Deed naming the children of James Lewis of Beaufort County, 1824

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The following is a transcription of a deed conveying the land that was inherited by the children of James LEWIS to his widow, Nancy LEWIS. (Found in Beaufort County Deed Book 13, p. 303) The children are named as follows:

  • Elisha LEWIS (married Alice BUCK; moved to Posey County, Indiana)
  • Nathan LEWIS (married Sidney JONES; lived in Beaufort County)
  • William LEWIS (there are multiple William Lewis’s around the Beaufort/Craven/Pitt County area so I can’t tell yet which one he is in order to determine wife or children)
  • Mary LEWIS (married Howell DOWNS; moved to Posey County, Indiana)
  • Sally LEWIS (married William HOLMES; moved to Smyth County, Virginia)

This Agreement made this twenty second day of October one thousand Eight hundred and twenty four between Nancy LEWIS late wife of James LEWIS decd of the one part and Elisha LEWIS, Nathan LEWIS, William LEWIS, Howel DOWNS and his wife Mary, William HOLMES and his wife Sally, heirs to the estate of the said James LEWIS decd of the other part Witnesseth that we the said heirs do give to the said Nancy LEWIS all our right title and claim to all or any of the property wich was in the possession of the said James LEWIS at the time of his death which ??? have fell to us the said heirs by the deth of the said decd and we the said heirs severly agree to bind and selves our heirs and Administrators and ?? firmly by these presents that we the said heirs do forever quit claim of any of the said ?? of himthe said James LEWIS decd with the said Nancy LEWIS his heirs Executors Administrators and assigns all and all maner of action or actions case and cases of actions bills bounds writings obligations debts dues duties ???? controverses trespass ??? and demands whatsoever against her the said Nancy LEWIS ever had nor have or which on our heirs Executors or Administrators can shall or may have claim calling or demand for or by reason or means of an act mater or cause or thing whatsoever.

Elisha ( his X mark ) LEWIS { seal }
Nathan ( his X mark ) LEWIS
William ( his X mark ) LEWIS
Howel ( his X mark ) DOWNS
Mary ( her X mark ) DOWNS
William ( his X mark ) HOLMES
Sally ( her X mark ) HOLMES

Signed Seald and deliverd in presents of Witness:

David ( his X mark ) LEWIS

November Term 1824. Beaufort Cort of Pleas & Sessions. Then the execution of the within agreement between Elisha LEWIS Nathan LEWIS Wm LEWIS Howell DOWNS Mary DOWNS Wm HOMES & Sally HOMES was proved in Court by the oath of Abner HARTLY a subscribing witness thereto let it be Registered. Jos B. HINTON, Clk.


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