Inventory of Estate of Arthur BUTLER (1823)

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Filed August 1823

We hereby Certify that this is a Just and true Inventory of the property Belonging to the Estate of Arther Butler decd, Taken the Sixth day of August 1823

Four feather beads and furniture

Two Beadsteds and one Chest

Seven Chears

One Wooling wheel

Two Lining wheels

One flax Hackel (?)

One pear of Stilyards

One Loom to weave in

Three Slays for weaving

One pear of Chards

One pear of wool Chards

Three Iron pots

One Scillet

One Spider pan

One Teakittel

One pear of hand Grans (?)

One pear of fier toungs

One pear of Sheep Shears

One pear of Taylors Shears

One puter dish

Eight puter Spoons

One Earthen dish

Six Earthan plates

Three tin Basons

Two Earthen Basons

Three punch boals

Two tin Coffe pots

One Case of knivs and forks

One Tea Cannster

One tin Trunk

One Stone Judg [jug]

Two Earthen judgs

One Brass Candel Stick

2 washing tubs

One pale

Three Bread Trays

One Woodden Boal

Two Shot Guns

One pear of Shot molds (?)

One pear of Bullet molds

One pear of Spoon molds

Two Reaphooks

Two Cuting knivs

Two Crous Cut Saws

One hand Saw

Five plains

Two frols (?)

Five Chisels

Four Augers

Four drawing knivs

One Honey tub

Four Barels of Cotton in the Seed

Two fattubs

One Hogget (?)

Four Bake Barrels

Two fine Barrels

One Grind Stone

Two Stocks Beas

One Bar plough

One fluik (?) plough

One Set of plough Gear

Two Brandaxes

Three Club axes

One Gran wedg


Four weeding hoes

Two Grubing hoes

One Carpenters Adds

One Gran Squar

One Coopers Adds

One howel

One jointer

One Ladel and Bredel

One Chart

One Mear

Three Head of Cattel

Fifteen Head of Hoggs

Eight Head of Sheep

One Table

One Bread Basket

One pear of Candel molds

Two Clawhammers

Fifteen Bushels Wheet

Half a Barrel of Shad fish

One Hundred weight of Baken (?)

One Curring knife

Thirty weight of Lard

Two Sids of Leather

One Pear of flesh forks

One Account against James Spears for the amount of Eight dollars and fifty Cents

One Judgment against John Averitt for Eleven dollars

One Account against Samuel Wiggins for twelve dollars ninity Cents

One Account against Alderson Ellison for twenty dollers and Eighty Cents

One Account against [illegible, looks like �ast� or �ash�] for fourteen dollers

One Account against Moses Nelson for five dollers

The fourteen dollers is against Frederick Butler

One account against Rheubin Anderson for one doller

twenty Six dollers and thirty Cents Cash in hand



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