Morris Notes from Craven County Estate Records (and two from Duplin)

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p3 of Estate Records of James MORRIS, Craven County (1811)While researching our Laban Morris in an attempt to place him with one of the other MORRIS families in Craven County, I went through the estate records of every MORRIS in Craven County, and made notes for many of them.

These notes are in no way formal, or even comprehensive, but they may help descendants of some of these MORRIS families establish relationships. So far, I’ve found no connection between any of the MORRIS families listed here and our Laban MORRIS. The one estate record set that can be found in this particular collection that’s connected to Laban would be for his grandson, William Bryan MORRIS (d. 1904)., son of William B. MORRIS, Sr..

You can browse or search the North Carolina Estate Records here.

Jacob MORRIS d. 1841 m. Sidney ?, with “three children of tender years”

James MORRIS d. 1801

James MORRIS d. 1810, m. Nancy GATLIN

James E. MORRIS d. 4 Aug 1888 – New Bern – m. Martha L.

John MORRIS, d. bef Dec 1803 – m. Elizabeth  – Related to a William, Joseph, Moses and Aaron MORRIS

John MORRIS, d. bef 14 Feb 1842 – Estate mentions a Mary MORRIS

John A. MORRIS, d. bef 3 April 1860 – mentions wife Louisa, property on south side of Little Swift Creek adjoining the lands of John S. ASKINS, Furnifold FULSHIRE (FULCHER) and J A GASKINS, William A. MORRIS (turpentine), adult daughter is “Joseph Ann the wife of Alonzo FULCHER”, minor children are: John MORRIS, Augustus MORRIS, David MORRIS. Also, many GASKINS mentioned, Bay River and Swift Creek Road.

John W. H. MORRIS, d. 1806 – no wife or heirs mentioned.

Joseph MORRIS, d. 1791 – Adm. by Benj. Lancaster, Several WILLIAMS mentioned: John WILLIAMS, Solomon WILLIAMS, William WILLIAMS

Joseph MORRIS, d. 1826 – m. Sally – 100 acres of land on south side of Bay River adjoining lands of Aaron MORRIS and others. Child heirs are Wallace MORRIS, Josephus MORRIS, Matilda MORRIS & Samuel MORRIS, also mentioned in another document are adult heirs Martha MORRIS and Polly MORRIS, wife of Shadrack Tingle.

Lewis MORRIS, d. 1820 – m. Susannah – Adms – Jeremiah HEATH & William P. BIDDLE; mentions many HEATHs, MECOYs (MCCOYs), WHITES, also it looks like a Wm. MORRIS. Land at Great Branch.

Lewis MORRIS, d. 1860 – no wife or heirs mentioned.

Lodowick MORRIS, d. 1771 – Widow not named, other names buying from estate are James McDANIEL, William TAYLOR, James WILSON, Thomas WEBBER, Leven VINSON, William STOKES (Stoaks), John KORNEGAY

Mary MORRIS, d. 1817 – Adm is Spencer WISE. No husband or heirs mentioned.

Mary T. MORRIS, d. 1880 –  James E. MORRIS, executor. Mentions property on Neuse & Hancock Streets.

Nancy MORRIS, d. 1842 – Adm is Benjamin WISE.

Nathan MORRIS, d. 1801 – Heirs: Sparrow MORRIS, Nancy MORRIS; Son of John MORRIS

S. E. MORRIS, d. 1902 – m. Elizabeth

Samuel W. MORRIS, d. 1853 – m. Meriam

Sarah Ann MORRIS, d. 1842 – Adm is Benjamin WISE, mentions Mary MORRIS

Sparrow MORRIS, d. 1823 – Son of Nathan, brother of Nancy, grandson of John.

Thomas MORRIS, d. 1802 – Buyers from estate: Spencer WISE, Jesse RIGGS, Eliz. HARRIS, Churchwell BARNES, Frances BEASLEY, several Jones

Thomas MORRIS, d. 1843 – Adms Lewis LOFTIN, Simon Hill, Silas HEATH, John ROUSE, others mentioned are MCCOYs, WHITEs, ANDREWs

Thomas MORRIS, d. 1870 – Richard W. King, administrator. Mary GRAY, formerly Mary HILL, was heir of 1/2 of estate. W. F. LOFTEN was heir of 1/2 of estate.

William MORRIS, d. 1825 – m. Selah (Executrix). Buyers of estate include BALLs, Elizabeth JOHNSON, BAREFOOT, CARRUTHERS, CARRAWAY, FULCHER, Joseph MORRIS

William S. MORRIS, d. 1848 – Frederick P. LATHAM, John L. DURAND, Hardy B. LANE, executors. David GREEN of Jones County is referenced as “a brother, and one of the next of kin”.

The following information was derived from two estate records in Duplin County.

James Morris – d. 1801 (Duplin County)
Esther Morris – d. 1811 (Duplin County)

Minor children in 1811 – James, Joseph – guardian Charles Hooks
Other children – Cafse/Casse (illegible), William Morris

Wife – Esther (Easther) (relinquishes right to administer estate to William Dickson

Purchasers from estate of James Morris:

Esther Morris (widow)
Jesse Grey
Benjamin Hodges
James Moore
Joseph Sandifer
John Barfield
Alex Herring
Isham Faison
Andrew Hunt?
Thomas Hooks
John Beck
William Beck (Bank?) Jr.
David Wright
Nathaniel Kinard
Elias Faison
Frederick Barfield
Thomas hicks
John Buck?
William Martin
Doctr. Burdem? (Barden?)
Joseph Osbborn?
James Thompson
Robert Byrd
Edward Blackmore
John Byrd
Abner Hicks
Jesse Bratche?
Daniel Love

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  1. Cynthia powers

    I’m trying to get information on Joseph Morris who was born around 1801 and married Nancy? Born around 1812. His father was Aaron Morris. Joseph and Nancy moved to west Tennessee (Round Top) in 1832. Cynthia Powers:


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