Craven County Wills – Devisor/Devisee Index – Y’s

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Since I need to go back and re-photograph the Index for the B’s and C’s, I figured why not give those folks with surnames that begin with letters towards the end of the alphabet to have a chance to be towards the front of the line? There were no Z’s recorded in the Craven County Record of Wills Devisor/Devisee Index, so the first letter working backwards is “Y.”

The following is a transcription of those Craven County Record of Wills Devisor/Devisee Index for the letter Y. The devisor is the deceased person who left a will, and the devisees are those to whom the deceased person has bequeathed items in his or her estate.

An index such as this is of critical importance to genealogists, since it shows family connections that might not be obvious just based on one’s surname. For instance, if you’re trying to figure out the name of the wife of John Smith, and you only know her first name was Petunia, it can be helpful to have a Devisor/Devisee index in which it can be found that a Rupert Jones has bequeathed items to his daughter, Petunia Smith.


IMPORTANT! MANY NAMES THAT SHOULD BE IN THESE CRAVEN COUNTY DEVISOR/DEVISEE INDICES ARE NOT HERE! I have not left them out in my transcription of the Devisor/Devisee Index, but it appears they were left out when the indices were originally made. If you think your ancestor should or could appear as a devisee in one of these Craven County wills, but their name does not appear in the Devisor/Devisee Index, request a copy of the actual will and double-check for yourself. It’s entirely possible that your ancestor’s name was one of many that were left out of these indices. I know many of my ancestors are named in wills, but are not mentioned in the Devisor/Devisee Index.

Devisor Devisee When Probated Book Page
YATES, Daniel Hester Yates 1793 A 299
Sally Yates 1793 A 299
Hester Yates (daughter) 1793 A 299
Susannah Yates 1793 A 299
Daniel Yates 1793 A 299
Peter R. Yates 1793 A 299
David Yates 1793 A 299
Melchizeck Yates 1793 A 299
John Yates 1793 A 299
Abraham Yates 1793 A 299
YATES, Peter R. Rebecca Yates 1836 A 389
Daniel R. Yates 1836 A 389
Alice Andrews 1836 A 389
YATES, Melchesidick Charity Yates 1838 A 410
David Yates 1838 A 410
Abner Yates 1838 A 410
YATES, James* Mary Yates 1750 5 146
*Recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds
YORK, Amos Hannah A. Banks 1885 E 367
Emily B. Powell 1885 E 367
John Timothy York 1885 E 367
James Cornelius York 1885 E 367
William York 1885 E 367
Desdemona York 1885 E 367
YORK, Augelinne J.T. York 1905 G 188
YORK, Augeline Ella Cassey 1905 G 188


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