The following is a transcription of one of the estate documents for Charles Anderson of Craven County, who died in 1836. It names his widow and all eleven of his children.

Widow: Elishy


  1. Enoch Anderson
  2. Jennet Anderson, the wife of Brinson Hollis?
  3. Charles Anderson
  4. Henry Anderson
  5. Sally, the wife of Thomas Ward
  6. Lishy, the wife of John Sutton,
  7. Isaac Anderson
  8. Elizabeth, the wife of James Caton
  9. Allen Anderson
  10. Thomas Anderson (minor child)
  11. Mary Anderson (minor child)

It seems I have [attempted] to read many documents composed by the man whose hand wrote this document, and I have to say, his writing is very difficult to read. He used what appeared to be a pen with a broad nib and slanted his letters terribly, so much so that many words just look like horizontal scribbles.

I have posted the original documents below. If anyone is able to read the words in the areas marked [illegible], please submit your findings in the comments box and I will be very grateful.

State of North Carolina
Craven County

To the worshipful the Justices of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for said County —
The Petition of Lishy Anderson Widow of Charles Anderson late of said County respectfully sheweth that on the __ day of ___ last part? her said husband Charles Anderson departed this life leaving him [illegible] Petitioner his widow, and eleven children to wit Enoch Anderson, Jannet the wife of Brinson Hollis?, Charles Anderson, Henry Anderson, Sally the wife of Thomas Ward, Lishy the wife of Thomas John Sutton, Isaac Anderson, Elizabeth the wife of James Caton, Allen Anderson, Thomas and Mary Anderson his heirs at law, that Thomas & Mary are under age and have no Guardian. Petition further sheweth that her said husband did seize & [illegible] of a certain tract of land in Craven County which __ ____ on the North side of Neuse River on Swifts Creek in Piney Neck adjoining the lands of Henry Anderson, John Morris and Sally Wuthington. Petition further sheweth that she is entitled to dower in said lands and is desirous to have the same lais off by metes and bounds. To this end [illegible words] to the Sherriff commanding [several illegible words] allot and lay off her dower and make [illegible words] of such at the next Term that the same be confirmed, that the said Thomas & Mary have guardians especially appointed to defend their interests in the matter & that all said [illegible] be by proper process [illegible words] make defendents [illegible] & that they may shew cause if any they have why Petitioners prayer be not granted and that [illegible words] and as is duty bound ?
Geo. J. Atkinson?
for Pet.

Estate Records for Charles Anderson

Petition regarding the lands of Charles Anderson of Craven County, NC  Petition regarding his land p12