Wayne County Wills – 1776-1805

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Wayne-County-NC-Wills-1776-1805I’ve indexed a collection of Wayne County wills available at FamilySearch.org, entitled “Wayne County Wills – 1776-1805, Vol. A-Z.”

Maybe you’ll find one of your ancestors here.

John Anderson

Elias Ballard

Jacob Bardin

Simon Bardin

John Barnes

Dr. Andrew Bass

Thomas Boyd/Boyet, Sen.

James Bradley, 1786

Frederick Briggs, Apr 1790

Demsey Bundy, Apr 1798

Moses Bundy, July 1782

James Buntin, 1805

Jesse Burns, 1791

Henry Carraway, Apr 1784

George Cater, Oct 1795

Elias (Coleman) Coaleman, Oct 1795

David Cobb, Jan 1791

George Cogdell

Margaret Cogdell (original and copy)

Jones Cook, Apr 1783

Thomas Coor

Richard Cox, Jan 1785

Robert Cox, Apr 1794

Depositions re: Dr. Thomas Boykin’s will

Richard Croom

Huldah Davis, 1796

Joshua Davis, April 1788

Joseph Dawson

Daniel Deans, Apr 1789

Joel Dickinson

Thomas Edgerton, July 1794

James Edmunson, Dec 1798

Joshua Fletcher, April 1785

William Fort, April 1791

Thomas Grantham, March 1776

Guy Hamilton, Jan 1791

Ann Halley, March 29, 1782

Samuel Harrel

Anthony Herring, April 1784

Frederick Herring, July 1789

Solomon Herring, July 1789

Charles Hines (Hynes), Jan 1794

Robert Hooks, Oct 1793

Henry Horn, Apr 1798

John Howell

Joshua Howell

Noel Howell, Jan 1793

William Howell, Jan 1798

David Jernigan, Jan 1791

David Jernigan, Apr 1793

George Jernigan, Oct 1792

Isabel Jernigan

Lydia Jernigan

Moses Johnston, Oct 1788

Thomas Jones

Theophilus Jones

James Jordan, Oct 1782

John Kithley, 1793

William Killett?, 1784

Jacob Lamb, 1795

Jacob Langston

Griffin Lewis, 1788

James McDaniel, Jan 1789

William McKinne(y), Apr 1793

Aaron Martin, 25 Feb 1795

John Minshen, Jan 1793

William Moring, Apr 1795

Caleb Musgrave, Apr 1791

Thomas Musgrave

Micajah Packer, Jan 1793

Jacob Page, Oct 1789

John Parker, Apr 1795

Samuel Parker, April 1791

Peter Pearson, Oct 1787

Joseph Pipkin, 1789

Henry Powell

William Raeford

William Reaves, April 1793

Joseph John Revell, April 1784

John Roach, April 1790

Sarah Rhodes, Jan 1794

Richard Ruffin, Jan 1783

Thomas Sanders, April 1789

Josiah Sasser, Jan 1782

Robert Simms, Esq, Jul 1791

Joseph Smith, April 1785

Arthur Smith

James Stevens, Jan 178

John Thompson

John Tilton, April 1783

Robert Toler, Nov 1781

William Toler, Jul 1786

Elisha Uzzell

Jacob Warwick, 1794

John Watkins, Oct 1796

John West, Jul 1794

William Whitfield

Joseph Winfield

James Wise

Joshua Woodard, 1797

David Worrell, Jan 1789

John Worrell

Jonathan Wosdon

John Yelverton


  1. Judy Kimball

    Thank You Sarah, I am researching to establish a connection between [Thomas] Charles Holmes who married Elizabeth Jordan in 1794 in Wayne. I know from land records that this Herring and this Holmes are connected with Frederick Herring. Thanks to you I located the will of Frederick Herring and are deductively a step further in the process. Wayne Co NC DB 5-E page 112 lists Charles and Elizabeth Holmes as legalese of a “certain bond” executed by Frederick Herring, 15 Oct 1794. I have yet to locate that CERTAIN BOND.
    anyway, Thank You, Judy

    • Sara Whitford


      I apologize for the slow response on this comment. Somehow, I missed the notification when it came in and only just saw this while I was going through past comments. I’m so happy you’ve been able to find another clue about your ancestors. If you would like for me to add a query to this site, just let me know. I’ll post it here: East Carolina Roots Queries

      Thank you,

      Sara (EastCarolinaRoots.com)

  2. Debbie

    I have that Charles’ wife Elizabeth was Elizabeth Herring, not Jordan, and she was daughter of Frederick Herring and Patty Jordan.

  3. Debbie

    Correction on my post above. Elizabeth Herring’s mother was Patty Jernigan, not Jordan. Sorry for the error.


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