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Where does Eli J. COX fit in to the Cox family?

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There is NO shortage of Cox family branches in Craven and the surrounding counties. Nevertheless, in spite of trying my hardest, I've yet to find to whom Eli J. COX belongs.

I think most of what I know about him is in this post: Mystery: Eli J. Cox & Nancy C. Watson – Calling all Cox and Watson researchers from Craven, Lenoir and Jones County branches or this post Who was Nancy Catherine Watson, the third wife of Eli J. Cox?

I have found an Eli COX from Onslow County (or maybe Jones?), but he's apparently a completely different Eli COX.

Any ideas?

I've wondered if Eli J. COX is the illegitimate son of Barney WADSWORTH and Gatsy COX. The relevant bastardy bond is below. If they are his parents, then he was wrong about his age on the census records for which he provides it.