notes for HENRY TUDER of SURRY / SUSSEX CO. VA :


    ” SUSSEX Co. VA Deed Books A – E 1754 – March 1779 ”

    ” p. 6 – 7 – Sussex Co. Will Book “A ” 1754 – 1764 :
    ” p. 6 – ”
    ” ( p. 95 ) JEREMIAH BULLOCK . . . 9 Oct. 1757/ 21 Jul 1758 . . . Wife AMEY BULLOCK all my personal estate for life, Son JOHN BULLOCK 150 acres. Son SAMUEL BULLOCK 150 acres. Son CHARLES BULLOCK 195 acres. Son ( pg. 7 ) RICHARD BULLOCK 265 acres after his mother’s death. Exors : Wife and son JOHN BULLOCK. ”

    p. 14 – Sussex Co. Will Book ” A ” 1754 – 1764 :
    ” ( p. 197 ) EDWARD GRIFFIS. . . 4 Jan. 1760/ 17 Apr 1761 . . . Wife KATERHINE GRIFFIS all my estate. Son THOMAS GRIFFIS all my land after his mother’s death. Exors: RICHARD HAY, Sr. , and RICHARD HAY, Jr. ”

    p. 20 – Sussex Co. Will Book ” A ” 1754 – 1764 :
    ” ( p. 283 ) WILLIAM HIX . . . 28 Mar 1763/ 21 Jul 1763 . . Son JUBAL HIX land on south side of EVAN’s path. Daughter NAOMI ( ? ) HIX the rest of my land. Daughter JAMIMA HIX. Daughter MARY HIX. Daughters SARAH HIX. Wife MARY HIX the use of my plantation for life. My other three children ( not named ) who had no part in my estate. Exors : Capt. DAVID MASON and CAPT. HENRY GEE. Wit : ELIZABETH TUDER, HANNAH FELTS, SARAH LINN and HENRY TUDER, Sr. ”

    p. 22 – Sussex Co. Will Book ” A ” 1754 – 1764 :
    ” ( p. 316 ) WILLIAM WATKINS . . 30 May 1762/ 15 Mar 1764. . . Son JOHN WATKINS 5 shillings. Son in law, HENRY TUDER, all of my estate and he is to be executor. ”

    pg. 22 – Sussex Co. Will Book ” A ” 1754 – 1764 :

    ” pg. 22 – Sussex Co. VA Deed Book ” A ” 1754 – 1759 :
    ” ( p. 257 ) 15 Oct. 1757 . . . RICHARD WATERFIELD and wife, SUSANNA WATERFIELD, to SAMUEL STOKES for 20 pounds. . . 180 acres on north side of Poplar Swamp and bounded by the run of Cocks Branch. ”
    ” ( Susanna Waterfield relinquished her Right of Dower. ) ” SUSANNA ( X ) WATERFIED ”

    1754 – 1806 ” by William Lindsay Hopkins :

    pg. 43 – Sussex Co. Will Book ” B ” 1764 – 1771 :
    ” ( p. 310 ) HENRY TUDER. . . 21 Jan. 1768/ 20 Jun 1771. . . Son HENRY TUDER, Jr. , one shilling. Daughter ANN MORGAN one shilling. Son OWEN TUDER one shilling. Wife ELIZABETH TUDER 1/3 of my estate. ” Among the rest of my children ( not named ) . . . ” Exors : Wife and Maj. DAVID MASON. Wit : WILLIAM WREN, HENRY APPLEWHITE and JOHN IVIE. “

    • Sara Whitford

      This is great information. Thank you for adding it to the page. 🙂

  10. Angie Tooley

    It is my understanding that William Tetterton/Teeter/Tutton married a Margaret B. Hall who had two orphaned sons from a previous marriage to William Hall. William Tuten then adopted her sons named William Hall and Daniel – they then became William Hall Tuten and Daniel H. Tuten. They went on to have yet a son together named William. Perquimans/Pasquotank counties records and listed in the information on this page.

    The blood lines of William Hall Tuten and Daniel H. Tuten would therefore reflect the Hall bloodline and not that of the original Tuten bloodline. Many Tutens forward would now reflect the same. (William Hall Tuten settled in SC)

  11. Mike Tutor

    For Jack Ruple: William Manning Moore provided the information regarding Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] birthplace as Wales. Moore’s grandmother provided him with most of the early information that has been handed down to Tutor researchers. Moore’s grandmother lived with one of Owen Tutor’s [1772-1850] daughters from the age of five. According to William Owen Tutor III, Owen Tutor [1772-1850] crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times but drowned in a spring branch.

  12. Pam Tudor

    Does anyone have any information on Stephen Tedders/Tuders From Bladen NC? He died in Clay county Kentucky. I have read in one of Robert Tedders posts that he believed Stephen was the son of Jesse Tedders and in another post that he was the son of Morris Tedders. There is so much misinformation out there on Stephen. Many people on ancestry have him being married to a “Cherokee Princess” Morning Dawn. This is wrong information and has been proven to be a myth.
    Robert Tedders if you see this will you please contact me at pamtudor64 at gmail.

  13. Nan bATEMAN

    My line goes back to Charles Moore b.1740 and Rebecca Tudor b.1739 in Granville. I think those are their correct birth dates. If you have different, please let me know. I don’t think they were born in Granville though if these is their correct dates. I still think Charles Moore is either Cason Moore’s son (Cason of 1715) or his father, Captain Henry’s son due to what was said in Capt. Henry’s will. I think they were all in Lower Norfolk when the Revolution broke out and the British pretty well blew that place up. I know that Benjamin John and John Tudor came to Granville but I am not sure how Charles came. I think Rebecca was born prior to coming to Granville but I could be wrong.
    I can’t find any records from Lower Norfolk and he is not mentioned in Lynnhaven/Princess Anne’s Vestry. I know his mother, Elizabeth Ashwell (if that is his mom) supposedly went to Augusta VA. Anyway, I have DNA to Rebecca Tudor and Charles Moore. I just don’t know where to go from there. Very confusing with their military service interfering with their lives as well.

  14. M. Tutor

    Owen Tutor of Cumberland Co., NC, was not a son of Owen Tudor of Sussex Co., VA. The YDNA of Owen Tutor’s descendant did not match the YDNA of Henry Tudor’s descendant. This “internet” genealogy is exactly that. Real research must be conducted and documented and should not rely upon guesses.

  15. Rosemary Thomas

    I am a desc of James (not proven on W) Tedder and Nancy Barnes. thru his son Hinton Tedder to Farrington Tedder to James A Tedder to daughter Sarah Ann Tedder Allen. I have lots of original research done with Edith Tedder and shared with many researchers . My email . Saw this on East Carolina Roots
    Rosemary Thomas


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