Holmes Family Migrations from NC to Smyth County, Virginia & Lee County, Alabama

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The family of John Holmes, Sr. went in different directions after the death of their family’s patriarch. Thanks to deeds, census records, and DNA, we may finally be able to track their migration paths. 

These deeds involving children of John Holmes, Sr. mention him as their father: 

John Holmes, Sr. married Esther (LNU). Researchers so far have been unable to determine whether or not all of his children were born to Esther, but from a couple of Beaufort County deeds, we at least know who his children were, and I’ve attempted to identify their spouses, as well as children and grandchildren to the best of my ability. PLEASE FACT-CHECK EVERYTHING BELOW before adding to your own tree. I’ve done the best I can on these individuals in terms of identifying who’s who, but there may be mistakes as far as who children belong to or spouses maiden names, etc. Also, this is not an exhaustive list of grandchildren.

The family of John Holmes of Beaufort County, North Carolina:

  1. Sevil Holmes (no records found proving she ever married or had children)
  2. Lovie Holmes (no records found proving she ever married or had children)
  3. William Holmes m. Sarah “Sally” Lewis (daughter of James Lewis of Beaufort County, NC). They moved to Smythe County, Virginia sometime between 1830 and 1850. 
    1. Keziah Holmes (1820-1880) m. 1st John Buskell (evidently there were no children born to this marriage), Keziah m. 2nd Abram Arden. Their children were:
      1. Margaret Ann Arden (b. abt 1849) m. James C. Helton
      2. Adaline Arden (b. abt 1851) m. Calvin Lafayette King
      3. Rachel Arden (b. abt 1854) m. Milton M. Garnes
      4. Abraham Arden (b. abt 1855, d. Jun 1880, Washington County, Virginia)
      5. Nathan Arden (b. abt 1859, d. Jul 1880, Washington County, Virginia)
      6. Allene Arden (b. abt. 1860)
    2. James Holmes (b. abt 1827) m. Margaret Chapman (d. bef. 1850)
      1. Amanda Rebecca Holmes (1846–1919)
      2. James Holmes (b. abt. 1849)
        James Holmes m. 2nd Elizabeth Talbert
      3. Mary Holmes (1852–1927)
      4. Sarah Ann Holmes (1854)
      5. William Oliver Holmes (1862–1947)
    3. Nathan Holmes (b. abt 1829) m. Nancy Grogan
      1. William A. Holmes (b. abt 1848)
      2. Alexander Holmes (b. abt 1850)
      3. Polly Ann Holmes (1853–1939)
      4. John Holmes (1860–1938)
      5. Ellen R. Holmes (1866–1956)
    4. Mary Jane Holmes (b. abt 1830) m. William Haynes
      1. Louisa K Haynes (1844–1914)
      2. William Haynes (b. abt 1847)
      3. Francis Haynes (b. abt 1849)
    5. William Holmes, Jr. (b. abt 1832) m. 1st Sally Montgomery (d. bef 1862)
      1. Nancy E Holmes (b. abt 1852)
      2. Sarah A Holmes (1855–1947)
      3. America Holmes (1858)
        William Holmes, Jr. m. 2nd Mary Surber (b. abt 1834)
      4. Frances Holmes (b. abt 1866)
      5. James Holmes (b. abt 1867)
      6. Amanda Holmes (b. abt 1869)
      7. Jennie Holmes (b. abt 1872)
      8. Frank Holmes (b. abt 1873)
      9. Ellen Holmes (b. abt 1875)
    6. Francis Holmes (b. abt 1835) m. 1st Frances Farris (b. abt 1836, d. bef 1877)
      1. Sarah A Holmes (b. abt 1858)
      2. William Holmes (b. abt 1862)
      3. John H Holmes (b. abt 1866)
      4. Fuller Holmes (1870–1960)
        Francis Holmes m. 2nd Rachel Chapman (b. abt. 1851)
      5. Thomas Holmes (b. abt 1877)
      6. Kate Holmes (b. abt 1879)
      7. Albert Porter Holmes Sr (1881–1961)
  4. John Holmes, Jr. m. 1st (unknown):
    1. William Holmes m. Alpha Morris
    2. Betsy Holmes m. Dennis Wiggins
      John Holmes, Jr. m. 2nd Selia Averitt (Celia Avery)
    3. Jane Holmes m. Harvey Edwards
    4. Sarah “Sallie” Holmes m. Levi Morris
    5. Sophia Holmes m. Roland Morris
      Lots of John Holmes information can be found here, here, and here.
  5. Mary “Polly” Holmes. No marriage records found, but she leaves a will in 1824 in which she names the following:
    1. Richard Holmes (Never married, became a minister. He’s living with his sister Nancy and her husband on the 1880 census in Lee County, Alabama.)
    2. Nancy Holmes m. Jesse Taylor (They married 1814 in Craven County then moved to Lee County, Alabama.) At least three of their children were:
      1. Frances M. Taylor
      2. Mary E. Taylor
      3. Nancy J. Taylor
    3. James Holmes (no further information)
    4. Elisy Holmes (Elsy/Alsey/Alice Holmes) (no further information)


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