Will of John Hill (1801) – Beaufort County

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Below I have transcribed the will of John Hill of Beaufort County, North Carolina. It was written and probated in 1801.

John Hill’s wife was Keziah GRIFFIN, daughter of Benjamin GRIFFIN and Mary BRYAN.

His children (as named in the will) are:

  • Wilea (aka “Willie” or “Wiley”) – married Sally KNOX (9 Mar 1818, Craven; Bondsman: Charles J. NELSON); I think I have found them in Posey County, Indiana, the same county where Elial Edwards and Wilea’s sister Sinah lived.
  • Ferraby — married John MILLS, son of Anthony MILLS.
  • Sidney — married Michael CARTER (21 May 1805, Craven; Bondsman: James MORGAN)
  • Cynthia
  • Sylvia — married Timothy LEIGH (6 March 1815, Craven; Bondsman: Edward GATLIN)
  • Clarissa (“Clary”) — married an Arenton or Herrington
  • Sinah Hill — married “Lial” (Elial) Edwards of Beaufort County (Their family moved to Posey County, Indiana.)

North Carolina }
Beaufort County }

To Christ I give my soul and my body to be dissently burred and all reasonable charges paid. to my well beloved wife Kizea Hill I do Give and bequeath myself my negroes my goods and Chattels in full & totally during her life or widowhood. To my well beloved son Will hill I do Give one plantation in the fork of Pollard’s Swamp and one plantation on the mane rod one hundred acres near the County line two hundred more or less.

To my well beloved datheres Feareebe Silvea Senothe I do Give two hundred and fifty acres of land on the north side of Pollards Swamp lieing and bein on the head of the grat glad to be Equal divided amon them selves I give one hundred and fiftey acres of land line on Joes Branch to Lenten Mills Keziah Mills George Mills and the rest of the bevea (bevy?) to Wilea (Wiley) hill and I do give to my well beloved dathers Clarea Arenton Cine Edwards one shilling each I do give my well beloved dathers Siddea hill Ferreba Mills thirty acres of Land on pollards Swamp at hogs hous to be Equal divided between themselves my negros my gods and Chattels after my Wifes decese between Siddea hill feareebea Silvea hill Cinthia hill Wilea hill in Witness my hand and seal signed sealed

John Hill { his Seal }

and delivered in presence of us
this forth day of
July 1801

John Williams
Wilea Hill

Keziah Hill
Wilea Hill
I appoint my Executors


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