John Chapman vs. Joel Wall (1810) – Civil action papers (C.R.028.325.6)

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The following is a collection of civil action papers from a suit involving John Chapman and Joel Wall, both of Craven County. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find anything else about this case so I’m not sure exactly what it was about other than that Chapman was suing Wall.

Witnesses summoned to appear as witnesses include:

  • David EVERITT (David AVERITT) – This is the father of Selah Averitt, who married John Holmes. Two of Selah and John’s daughters married Laban’s sons, Levi and Roland, and their son was the second husband of Laban’s only daughter, Alpha.
  • Laban MORRIS
  • Ferebee MILLS (This is the daughter of John HILL and Keziah Griffin who married John Mills.)
  • Willie HILL (Also known as Wilea Hill, the son of John Hill and his wife, Keziah Griffin.)
  • Susannah HENDRICKS (probably Susannah JARRELL who married William HENDRICKS 4 Sept 1801)
  • Nasby MILLS (I have no idea which Nasby Mills this is!)
  • Silvia HILL (This is another daughter of John HILL and Keziah Griffin. She ended up marrying Timothy Lee.
  • Sidney MILLS (While she would’ve been young to be summoned to court, this may be the daughter of John Mills and Pheraby HILL, daughter of John HILL and Keziah GRIFFIN. )
  • Rhoda POLLARD (This was the wife of Jacob POLLARD.)
  • Elizabeth WALL (This was either Elizabeth, the wife of Joel WALL.)

John CHAPMAN’s wife was Hannah GASKINS, who I believe was the daughter of John GASKINS.

Based on the Estate Records of John MILLS and the land descriptions included therein, it seems all of the folks summoned were living on adjacent properties. It’s also mentioned in the Mills Estate Record that John CHAPMAN served as surveyor in alloting parcels of land to the heirs of John MILLS.

If you know anything about this case or the possible relationships between the people involved, I’d love it if you’d comment below.


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