Arthur BUTLER Apprenticeship Records (1764-1768)

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Apprentice Bond for Arthur Butler to Thomas Swaffer(Swafford), 7 April 1764

This Indenture, made the 7th Day of April in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty four Witnesseth , That John Williams Esq, Presiding Chairman of the Inferior Court of Craven County have put and placed Arthur Butler, an Orphan, of [field was left blank, no name given] deceased, aged Sixteen Years, an Apprentice to Thomas Swafford  of the Said County with him to dwell, reside and serve until he the said Apprentice shall arrive at the Age of Twenty one Years, according to the Act of Assembly in the Case made and provided; during all which Time the said Apprentice his said Master shall faithfully serve in all lawful Business, and orderly and obediently in all Things behave himself towards his said Master, for and during the said Term, as an Apprentice ought to do. And the said Thomas Swafford doth covenant, promise and agree, to and with John Williams Esq and his successors, that he the said Thomas Swafford will provide and allow his said Apprentice convenient and sufficient Meat, Drink, Lodging and Apparrel, and use his best Endeavours to instruct him in the Art and Calling of a Cordwinder and also teach him to read and write before the Expiration of his Apprenticeship. IN WITNESS whereof, the said John Williams and the said Thomas Swafford have hereunto Interchangeably set their Hands and Seals, the Day and Year first above written.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered }
John Williams {Seal}
in the Presence of } Thomas Swaffer {Seal}

P. N. Conway, CC

Apprenticeship transferred to Charles Roach

From Craven County, North Carolina Court Minutes 1764-1771 (Book VI) by Weynette Parks Haun. You may order this book by clicking here.

p. 92
June 1768


m.o. Ordered that Thomas SWAFFER be summoned to be and appear before the Next Inferior Court to shew cause if any he hath why Arthur BUTLER his apprentice should not be Discharged from his Master and Bound to Charles ROACH and it is further Ordered that the said Arthur remain in the care of the said Charles to be kept at the Shoemakers Business untill the next Court.

p. 98
Sept 1768


Ordered that Arthur BUTLER formerly Bound apprentice to Thomas Swaffer be discharged from his Indentures it appearing to the Court that the said Arthur hath not been treated as an apprentice Ought to be, And that he be bound to Charles ROACH untill he arrive to Twenty One Years to Learn the Shoemakers Trade


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