WARNING! Be cautious using ChatGPT for genealogy research

by | Mar 27, 2023 | 0 comments

I love technology and I’m always up for trying new things. Last month, I used ChatGPT — a site I have used many times since its launch — in an attempt to do some creative genealogy research. The results are nothing short of a bad trip by Alice into Wonderland. Seriously! Crazy stuff! There are certainly lots of fun and useful ways to use ChatGPT for genealogy and family tree research, but you need to know its limitations and be cautious before accepting what it tells you as fact. It might well send you off on maddening rabbit trails to nowhere!

Here’s the sonnet that ChatGPT wrote for me about family tree research. This is the one useful thing it did.

As I delve into my family’s past,
I sift through records old and worn,
To find the stories that will last,
Of kinfolk long gone and forlorn.

With each name and date I uncover,
A new branch sprouts upon the tree,
And I become a time-traveling lover,
Of my family’s history.

From distant lands and ancient times,
They speak to me through written word,
Of joys and sorrows, love and crimes,
Their voices, though long gone, are heard.

So as I trace my family’s line,
I honor those who came before, divine.

Sonnet about Genealogy Research by ChatGPT


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