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NC Ancestry

If you’re like me, you spent more time watching YouTube in 2020 than you had previously. Some of those months when so many things had seemed to grind to a halt, there was a limited selection of things to do. And regular TV is just boring to me. 

Most of the time, if I’m not learning something, I feel like I’m wasting my time.

Anyway, I did discover some helpful YouTube channels, most of which have apparently been around a while. Maybe you’ll enjoy them too!


Genealogy TV

From the About page: 

Genealogy TV is here to help you “Go Further, Faster… and Factually… with your Family History.” This channel is all about genealogy, family history education, genealogical journalism, and resources for researchers. Check out the playlists for various groupings of subject matter. Beginners to advanced genealogist can find the latest tips, techniques and smart strategies for finding your ancestors faster. Learn where the records are, how to find them and how to focus your research achieving your research questions and goals quickly and easily. This is a free genealogy resource. Please note that this channel is supported by affiliate links and ads. Affiliate link do not cost you the viewer any extra but helps me to support this channel. If you have found the information provided here helpful, supporting this channel through donations or affiliate links is appreciated. Thanks so much for watching Genealogy TV.

NC Ancestry

NC Ancestry

From the About page:

This channel is dedicated to North Carolina genealogy and history as it relates to the family ancestry. Video’s include information for genealogist wishing to travel to North Carolina or learn what can be found at the county level that’s only available in person (or offline). In other words, why travel to that county? What’s there that can’t be found online? More information can be found at Webcasts feature North Carolina resources genealogist may visit such as libraries, archives, museums, places of interest, cemeteries, genealogical societies, clubs, churches, historic places, historic monuments. If you’d like to join the conversation, please make comments below the videos or on this page. The back story… I want to become an expert at North Carolina genealogy. This is my way of sharing what I learn with others, as I discover all of the resources in North Carolina. Also see my other YouTube Channel “Genealogy TV” listed in the Featured Channels.

Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems

From the About page:

Curious about your family tree? Save time and have quick genealogical success with Lisa Louise Cooke’s Genealogy Gems. Lisa sifts through all the new technology and genealogy resources to bring you the best family history resources — the “genealogy gems!” With Lisa, you’ll have fun taking your place in history! Subscribe today to get each new video , then subscribe to the free Genealogy Gems Podcast in iTunes at

Family History Fanatics

(I’m pretty sure I was watching this one before the pandemic, but it’s still a good channel, so I’m including it.)

From the About page:

Family history and genealogy should be fun. Learn how to understand your DNA and research your family tree. Videos released at least twice weekly focused on genetic genealogy and genealogy research for beginning family historians. Individually, Andy and Devon Noe Lee have over 20 years of genealogy experience, each with a different focus. Andy loves breaking down the logical puzzles known as DNA since he’s an engineer by trade. Devon’s marketing and journalism background draw her toward research and writing. For more information about us, check out.


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