Jones, Carter, Savage, Whitfield from counties near Wilmington, NC

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The following query is from Wanda Geller.

I am working on the maternal side of our family. My great grandmother Alice Elizabeth “Libby” Carter and great-grandfather Charles Alan Jones, Sr. had 15 children 11 in Wilmington NC and the last four in Macon Ga. My great grandparents live at the Cool Waters Plantation. Solomon and Constantine lived on that Plantation as well. I believe we also had ancestors that were¬†ship wrecked in the Bahamas. There are a lot of names that I am working on. So any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Cynthia Carter

    i am having trouble making connection with Edward Carter who left a New Hanover, NC will in 1736 and Zachariah Carter residing in Duplin County, NC in 1783. There is a Probate Record dated 1838 in the same county for Zach. Carter who is deceased. According to the estate sale, Thom Carter is the executor. James Carter and Margaret Carter bought items at the estate sale. Also, Ann Jane Carter Hunter bought a stock of bees that was at the residence of Rhoda Carter. i am a direct dissident of Thomas Carter(b 1804) in Duplin County,NC. He married Sylvia Brice. Thomas J. Henry Carter (b. 1843), along with his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Bryant, are buried at Brice’s Cemetery on HWY 41 near Island Creek Community, NC. Their son, Thomas Hill Carter(b.1877), and his wife, Emma Luanna Hanchey, are buried in same cemetery. Their son, Robert Jackson Carter(b. 1905), is my paternal grandfather. Robert is buried with his wife, Leona Jones, at Sand Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. It is also located on HWY 41 about 30 miles southwest of Brice’s Cemetery. i am interested in verifying my ancestors by using DNA but need someone to compare with.


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