Various CARRUTHERS Deeds

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28 Jan. 1729-30
Bk. 1, p 244

John Worsley of Tyrell Precinct conveys to William Carruthers, of Bath County, for 100 pounds, a plantation on the East side of Broad Creek, known by the name of Indian Grave, 150 acres granted to John Worsley 6 Dec. 1720, with edifices, buildings, etc. Witness: Richard Leary, Benj. Drinkwater, John Broom, John Bosher, Robert Stanton. No date of recording.

6 Nov. 1730
Bk. 1, p 214

William Dupuis of the Precinct of Bath conveys to John Carruthers of the Precinct of Craven, for 100 pounds ccrrent money, 300 acres being part of 640 acres on the south side of Neuse River, called in the name of Indian Tongue Inocasque, by the English Clubfoot’s Creek, purchased and patented by John Lawson by deed 10 June 1706. Being part of a tract formerly bought of William Dupuis. Witness: Evan Jones, Thomas Brown, John Witherington. No date of recording.

12 June 1736
Bk. 2, p 372

Elizabeth Craft to Francis Dawson, my grandson, for love and affection, the son of Francis Dawson and my daughter Mary, the mother of said grandson, his birth being 8 Sept. 1734 in Craven County, etc., a plantation on the north side of Neuse River, 630 acres being a patent the 10th day of August 1720. 4 cows, 1 year old mare and their increase. Witness: William Carruthers, John Martin, John Good, Joseph Edmundson. No date of recording.

ca 1738
Bk. 1,
p 90

John Carruthers of Bath County conveys to Thomas Lovick of the Precinct of Carteret, etc., for 400 pounds of current money, a tract of land of 100 acres being part of a tract formerly bought of David fupuis, beginning at the mouth of the Maple Gut, on the east side of Clubfoot Creek etc., it being part of 540 acres of land on the southside of a Creek in the Indian Tongue Irisquosque and by the English Clubfoot, patented by John Lorson (Lawson) 10 June 1706. Proved 30 June 1738. 27 Feb. 1737/8, then received of Thos. Lovick, Esq., 400 pounds, it being the above consideration money for the land. “I say received by me.” John Carruthers. Witness: Evan Jones, James Winwright.

11 Dec. 1739
Bk.1, p18

Isaac Eldridge of Harwich in the County of Barnstable within the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England conveys to Jonathan Bangs, for 150 pounds, a tract of land near Mount Pleasant, bounded by an oak tree marked standing by Neuse River and is also partition between my half and of Col. William Wilson, and runs by said Wilson’s southwest about a mile in length to the savannah, thence by the savannah half, etc., orchards and buildings. Witness: John Dillingham, Jr., Ebenezer Bangs, Barnstable, New England. (N. B. The Mount Pleasant land was listed on the inventories of Samuel Hawks who married Ann Singleton, daughter of Spyers Singleton, and Elizabeth Blackledge Singleton, daughter of Richard Blackledge.)

20 June 1740
Bk. 1, p 304

Commissioners of the Town of New Bern convey to Jonathan Bangs, for 40 Shillings, Lots No. 23 and 87 in New Bern. Witness: Francis Stringer, William Carruthers, Francis Dawson. Acknowledged in open Court, 20 June 1740. Nich. Routledge, CC. (N.B. See with wills of Jonathan Bangs and Abiah Bangs.)

Dec. 1741
Bk. 1, p 357

William Herritage to Jonathan Bangs, land on upper side of his land and on the above said Creek. (See Bk. 1, p 356)
Signed: William Herritage.

24 July 1742
Bk. 1
, p 156

Commissioners of Town of New Bern convey to John Carruthers, Lots No. 95, 96, 97 and 98 in New Bern, for 4 pounds: whereas by virtue of an Act of Assembly made and. passed at Edenton on the 4th of November 1723, An Act for the Better Ordering and Regulating of the Town of New Bern, in Craven Precinct, now called Craven County, Cullen Pollock, Richard Graves and William Hancock, Esq., were appointed Commissioners for the Town to sell etc., lots not already purchased. And in and by the Act, it is provided that they, with the consent of the Precinct Court in Graven County, should appoint another Commissioner in the room of a deceased Commissioner, etc., and Walter Lane is appointed in room of Richard Graves. The 4 lots consisting of 2 acres, more or less. Signed: Walter Lane, William Hancock. Witness: James Durham, John Jones. Proved 15 Feb. 1742. Nich. Routledge, D. R. (N.B. Part of Lot No. 96, Pollock Street, listed on inventory of Francis Hawks.)

10 July 1742
Bk. 1, p 139

Commissioners of Town of New Bern convey to William Carruthers, for 40 shillings, Lots No. 92 and 94, between Pollock and Metcalf Streets, 1 acre. Signed: H. Lane, Wm. Hancock. Witness: James Durham. Reg. 12 Nov. 1742. Edward Griffith, Dep. Regr.

22 Sept. 1742
Bk. 1, p 124

John Carruthers, Planter, to Capt. Francis Stringer, for 300 pounds current money, 150 acres of land being part of a survey granted to John Carruthers by His Majesty, 1738, said parcel lying on the north side of Neuse River and upper side of Stoney Town Creek, etc., to a great pond which parts him from Solomon Witherington’s land, etc., John Witherington’s land to a cypress at a creek, etc., 150 acres with houses, orchards. etc. Witness: Nich. Routledge. Joseph Hannis, Phil. Trapnall. Reg. 20 Oct. 1742. Edward Griffith, D. Reg. (N. B. Land in Craven and Dobbs Counties on Stoney Run is listed on inventory. of John Rice, Bk. 16, p 316, Craven Co.)

9 Feb. 1743
Bk. 2, p 385

Commissioners of Town of New Bern to William Carruthers, for 40 pounds. Lots No. 214, 294 in New Bern. Witness: John Williams, Joseph Balch, Prudence Carruthers. (N. B. Prudence married first, Christopher Gregory Hobbs, and second James Davis, the printer.)

19 Oct. 1743
Bk. 2, p 389

James Allen of Boston in County of Suffolk and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Tailor, appoints Joseph Balch of Boston and County aforesaid. trader, as lawful attorney. Witness: Daniel Shine, John West. Oct. 1743. James Allen acknowledged the foregoing instrument before J. P. H. Hall.

12 Nov. 1743
Bk. 2, p 407

Cullen Pollock conveys to George Bould. for 8 pounds current money. Lots No. 29 and 30, on Eden and Front Streets, being the proper front and marsh between the said GeQrge Bould’s lot and the water side of his front shed excepting the said lots whereon this front belongs. Witness: Ann Vail. William Wilson.

Bk. 3 p 202

Francis Stringer conveys to John Rice, a plantation Called Doctor’s Folly. about two miles from New Bern, adjoining land of Eleazer Allen, Esq.


The preceding entries were transcribed by Sara Whitford from Rice,  Hasell, Hawks and Carruthers Families of North Carolina by Elizabeth Moore, 1966.  Genealogical Recorders, Box 52, Bladensburg, MD 20710.

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