Edmond PEARCE – Will Abstract (1758)

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Page 172 (387). Original. Date: 7 March 1758. No probate. Rachel Pearce, wife. Son: Joseph Pearce, plantation, 2 negroes. Son: Edmond Pearce, negro. Son: Benjamin Pearce, land konwn as Buck? Point, negro. Son: Lazarus Pearce, 2 negroes. Daughter: Sarah Johnson, 50 pounds. Son: Joshua (Pearce? part of page torn & gone), negro. Son: Thomas Pearce negro Daugher Rachel Pearce, 2 negroes. Daughter: Mary Worsley, 2 negroes. Executors: Wife Rachel Pearce, Sons Joshua Pearce, Thomas Pearce. Signed: Edmond (blotted by wax seal residue). Witnesses: Jas Degge, Sarah Degge, Harman Hill.



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